Melodramatic Prank

“You just don’t exercise that often, Bim. That’s it. You don’t have… any sickness. Honestly man. This is like. My top joke and you still fall for this?”

“I can’t HELP IT-”

(I haven’t drawn these two in a while, and here they are! I always thought Doc would be the sarcastic little bugger and Bim’s a bit on the drama side due to the media life. Oh well! Hope y'all like it!)


“So, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day, loverboy?” Stiles asks, glaring at his overstuffed burger, trying to figure out the best way to take a bite out of it without making all its contents fall out.

“You know, nothing much. Kira’s coming over. We’ll have dinner with my mom and then we’ll hang out. Nothing too wild. We’re staying in,” Scott replies, licking his lips after having magically figured out how to angle his jaw for maximum burger enjoyment.

“Yeah, ‘staying in’ is code for ‘marathon sex’.”

Stiles picks two french fries from his plate, stalling for time before trying the giant monstrosity of a burger.

“What?” Scott shakes his head, leaning back in his seat. “Nah, man. It’s a full moon tonight, I don’t want to risk it. I know my control is good, but… I just want to be safe.”

Stiles twists his face in an incredulous pout. “You’re scared of turning furry in bed? But you told me she liked it. In great detail, should I add. Seriously dude, I know a lot about your dick, we should be worried.”

Scott face turns an interesting shade of pink, pursing his lips in a way that means he’s trying not to smile. He fiddles with the straw of his drink nervously.

“She does like it,” he admits, his eyes going a little hazy, before he shakes himself. He snaps his attention back to Stiles and adds, in a lower voice, “But it doesn’t mean I want to lose control tonight. All the other times it happened, I wanted it and she wanted it. I don’t want to accidentally bite her butt or worse. I want to be myself.”

“Fair enough,” Stiles says, shrugging, trying real hard not to look guilty about momentarily picturing Kira’s butt in his mind.

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HEY who wants shitty cell phone progress photos? Well here they are anyway. Mainly because I’m excited about it. >v>; I had’t put all the pieces together till today so I’m happy that it’s looking good! The knees (for now) work, but they’re annoying to put on so I didn’t bother for now. Photoshopped in the tattoo cause why not, and I’m not about to waste one of the real ones on a dress rehearsal. I’ll get better photos at the actual con and/or when the bow is done. This is probably 99% complete with time to spare to help my friend do his Mercy.

Also, yes, I added the D.Va selfie pose cause it occurred to me that maybe the first time I show my actual face around here I shouldn’t look like I want to murder the world. >_>;


From a scene in a heartbreaking fic I read that tells of Prompto struggling with the aftermath of the battle with Leviathan, and Gladio struggling to hellp in the right way.

disclaimer: the fic hasn’t been updated in months, so be ready for that pain, should you read it :’)

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Mikael as an important character in Sana’s story

OK so, after my post remarking how prominent Mikael was in “FY FAEN”, I started to wonder “why?”.

“Why would Mikael go from being barely visible, teasingly so almost, to so ‘in your face’ in the space of one episode?”

It’s not just because Julie is trying to remind us we’ve seen him before: she knows we spend our time on the internet analysing every frame of her show, she’s knows we’re tech-savvy, she knew the minute NRK would update their profiler page we would start looking up the characters and making the connection with Mikael (if we hadn’t already, I’m guessing she knew most of the core fandom would know about Mikael coming back already, the sudden influx of followers on Yousef Hjelde El Mofty’s instagram was indication enough, we also know Mari and Julie regularly look up the SKAM tags to take the pulse of the skamily).

But even if for the non-internet fans, the casual viewers, keeping Mikael gently in the background would have been more than enough to later pull the rug
and go

“Tadaaaa! Even’s best buddy, Mikael! You should have known! He was there all along but you didn’t notice!”

So, to me, it’s not just Julie teasing us about Mikael and his connection to Even.

And that’s when I realised that every season is from the main’s POV, this season is no exception.
And who is becoming more and more prominent in Sana’s POV, while Yousef is progressively seemingly falling from grace? Mikael.

