Moscow 2011Editorial board
V.Milov, B. Nemtsov, V. Ryzhkov, O. Shorina


Vladimir Putin’s decade in power associates in most minds with two highly negative phenomena – an extraordinary increase in the abuse of power and corruption.Russia in 2010 managed to rank 154th out of 178 countries according to influential global civil society organisation Transparency International. Our peers in the list are some of the least developed countries of Africa (Congo, Guinea-Bissau) and other countries such as New Guinea and Tadzhikistan. Transparency International considers Russia to be the most corrupt of all the major countries in the world, the so-called G20. Our BRIC colleagues (Brazil, China and India) rate way above us as well in 69th, 78th, and 87th respectively.Yet to say that Russia demonstrates an African level of corruption is no longer really true because corruption is far less pervasive in many parts of Africa. In Egypt, hundreds of thousands of citizens, revolted by the corruption in Mubarak’s government, took to the streets and and forced him to resign. And that’s Egypt, 98th in the chart, with a corruption level one half that of ours.The myth that Putin has brought order to the country shatters in the face of reality…….
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Revolutionary Eye:- The author of this report,Boris Nemtsov, has just been assassinated…..
See:- http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/feb/27/russian-opposition-politician-boris-nemtsov-shot-dead-moscow-reports