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when slytherin Jae Yeol, sole heir to some big, huge, enormous fortune, uses every underhanded way of wooing someone on his crush and hufflepuff Hyung Seok remains oblivious. he just thinks pureblood wizards have a different way of befriending people.

when ravenclaw Bum Jae risks his grades to assist his gryffindor best friend Eun Tae with his one-man war against every yard bully and is mostly resigned to the fact he’s in love with the reckless idiot. said idiot has a bed in the infirmary with his nameplate on it

I’m thinking Bum Jae’s family forced him to go through with the surgery and then never bothered to tell Eun Tae the truth. They told him that their son had died of Hanahaki disease and immediately moved out, far, far away from the boy who almost caused Bum Jae’s death. Nevermind the fact he didn’t know anything, that he deserved some kind of closure, that the supposed death of his best friend would ruin him beyond fixing point.

Bum Jae on the other hand would live on, distant with his family, with everyone. He would learn to travel, to meet up new people and never stick around for more than necessary. He would always feel like his chest had this big, big hole that nothing but Gladioli could fill. 

Then he would be visiting his hometown, having heard of this amazing tattoo artist that could draw anything BUT flowers. He wanted to fill out his old tattoos, ones he had no memories of, with something abstract, something he dreamed of sometimes (superhero figurines, bottles of chocolate milk, puppies and knuckle braces.)

They would meet, older, bit broken and fitting like two jagged pieces of a puzzle.

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BTS (MAKNAE LINE) REACTS TO: Their child’s stank butt - I mean, dirty diaper

Anon Rainbow Farts Asked: could you please do bts maknae line to them not wanting to change their childs smelly diaper lol. thank you

As my mother would say, “boi if you don’t getcho gatdamn-” - Admin Dayna


He practically ran full speed to scoop his precious baby up. Jimin snatched his little girl up from the ground, spinning her and the stuffed toy she had in her hand in a circle. The two of them were laughing together up until Jimin caught a whiff of something he really wish he hadn’t. He scrunched up his nose, froze and stared at his daughter.

“Did you poo-poo?”

He’d turn her around, sniff her butt and quickly pull her away from him, frantically calling your name to do the dirty job.

“Jagi~! Jagi~!! Jagiya~! [y/n]!”

“What is it, Jimin?!”

“Your daughter needs a diaper change.”

“I bought a new box of diapers. They’re in her ro-”

“Why do I have to change her?!”

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I finished binge reading Lookism and here are some things that stuck with me:

1. Every time Hyung Seok’s mother comes up I get sooo sad. Like that woman sacrificed so much for him and she deserves the world. I hope good things happen to her. 🙏🏾

2. Jae Yool and Hyung Seok is the ship I tried not to have (because of the genre and impending disappointment) but I just HAD to, okay? It’s pretty much all there. Like, everything about their interactions just kills me. I just… I really want to know Jae Yool’s backstory and see them interact more, I love them so much.

3. Jin Sung and Mi Jin are soooo sweet. I love how Jin Sung changed so much, mainly for Mi Jin’s sake and how much he cares for her (though he’s sometimes an idiot who tries to act tough and makes a fool of himself in the process even though it’s so obvious she loves him but anyways–)

4. Eun Tae (Vasco) and Bum Jae’s arc fucked my entire life up. I have never cried at 3 am as much as their story made me. Bum Jae’s turnaround and devotion towards Vasco is the greatest thing, like their friendship has become so pure, like I can’t even (the E.T. tattoo ended me, tbh). I am torn on if I should ship them or not.

5. The social commentary is oustanding, in my opinion. A lot about bullying and the bystander effect, discrimination, beauty standards, profiling and stereotypes, how society perceives you when you meet a certain standard vs. when you aren’t– and of course the dedication we show to the people we love and care for.

So yeah most of it had to do with ships but that’s the fun of webcomics, amirite?

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ok ok. the one where jaeyeol and bumjae are bonding over their precious, kind, OBLIVIOUS boys. like. i have asked him out on a date for the last few years, i look after him 7/24, i've been flirting with him and using such lame pick-up lines, i bought him this, i followed him to that, i indulged him on that, i protected him that one time,etc etc and like. i'm still a 'very good friend'? i mean i love him more than anything and i can wait a lifetime but. he's so Dense??? 'i understand'

T his is what i like thinking. they both try their best to keep their boys happy and safe- and are never too far from them


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You know how Vasco messes up words and Jin Sung corrected him? So, Vasco messes up on a word again, but Bum Jae and Jin Sung correct it at the same time. Bum Jae is surprised, but later gives Jin Sung the death stare. <<only Bum Jae can correct Vasco, apparently>>

Ahhh- Yess
But i guess Bum Jae in his own way protects Vasco