@darker-sooner​ pointed out the frame above to me and how there are two main characters in it: Sana and Mikael (also, in terms of the position of the characters, Sana and Mikael are turned towards each other in this picture…they’re still not really looking at each other though, that will come later)

My reasoning is that, from a directing standpoint, having Mikael progressively take more and more space in the frame equates having him take more and more space in Sana’s life.
For now, she’s not really looking at him. She’s interested in Yousef. Mikael is still background. But even in the background, she’s starting to notice him more.

My theory is that we will start seeing them interact and be in each other’s “backgrounds” more and more.
Maybe next time it will be a “hi” exchanged on camera.
Maybe after that a sentence or two.
I’m not yet certain Mikael will definitely be a love interest for her. But I really feel like he’s going to be an important person in her life in this season.


Posin’ (meme)- [Young Masters]_Kingdom Hearts

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But Everyone Calls Me “Dad”: Roman (1/?)

So there’s kinda this headcanon in the fandom that the Sides call Patton “dad,” soooo I wanted to kinda explore some possible scenarios for what the evolution of this paternal relationship might have been. I’ll do all 3 of the other Sides at some point, but idk how many lil’ ficlets each will end up getting. Bear with me and my Sides-loving heart.

Also, yes, I know, I humanize them a bit in this, but they’re more fun and #relatable that way. Let’s call it metaphor and suspend reality for my sake. Please.

Sooo yeah, here’s the first tiny installment in a whole bundle of comedy and fluff  that I definitely didn’t write out of guilt for how angsty my last fic was


Summary: The first time one of them used that word, it took everything Patton had not to squeal and hug the unsuspecting Side. The next few times after that, Patton simply can’t contain himself.  

Word Count: 562

Pairings: Patton x everyone (paternal)

Warnings: None 

Part 1/?

Part 2: Logan

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Tadaaaa!! I’m doing Potter Week Prompts again this year! I’d posted this a while back on Twitter and Instagram but forgot to share it here! From July 25-31 I’ll be posting a drawing each day in celebrations of Harry Potter day! I definitely invite you guys to join me if you like - feel free to work ahead, too. :) Tag your creations with #PotterWeekPrompts and have fun!

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Summer kiss hc: Luna's annual summer solstice party, and it's the first year a nervous Draco has had the courage to go because Harry asked him to be his date. They give each other courage...

It was years after the war, yet Draco still felt…uncomfortable. Maybe it was just him. Everyone else looked fine, happy even, that he was there. Even Ron Weasley managed to give him a very awkward hug that left Draco frozen in place for a few seconds. 

Of course, all of this could be traced back to Harry. Draco’s discomfort, his awkwardness, even the red tinges on his cheeks whenever the other man looked at him with a smile. 

He wasn’t here to satiate Luna. He was here because Harry asked him to be his date. That was weird enough on its own. 

Now, they were standing in the backyard where the fairy lights were hovering about, illuminating the empty tables after lunch had been long been served. The people left over were cramped up in Luna’s living room, talking and drinking and all having a merry time. Draco knew he wouldn’t feel comfortable there. Harry, unsurprisingly, must’ve knew. 

“Thanks for coming with me,” the other man said, shooting the blond a small smile. “Really, it means a lot and people were glad you did.”

Draco gave a one shouldered shrug, trying to clamp down the overwhelming urge to lean in and say ‘you’re welcome’ with his lips against the others. “It’s nothing. It’s been a while so I’m not surprised people are over it.”

“But are you over it?”

The question made Draco look at him sharply. “I…” he said, before sighing. “Maybe? Kind of. No.”

“Figures.” Their fingers brushed. Draco felt upset at his inability to take initiative. “Well, I’m definitely over it and I’m glad you came,” Harry said firmly, green eyes full of resolve. “And you should come again. With me.”

Draco stared at him for a moment before letting out a huff of a laugh. Shaking his head in amusement, he ignored his anxiety and leaned in to press a small kiss just at the corner of Harry’s lips. The expression of shock he left was worth the pounding in his chest. “Alright,” he said warmly. “And you should come with me.”

Harry, after a moment, found his voice. “Where?”

“On a date, smart one.”

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Top 5 favorite Lavi moments? :3

Ask me my “Top 5″ anything!

