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I promised myself that I’ll do a small giveaway if I ever reached 100 followers, it happened yesterday so tadaaaaa~ !
Most of you probably don’t know that I do some pixel arts (lol) so you can have a look > HERE < to see some of my drawings.

Prize :
One (1) of my “realistic character” Pixel Art with weapon or whatever you want them to hold (animation can be discussed).
Example :

Rules :

- Must be following me. New followers are ok but don’t unfollow as soon as the winner will be announced, it’s disheartening.
- Only reblogs count (I will not count more than 1 reblog / day though, everybody should have the same chances to win).
- Your ask box has to be open for me to reach you as I will not announce publicly the winner before I have all the references :) .
- You can participate even if you already had a sprite from me (commissioned or freebie).
- Once the winner will be drawn, they will have 3 days to answer to the ask or I’ll pick another.

Deadline to participate is May 10th 2015.

Good luck !

First Meet and Greet with the Band! Voted for by you!

Hey there lovelies!

Okay, so I’m going to make these longer than the normal ones and post them separately. Please don’t hate me! I’m going to go ascending alphabetically.

Will Jay: You get off of the plane at two a.m. and drive to the hotel. With your bags in tow, you walk up 15 flights of stairs to room 1501; you needed a key to access the elevator after hours. You knock on the door, hoping your boyfriend’s awake. The door flies open, revealing Dalton with a shaving cream bra, Cole with a towel on his head, Gabe and Dana recreating the king of the world scene off the balcony, and Will wide eyed with a spoon in Nutella.“Y/N!” The boys all yell and tackle you into the hallway.

“You guys, you have to be up in a few hours for rehearsal and a meet and greet! Why are you still awake? You know that you all are NOT morning people.” You stand your fatigued self up and toss your bags into the room. Kicking off your shoes, you slide under into the only bed in the room.

“Yes moooooom.” Dalton sighs.

“Goodnight boys. I love all of you. See you in the morning.” You call as Gabe, Dana, Dalton, and Cole leave. As the door shuts, you fling off your clothes. Will looks at you with raised eyebrows and you just shake your head. “Not tonight mister. Come, let’s cuddle.” You and Will fall asleep together and nearly don’t wake up at your alarm clock.

“Wakey wakey, Y/N.” Will wakes you up before he leaves for rehearsal. You kiss him goodbye and start getting ready for the meet and greet.

You head to the concert hall where their performance would be later that night and see the hundreds of fans lined up to meet the boys. As security opens the doors for you, you hear the boys’ music ringing through the halls. It was an amazing scene. Everything was calm, your favorite band blasting, and the promise that the love of your life was waiting through those doors.

You peek into the stage room just as they finish Touchdown Dance. They’re dismissed to have a break before they let the fans in for the meet and greet. Will comes over and gives you a shy peck on the cheek before he admits, “Y/N, I’m so glad you could come to this. I think I have a surprise for you.” He smiles and you two get settled in before the masses enter the building.

Fans pass, they cry, they blush, they flirt. You hold back jealousy every time a girl bats her eyes at him, but he’s oblivious and doesn’t pick up on the flirting. At this meet and greet, they were going to do a panel interview of the boys. Each member sat behind their own nameplate and prepared themselves for the questions.

As predicted, the first question was about relationship statuses. Down the line, they either pointed out their significant others or said they were single. When it was finally Will’s turn, you prepared yourself for the usual answer; no. You never understood why Will wanted this to be kept a secret, but you obeyed his wishes. But this time, it was different.

“Ehem…” Will cleared his throat. “As you may know, Y/N and I have been spotted everywhere together. But she’s not ‘just a friend’ as everyone was saying. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. So today, I’d like to announce that Y/N is the love of my life… And that will never change.”

The fans started squealing, your eyes brimmed with tears. You ran up to Will and kissed him in front of all the cameras, all the fans, everybody. The boys were cheering behind him as Will looked at you and said, “I wonder what our ship name will be.”

A/N: Tadaaaaa! I hope you enjoyed it! Love, Em

The Dinner Date (and Truth or Dare!) rp with lovingfluttershy!!!

“And that, Crusaders, is how I escaped from the Great Phoenix Gathering exactly four thousand years, three months, and twenty days ago!”

Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle blinked at the grinning Draconequus, using his tail to swing the CMC back and forth on the porch swing hanging from the orange rafter in his living room, amongst other things.

