Underrated Places: Wrightwood, CA

Want to get away from the LA hustle for a weekend? Wrightwood is the perfect place to go if you like nature, small towns, and snow. Here are the top reasons you should visit. 

The People: The people that live and work in Wrightwood are enough to make the trip worthwhile and fun. Each person I came across showed genuine interest in starting a conversation and being helpful. One man that we met in the parking lot even took my boyfriend aside and told us to go to Inspiration Point with a bottle of wine and “get inspired.” A little crude for a stranger in my opinion, but his heart was in the right place. 

The Food: I have not been so full from a weekend trip in years. Everything I tasted from the BBQ pizza at The Yoddler to the Steak at Blue Ridge in was incredible, and filling. Of course, having the sweet tooth I do, my favorite snack was the homemade fudge from Applewood Court. Even the names are cute!

The Sights: Wow. The top of the mountain, at Inspiration Point, is absolutely gorgeous. Whether you choose to go on a hike or just stand/sit and look at the view, this is an incredible view at nature that shows the mountains through Los Angeles, and all the way to Catalina Island on a clear day. There is also a beautiful lodge with snowy mountains for skiing or snowboarding…but I am not really into that so I went on a hike instead. 

The Town: The town is adorable. It is like you left society and went to Christmastown USA in some adorable time warp. The downtown area is about one block by two blocks, so you can park and walk to pretty much anything the town has to offer without breaking a sweat. The buildings are covered with Christmas lights and many of the restaurants are painted or decorated with Christmas themes, so going around this time of year is magical. 

I also hear the Skiing and Snowboarding is great too…but quite frankly I know nothing about that. 

Amazing Sign Translation Fails

I live in Koreatown, and in spite of being in the United States, there are many horrible translations to English. I have compiled some of the funniest translations from across the globe. Lucky you. 

How long could that foot possibly be missing?!

This translation was made by a thirteen-year-old. 

I will take 2 of the Do Not Eat Know’s and 1 moderate hardness, please. 

So making the Porn was an accident, or an accident happened while making porn?

Excuse me, does the “wink at my army” come with an enlisted soldier?

Next time you wish to play with some Naive Bears, you know where to find them. 

How can they possibly find that many unhappy wives with an axe to grind…literally.

Well, at least you don’t need to pretend to be politically correct in this establishment. 

Heaven forbid our rubbish be without homes. 

So apparently the food here is so bad they need to warn you against an outburst of anger.

I never fail to switch on the fun…ever

You know, I don’t think this is a translation fail. But it is quite entertaining.

Aw. How sweet of them to point us in the direction of the conspiracies.


AMAZING AMAZING FAIL!!! How did everyone in the process of making that sign fail to understand what this means!? 

Nie daj się zabić!

Każdego roku, blisko sto osób w naszym kraju umiera z powodu zaczadzenia. To mniej więcej dwa razy tyle, ile liczy cała twoja rodzina, włączając w to daleką ciotkę spod Kielc i kuzynów, których widujesz tylko od święta. To wszyscy ludzie, z którymi jeszcze niedawno rozpoczynałeś studia. Chodziłeś z nimi na piwo po egzaminie, imprezowałeś w każdy weekend i odliczałeś pieniądze, których zawsze brakowało do dziesiątego. Po roku wszyscy zniknęli, jak Kraśko i Tadla z TVP. Nikt nic nie widział, nikt nie wie, kiedy do tego doszło. Czeski film. Sąsiedzi nie słyszeli krzyków bitej kobiety i nie dzwonili po straż pożarną, bo spod drzwi nie wydostawał się dym. Byli spokojni.

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Fresh Faces: Pentonix

Song “Drummer Boy” Just in Time for Christmas

This is an all inclusive, a cappella group that just made the most beautiful version of “Drummer Boy” I have ever heard. But they don’t stop with holiday songs, this band has made a name for itself creating incredible variations on a myriad of popular hits. The group is composed of five vocalists, Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola, and they make themselves sound like a full band. Absolutely incredible. They aren’t from LA, they originate from Arlington, Texas, but they really deserve a shout out for all the hard work they have done. 