1. Of course his entire trip in Road’s dreamworld. Especially when he realizes that he DOES have a heart *sobs like a porud momma*

2. When he looks at Allen’s ace of spades on Anita’s ship 

3. Basically everything that happens on the arc tbh. It’s so hard to decide what I liked best during those chapters it’s driving me insane xD So yeah. Just all the arc chapters!

4. Remeber when Lavi backed away from Allen because he thought he’s a vampire thanks to Crowley? Yeah. I love this scene. It shows just how superstitious this stupid rabbit is.

5. Protecting Lenalee from Leverrier. Protecting Allen from Tyki. Just Lavi protecting his friends. It gives me life. 

BONUS: Everytime he destroys entire buildings with his hammer but doesn’t give a single shit. 


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Hey Gorgeous! I was just wondering if you'd ever done anything like drawing your bias wearing your clothes challenge? Those are so cute, and I know yours would be too if you felt like doing that? I'm sorry I'm so awkward, I just liked the idea, and thought you might too!! Love you!

tadaaaa, I never made that so yeaaaaah, tbh Sugamon wearing my clothes is the best thing ever I’m crying

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prompt: 3 times simon hugs raphael + 1 time raphael hugs simon

“Thank you” Simon breathe against Raphael’s neck as his arms wrapped around the older vampires body. “You didn’t have to do that for me”.

“As you’re clan leader, it was my duty” Raphael answered hesitantly and placed an arm on Simon’s lower back.

The truth was, he didn’t help Simon lie to his mother because it’s his duty as Simon’s leader, the fact was he didn’t know why he helped the fledgling.

Now here they were, in the middle of the streets of Brooklyn, Simon’s arms wrapped tightly around Raphael.

“You can do this, you’re stronger than you think” Raphael encouraged as he set a box on the table infront of them. A beautiful silver menorah was wrapped in a soft golden cloth.

Raphael took Simon’s hand and directed it towards the box “Simon, it’s the only way you’ll be able to go home to be with your family”

It burned and stinged, Simon cried out in pain but Raphael was there to apply an ointment that Magnus had created on the scored skin.

It took them weeks but Simon was able to pray, he was able to light the first candle on the menorah with his mother and sister by his side.

“Raphael” Simon tapped on Raphael’s bedroom door. He quickly pushed the door open when he heard the the faintest ‘come in’

Without thinking he crawled onto Raphael’s bed, drawing him into a hug.

“I did it, I did it” Simon sobbed into the crook of Raphael’s neck.

“I’m proud of you” Raphael smiled softly, and he truly was.

“I loved Clary” Simon’s word slurred as he walked on the ledge of the roof of the hotel DuMort.

“I know” Raphael rolled his eyes more out of jealously than annoyance as he held on to Simon’s out stretched arm.

“She’s known me so long but nope she wants Jace, oh he’s my brother not my brother boohoo” Simon hiccuped and stumbled in his feet.

“Simon, dios” Raphael groaned and pulled Simon off the ledge “you’re going to get yourself killed”

Simon drunkenly smiled at Raphael, all fangs and crinkled eyes. His arms wrapped around Raphael’s neck, closing the gap in between them.

“I know you don’t hate me” Simon slurred and rest his forehead against Raphael’s “I don’t hate you either” he added in a hushed whisper. Simon’s lips brushed against Raphael’s.

“You’re drunk fledgling” Raphael snarled and stepped back.

Simon disappeared that night. And Raphael was sure he was going mad.

Two weeks passed without any sight of him. Maia was sitting across from Raphael in his office, she came often now, the seat in front of him was always occupied, Maia, Luke, Magnus, members of the clan and even Clary came once, they all delivered the same news “he’s nowhere”

“He’s out there, we just have to keep look” Maia sighed and Raphael nodded.

“You don’t have to look very hard” Simon shoulders were slumped when he stepped through the doors, his clothes were dirty and ruffled.

“You stupid idiot” Raphael was immediately out of his seat, knocking over the chair in the process.

“Where the hell have you been? You have some nerves just leave like that” Raphael scolded while he buried his face in Simon shirt and wrapped his arms tightly around Simon’s waist “I hate you so much”