“Uhhh, what does that have to do with you and Fluttershy?” Apple Bloom asked, clearly confused.

“Yeah,” Scootaloo added, furrowing her brows at him. “The last thing you talked about was the fair, and then you started ranting about that!”

Discord shrugged, still smiling. “Oh, that’s because I already told you everything!  Just felt like telling you another story, is all.”

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo sighed, while Sweetie Belle grinned. “I knew it! I knew you two were in love! Hahaha!” She pointed a hoof at the other two. “I was right! You guys owe me two bits each!”

Discord broke out into laughter. “Pffft! Don’t tell me you all plan on getting cutie marks in gambling?” He snapped his fingers, and a gambling table floated between Discord and the three on the swing, Discord wearing a visor with a sugar stick in his mouth like a cigarette. He began to shuffle some cards with some fancy tricks, shuffling them with experienced hands in an expertise that made the girls clap their hooves.

“It’s just that Sweetie Belle here thought something was going on between you guys, and Apple Bloom and I didn’t, so we made a bet,” Scootaloo explained.

“And now I’m rich!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed. “And the first place I’m going to spend it on is—“

A sound that resembled a Chinese gong went off, making the girls jump from their seat. Discord caught them with his tail before they could fall off. “~Doorbell~!” Discord singsonged. He rubbed his chin, floating down to the ground and setting the three fillies back on the floor. “Now who could it be?”

“Maybe it’s my sister!” Apple Bloom suggested.

“Or Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo hoped.

“I hope it’s Fluttershy!” Sweetie Belle said, hearts in her eyes.

Discord shook his head at the last one. “No, not her. I’m to meet her soon at her cottage. She’s invited me to dinner and—“

“Oh,  a dinner date! That’s so—“

Yeah yeah yeah, so romantic and yadda yadda yadda,” Discord said, opening the door and walking through the kitchen, the CMC following him. “My dear, you are becoming far too much like your sister.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Sweetie Belle asked somewhat defensively.

“Nothing! Nothing!” Discord answered, raising his hands up. “I’m just saying, you two are quite obsessed with the harlequins, hm?”

“What’s a harlequin?”

Discord smiled, satisfied with her answer. “Nothing!”

Going through the hall, which the CMC had come through before (thought they still ‘oohed’ and ‘awwed’ the whole time). The hallway had paneled tile floors studded with pieces of crushed gems. Three sets of stairways of different colors seemed to go up and up into nowhere, confusing to the eye, surrounded by hanging chandeliers of crystals of different color. The reflections of the colorful chandeliers and the gem-studded floors made the air look like it was covered in rainbows.

“Who knew chaos could be so pretty!” Apple Bloom marveled.

Discord smiled at that as he answered the door, opening it at the hinge rather than the doorknob.

“Rarity!” Discord said, grabbing the fashion-saavy unicorn and giving her a tight hug, swinging her side to side. “What a lovely surprise! And what brings you here?!?”

“Oh, Discord, hello darling, p-please, put me down!” She pat at her hair. “You’re going to get my mane all in a tizzy!”

Discord rolled his eyes. “Riiiiight.” He put her down, and put his hand on his hips. “So!” He eyed the bag on the ground. “You bring me something? A present, maybe?!?” He said, his fingers dancing in anticipation.

Sweetie Belle and the others appeared behind him. “Hi Rarity!” Sweetie Belle said, the others waving a hello at her.

“Oh! Why hello, girls! Visiting Discord on another one of your, erm, escapades?” Rarity said with a hesitant smile. She knew Discord would keep them safe, but it made her nervous regardless.

“Yeah!” Scootaloo said. “Check out this place!”

Rarity’s eyes opened wide as she saw it. “Oh…Oh my! The stairs are not to my taste, but the chandeliers and floor are simply breathtaking! Did you do this yourself, Discord?“

The Draconequus smiled smugly. “Who else?”

“My, my! I may just have to ask you for something like this! Minus the stairs of course.”

“Aw, that takes the fun out of it,” he pouted. He eyed the bag again. “Present?”

“Hm?” Rarity said, getting lost at looking at her reflection in the gorgeous gem-specked tiles. “Oh! Yes, of course!” She trotted back over to the open door and got her bag. “You’re to see Fluttershy soon, correct?”

“I assume Fluttershy told you?”

