Random TsukkiYama writing ideas

Math Teacher!Kei / Science Teacher!Tadashi
Exchange Student!Tadashi / Host!Kei
Student!Tadashi / Teacher!Kei
Lawyer!Kei / Victim!Tadashi
Hairdresser!Kei / Costumer!Tadashi
Sick!Kei / Worried Friend!Tadashi
Librarian!Tadashi / Studier!Kei
Scientist!Kei / Creation!Tadashi
Author!Kei / Character!Tadashi
Master!Kei / Slave!Tadashi
Business Man!Kei / Client!Tadashi
Stripper!Kei / Dragged Friend!Tadashi
Porn Star!Tadashi / Friend!Kei
Kindergarten Teacher!Tadashi / Single Parent!Kei
Fashion Designer!Kei / Apprentice!Tadashi
Model!Kei / Photographer!Tadashi
Actor!Tadashi / Director!Kei
Fallen Star!Tadashi / Human!Kei
Angel!Tadashi / Demon!Kei
Female!Tadashi / Female!Kei (Tadako and Keianna if you need names)

Voltage Fanbase’s 2,000 Followers Contest~ With Prizes!

A few days ago, VFB hit 2,000 followers! That means we now have over 2,000 people in our little fandom network, creating and submitting and liking and reblogging fanworks. It’s a milestone for us, and we’d like to celebrate and thank you all!

So, to commemorate, we’ll be having a fanwork contest! The contest will run from 6/3/15 to 7/8/15 and consist of the following three sections:
                         Fanfic     | | |     Fanart     | | |     Riddles

Each section will technically be its own competition, so you can choose to enter one, two, or all three! However, everyone is permitted only one entry per section.

Every section will have a first, second, and third place winner, for a total of 9 winners. The prizes are:


  • A lengthy fanfic (by me or Tadako)
  • An edit (by Jun or Viola)
  • A fanart (by me or Liah)
  • A drabble (by me or Tadako)


  • An edit (by Jun or Viola)
  • A fanart (by me or Liah)
  • A drabble (by me or Tadako)


  • An edit (by Jun or Viola) -OR- Fanart (by me or Liah)
  • A drabble (by me or Tadako)

-The rules for each section are under the cut-

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