Things Are Different, But You Still Pretend

author: mal (shurtugal)

rating: nc-17

pairings: chris/darren, mia/darren, max/chris

word count: 45,000+

warnings: angst like crazy, these characters are messed up (also a lot of sex, like a lot)

chapters: 18 + prologue & epilogue

status: complete

summary: Chris and Darren both went to East Clovis High, and eventually started dating. It was amazing until Darren dropped off the face of the planet after graduation, with not so much as a phone call. Years later, Darren is cast as Chris’ on-screen love interest, stirring up a lot of unresolved feelings.

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Things Are Different, But You Still Pretend: Chapter 12

by: mal

previous chapter: here

word count: 3,300+

summary: Darren tackles his first Glee red carpet event. Thankfully he has Mia by his side, but he still cannot anticipate Chris’ next move. This chapter has a bit of smut toward the end. Sorry for the long wait!

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TADBYSP: Chapter 17 preview

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Darren couldn’t handle it anymore. He couldn’t handle Chris smiling, his sparkling eyes, his grand gestures to make up for all that had happened. He couldn’t handle following Chris’ advice that they wait for time to heal because the way the candle flickered across Chris’ face in that moment rendered it all impossible. Darren couldn’t control himself anymore.

He surged forward, taking Chris lips into his own, moaning desperately as his chest expanded with powerful emotion. He clutched at Chris’ neck as leverage, keeping him sane and grounded with the beautiful realization that Chris was kissing him back, with just as much. If not more.

They made out heatedly for the longest time, feeling each other out, hands groping to make sure everything was real, helpless whimpers breaking free from their throats and vibrating their slick lips and dancing tongues. It was so much different than ever before, and it made their hearts sing; light on a cloud of euphoria and love.

Finally, Chris broke away panting, twining his fingers in Darren’s curls, pressing their foreheads together, trying not to cry he was so happy. “Darren?”

“Mmm?” Darren hummed, trying to control his breathing through his nose, stroking his palms over Chris’ shoulders and biceps.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” he asked shakily, realizing it was a loaded question.

Darren pulled away, eyes shining and lip quivering. Chris wanted to curl up in a ball and sob because there was so much trust and intimacy in Darren’s expression. Chris knew he didn’t deserve it but he couldn’t help but soak it up. At least in this one, special and perfect moment. Then, Darren nodded, smiling and tightening his grip on Chris, a tear escaping down his cheek.

Chris swooped in to kiss him again, full of passion, promise and without regret. He allowed just enough distance between them to emit the scariest words he had ever said to anyone, but he never wanted it more than now,

I’m ready to give myself to you.”

Things Are Different, But You Still Pretend: Prologue

“No!” Chris yelled, slamming his fist on his desk suddenly. “No, no, no, no, no!

Amber, his co-worker ran to him, startled. “What is it?” she asked.

Chris proceeded to hit his head against the desk in question before burying his face in his hands, groaning. He couldn’t get the image of that facegone, and now it was only going to get so much worse.

“This can’t be happening..,” he mumbled.

“Just tell me, sweety,” Amber cooed, rubbing his back consolingly.

Under normal circumstances, Chris didn’t act out like this. It was actually highly unusual behavior for the likes of him, who was usually more cool-headed and ready with playful quip between takes.

But today, he and Amber were just enjoying a quiet lunch on set when he decided to idly rifle through some papers. Bad idea.

“The new cast member,” Chris finally said, barely even believing it. “Of all people-”

“Who is it?” Amber was curious now.

“His name is Darren Criss,” Chris sighed, the name making him almost wince.

Chris slid the paper toward her so she could see.

“Aw, I think he’s cute, nice smile,” she acknowledged, noting his bright eyes and curly hair. He seemed like a nice guy to hang around with, judging by his photograph alone; but of course, looks can always be deceiving.

“So what’s the problem?”

Chris finally looked up at her, his eyes filled with this pleading anguish. Amber didn’t understand it until-

“We used to date in high school.”

fandomsinaflash asked:

Hi, I just read your Crisscolfer fic Things Are Different, But You Still Pretend I just wanted to tell you that I just spent the last 2 days crying because of it, It was so good. I was so addicted to it and so annoyed when I was pulled away from my laptop to do other things, excited when I got back to it. It was absolutely perfect and I love how you portrayed Mia, Most CC fics I read portray her is a horrible way. I just wanted to thank you for one of the greatest CC fics I have ever read. :)

thanks so much for this message, I absolutely loved writing that story more than anything and I’m thrilled whenever I discover crisscolfer shippers still reading it :’)

anonymous asked:

Took me forever to realize this (have no clue why) but it just occurred to me that you wrote Things Are Different, But You Still Pretend. And I just wanted to tell you, that I loved it, and having read alot of your fics, you are a very talented writer!

I sure did! I loved writing that story so much, probably my favorite one

but seriously, thank you so much it means so much to me for you to say that

QUICK! I need a cute picture of Chris from high school-ish time/or early Glee

and then I need someone to make me a graphic along with this Darren picture I found for my CrissColfer AU fic.

please and thank you hehehe