Neat little pub trick

Bored of sitting in a bar waiting for your drinks or mates to arrive. Well dont just sit and chuck your empty packets away, use this neat little tirick to impress your mates… (I’ll be happy to make a video if you cant follow these instructions)


Folded triangle things


as you can see above this can be used with any crisp packet, sweet packets, nut packets any form of paper/wrapping/tissues that are generally either rectangle or square in shape. Can even be used on those little ripped bits you have from sweet wrappers (see far right triangle)

How: (note, not all wrappers work, its trial and error, EG those long ice pop wrappers are no good, there too long compared to how thin they are)

1. if your starting with a square wrapper (milky bottons for example) or a rectangle one (crisps,skittles, nuts for example) fold in half length wise untill this > [¦] becomes this > should resemble the shape of a small ice pop wrapper.

2. Fold in half again but as to make it a \_/ shape, so that one side should cut across the width of the wrapper.

3. Fold which ever end is on top around the back of the end underneith, so that it wrapps around the width not just across it so you should end up with a sideways L shape.

4. Fold the longer end behind the short end so going across the back of the width. Should look like a small upside down V with a triangle at the top that you can get your finger under.

5. then flip it 180 clockwise. fold which ever end is underneith back over the top of the other end and tuck under the little triaqngle, repeat for the other end.

6.You should now have a diamond shape. simple fold the top the the diamond forwards and tuck into the little triangle flap at the bottom. Straighten out and you’re done :)

What no girl should leave the house with out:


Q Tips/Cotton Buds which ever you prefer to call them!

These little sticks with cotton stuck on the end are amazing. They can be used to tidying up smudged eye pencil’s, marscara’s, removing nail varnish from the side of your fingers (always a chore) tidying up smudged eye shadows and lip sticks and even removing sand and dirt from your ear (Outside only, but we all know we stick them right in there all the time) I even used them to help me smudge my pastle art work! These little sticks come in handy everyday for me I could’nt leave the house with out them in my bag and at £0.89 -£1.50 for 300! a essential beauty must have with out the horrible price!

Which brand?

Personally for the make up related ones, go for the slim ones just the shops own brand ones are perfect. Johnson and Johnson baby cotton buds are too fluffy to pick up most make up and become all poofy if left in a make up bag for too long but are great for leaving at home for your ears and not forgetting for cleaning little baby fingers.

Where can I get them?

Most if not every super market, beauty stores, drug stores, corner shops and baby shops.