They are heading out on tour in 2014 so keep your ears and eyes peeled. For more info on the band, tour dates and videos, click here


Fresh Faces: End of Ever 

A couple of weeks ago, I went to an intimate acoustic concert with a friend to hear a new band. The opener was marginal and, quite frankly, I didn’t expect much. However, when lead singer Dahni opened her mouth and the music started playing, I was completely captivated by the world of their music. Dahni takes complete control of the room, showing a spectrum of emotions and stories in the songs. While the show was up in the second story corner of the venue, people in the two story building couldn’t help but come up to see where the music was coming from and sit in on the performance. 

External image

End of Ever is one of those bands I cannot believe isn’t on the radio yet. Their sound is a welcomed separation from the dull. depressing sounding alternative rock coming out of the LA music scene lately. The music has a “sunny” feel to it that makes you feel refreshed and sends you into an uncommon upbeat trance. I dare you to listen to them and not feel feel good after. 

External image

Seriously people, this is a band that deserves the hype. They are definitely a group to watch as their career grows. To get their music and find out more about upcoming performances, click here

Here are some cool facts about the band members: 

Dahni, the band’s lead vocalist, has traveled the world singing, and has recorded with famed producer Danger Mouse, formerly in Gnarls Barkley with Cee-Lo Green. She is also the voice of Ronzoni Pasta’s “Dump the Box” musical ad and Cadberry’s 2011 Olympics ad.

Michael (Mikey) is a talented bass guitarist and a short-film animator who made the stop- motion video for EOE’s single “Where You’ve Been.” 

Jesse is EOE’s drummer, extraordinaire - but he’s also a sound engineer - who owns and operates EverRock Records. Jesse co- engineered this album.

Richard (Richie) keys, scored the anthem for a large hospital system in Northern CA. The anthem was performed by EOE and is the featured music bed for all of their award- winning radio and television commercials

Brian, EOE’s skilled lead guitarist, records guitar with Jerrin Howard, who works with artists like Rick Ross and produced Wale’s hit song “Lotus Flower Bomb.”

10 Toys I wish I was getting this Christmas

I started working at a Toy company and well, I think about toys a lot. But these toys aren’t like the one’s like we had growing up, the technology and creativity is insane! So, I made a list of toys I wish I was getting for Christmas. Prepare for Awe. 

Barbie Malibu Couch with furniture. Have an elegant dinner under the kitchen chandelier, go tanning on the roof, or sit on the couch and watch a movie on the flat screen! You may not be living in a mansion but your dolls sure will. It’s insane. 

Ok. What? Ipad Air for Kids!?!?! That is just not fair. All that music, and entertainment at your fingertips would make any road trip or bus ride entertaining. 

A remote control hover craft. Enough Said.

Now this is a toy you can enjoy today, especially if you are around raver types. The designs they make with their fingers fascinate me. 

Sorry boys, but this Barbie Concert Venue is just. WOW. 

Toy Cross Bow. Soo Badass.

Remote control helicopter. I feel like all of us wanted one of these as a kid, and most of us would have fun with one now. I might just have to get one

Robot dog that can fetch.

This takes virtual art to a new level as a kid.

Did I mention these tablets?! Welcome to the 21st century and Merry Christmas!


I recently saw a commercial with street luge, for a car commercial, and wondered to myself, who the hell does street luge? If you are unfamiliar with the “sport,” it essentially involves you lying down on an 8 foot slap of metal/wood on wheels going up to 60 miles an hour downhill on a street. This sounds like a REALLY dumb death sentence to me.

This sport isn’t even legal!

On the skateboard you are technically a pedestrian, so you can get a ticket for being in the road or blocking traffic or going past the speed limit. LA county seems to be the only one who cares in California to legislate on the issue and they “prohibit riding a skateboard on a grade greater than 3% and faster than 10 MPH.”

However, it looks pretty cool.