An update on the name thing:

Tumblr told me they can’t get rid of the tadakimacun blog unless it violates copyright or trademark. I do have work copyrighted under the name Tadakimacun under DarkPoetry.com, but I don’t think that counts. I feel so violated that it looks like someone took this complex name that has meant me online for 12 years simply because they could.

I just don’t know what to do.

tadakimacun answered your question: Should I…?

Be you! If people have problems with your personal posts, they can follow more Kpop blogs.

It’s not that people are saying things against my posts, it’s the exact opposite. People aren’t saying anything on my personal posts. (Aside from this one, apparently. XD) I feel ignored. ._.;

Like, when I posted about my step-dad passing away in June, no one said anything. No words of encouragement, no *hugs*, nothing.

Just makes me feel like people don’t care.

(This is not aimed at you because I know you care and you’re one of my IRL friends. XD)

Open Letter to Tumblr Support Re: My Name

This is an email I just sent to Tumblr Support. I am posting it as proof that I am actively trying to take back my real name on here, and to help explain why I am so upset about the loss of that name.

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