“She did!” Rarity nodded. “You must be looking forward to it! I hear you were still sick the day after the fair?”

“You were sick?” Scootaloo asked.

Discord nodded. “Yes, I was sick. Nasty flower virus, it was. But dear Fluttershy took care of me!” A big smile was on his face.

She even sang for me. It was the most beautiful voice, I had never heard anything so wondrous. It was a lullaby, but who cares? It was magnificent. I’ve got to find a way to get her to sing for me again, something different, something—

Tadaaaaa! Don’t you just adore it?!?”

Discord snapped out of his thoughts and looked to see a suit being levitated by Rarity’s magic.

“You…made me a suit?”

“Yes! After all, you’re Fluttershy’s guest. And not just any guest, but her dinner date.” Using her magic, she put the suit on him, forcing the white undershirt on him and the brown jacket over it, and nearly choking him with the red tie.

“Oh, you look so handsome!” Rarity marveled.

“Yeah, you look really nice!” Apple Bloom said.

“Eh, I guess,” Scootaloo shrugged.

Sweetie Belle just sighed with a smile.

Discord didn’t think as much. “But it’s so boring,” Discord said, pinching it like it was infecting him with its supposed lack of fun. “There’s not even a single hidden compartment, no pockets with clashing colors, no hidden tricks, not even a mismatched button!”

“Well, of course not!” Rarity stamped. “Discord, please, I realize it isn’t to your taste, and I promise you if you ever want to wear something with a bit more of your type of pizazz, then I am more than willing to do that for you later. But I promise you, darling, Fluttershy is going to love this on you. The color goes so well with your coat, and the tie matches your eyes!”

Discord glanced at her, then at the CMC. “…You think she’ll really like this on me?”

A chorus of yesses were his response, the girls jumping up and down with enthusiasm at how great he looked. Rarity smiled in triumph, knowing she’d get him to go like that.

“Trust me, darling. She won’t be able to take your eyes off you!”

Discord’s eyes widened and his ears stood up at that, and he grinned.

…Then he realized that he was showing his excitement at that and immediately wiped his expression off his face. “Oh, well. Whatever. You know. I guess…I can deal with this boring thing. For you, Rarity. Since I’m such a nice, wonderful friend.”

Rarity and the CMC only exchanged knowing glances at each other. “Well, then, thank you for indulging me, Discord.” She pushed him out the door and went out herself, the girls following. “Now, don’t you have to get going?”

 Glancing at the watch that only appeared when he had to check the time, he nodded. “I do! Well then, I’m off! Arivederci! Thanks for the get-up!”

“You’re welcome! See you darling! Enjoy yourself!” Rarity called. “And don’t forget to be a gentlecolt!”

“Bye Discord!” The girls all chanted.

“Tell Fluttershy we said hi!” Sweetie giggled, the others giggling as well.

Discord was able to snap his fingers and teleport before they could see him blush.

He appeared straight at Fluttershy’s doorway, just in time. Snapping his fingers, a bottle of sparkling grape juice appeared in his paw. He knocked on the door.

When she answered, he gave her a big smile, already gazing at her with a fondness only she ever got. “Good evening, Fluttershy,” he said, his voice already softer than usual. “I brought you this,” he said, handing over the sparkling grape juice. “I thought that might be a drink you’d like? I tried some the other day, it’s not bad for a pony beverage,” he said.

He then took a longer look at her, head to hoof. “You look…beautiful,” he cooed softly.

fugitives | elsa-anna-and-apples


Anna watched her sister pace around, the anxiety in her chest swirling as Elsa seemed to be taking the reins. She was right; they’d both be spotted easily at this rate, especially with Elsa still donning her ice dress.

Anna felt Elsa’s anxious grip on her shoulders. She looked at Elsa directly in the eyes. “…Got it. But what if the guards check on you?” She peeked nervously at the broken metal on the cell floor.

Her face hard, she followed her sister’s gaze. “I think I can handle them,” she muttered, thinking of the scene in her ice palace. As long as I keep a grip on myself.

Releasing Anna’s shoulder’s, she bent down to pick up a broken cuff, turning it around in her hands. Slipping her fingers inside, she realised there was a small bar she could grip onto, giving the illusion she was still imprisoned. She repeated the action, holding her hands up to Anna. 

“Besides, they won’t suspect a thing. Now, hurry, and don’t let them see you.”