tadashi nakamura

10th Seiyuu Award (March.12th.2016) List 


■ Best Actor: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
■ Best Actress: Minase Inori
■ Best Supporting Actor: Suzumura Kenichi/Hosoya Yoshimasa
■ Best Supporting Actress: Itou Shizuka/Hayami Saori 
■ Best Newcomer: Umehara Yuichiro/Takeuchi Shunsuke/Murase Ayumu/Uesaka Sumire/Takahashi Rie/Tanaka Aimi
■ Best Personality Award: Suzumura Kenichi
Most Votes: Kamiya Hiroshi
■ Synergy Award: Chibi Maruko Chan
■ Tomiyama Kei Award: Morikubo Showtaro
Takahashi Kazue Award: Inoue Kikuko
Best Musical Performance: iRis
Lifetime Achievement: Chijimatsu Sachiko/Nakamura Tadashi/Nomura Michiko
Special Awards: AOP


A Song For Ourselves

34 min, Digital Video, 2009
Directed & Edited by Tadashi Nakamura - tadashinakamura.com
Produced by Karen L. Ishizuka
Exec. Produced by Robert A. Nakamura

A SONG FOR OURSELVES is an intimate journey into the life and music of Asian American Movement troubadour Chris Iijima. Struggling to make sense of their father’s early death, his teenage sons learn that during the 1970s when Asians in America were still considered “Orientals,” Chris’ music and passion for social justice helped provide the voice and identity an entire generation had been in search of. Through animated photographs, intimate home movies, archival footage of Chris’ introduction to nationwide television by John Lennon and Chris’ own songs, their father’s life takes on bigger meaning than they had ever dreamed of.

The full doc, not the trailer!


Jake Shimabukuro. uke-ist.

The shots from Tadashi Nakamura’s film was amazing.

This is as far as I’m going with this. I needed a little break from Eric, Atticus and the rest of their crew, so I decided to draw Akihiko and his sib’s. I need to practice drawing these two more. :/ Well one of them at least. Here we have Akihiko, right, and his non identical twin brother Tadashi, left. Akihiko also has a sister who is 3 years younger than him, and a baby brother who is about 12 years younger than him (this may change as I develop the story. 

Akihiko and Tadashi belong to me.