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Triple Aught Design & Covert RS Pants

If you follow us on the other social media outlets like Instagram or Facebook then you know I have been working with the Triple Aught Design Covert RS Pants over the last month.

This is my first experience with Triple Aught Design despite being a ‘fair weather fan’ since 2009.  What I mean by that is…I would always follow them, stalk their store for items, even put items in a cart…but would never commit to it.  My reason for this…the unknown. Unknown as to what Triple Aught Design actually is.  It’s not like Arc'Teryx which comes from a long and public term of development and outdoor enthused background.  Same goes for Patagonia or other similar brands.

TAD (Triple Aught Design) has been more elusive to me.  That’s not necessarily TAD’s fault.  I simply didn’t know that much about them.  I was highly attracted to their marketing, pictures, design, etc. You name it, I liked it. 

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Sweater weather, but still warm enough to wear the fantastic Force 10 AC cargo’s from Triple Aught Design.
In-House survival bracelet. 
Spyderco/ShivWorks P'Kal
Rebuilt cheap-ass watch on Maratac MI6 NATO strap
Drop-point mod’d Opinel No.8 w/ ferrocerium rod
Timbuk2 Pinch phone wallet and Samsung burner mod’d to take mini-Kodak lenses.
Todd Foster custom 12oz flat-sap, JayPee Short Slugger style. 


Ive seen a few of these Tactical tethers around made from different materials and done in different ways and heres My take on them that Ive been playing around with for a few weeks now . there very simple but work really well for loads of different jobs .

its basically type 1 vest or dummy cord and a safety break away cordlock comprising one short and one long section of the vest cord .

Im currently selling these in pairs so you can split one half to make a longer or and shorter unit or both the same length or a pair can then be joined together via the cannon clip to make an even  longer variant .

these can work as a tether just by looping under a belt or 1 inch webbing and passing it back through the main loop and have been using it on my Spec ops wallet for awhile now .

the same works great for pocket knives as an extra security just in case  the pocket clip fails , pull on the tether to extract the knife and with a forcible tug the safety cordlock breaks away allowing full use of the knife

Ive fixed one to the main zip of My Tad Gear stealth softshell and added one of My SOLAS/ GITD makers to the other end .

Dummy corded 2 Oscar delta G0 tubes onto the inside of My Kifaru E&E which then hang down under the internal chamber pocket , with the safety break aways its so easy to grab them and go but can also add on any other kit using the same cordlocks .

Ive also then been using them to secure 2 bits of kit together from firesteel , torch and spare battery holder , folding knife and survival E&E kit etc etc as all units can be interchanged quickly it makes the tethers really modular which Really like .

if anyone is interested in these or any of my other kit I show , or wishes to discuss Custom made gear , knives or sheaths or Pimp’d Kit  please drop me an email 



 Jacket pocket knives part two .

 Following on from this thread last year http://ru-titley-knives.tumblr.com/post/104348685146/a-little-project-the-concept-is-for-me-to-make 

where I showed a few kiridashi designs I’d made designed to fit specifically in the pen pocket of TAD Gear jackets  here’s a few new prototype designs I’ve been working on including a drop point and wharncliffe style .

 Please note that these knives are not endorsed by TAD at all just designed to fit in their jacket pen pockets  .

I will be finalizing the handle design soon and will then make specific drop point , tanto and  wharncliffe models with the same handle  in the standard jacket colors .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com 

His&Hers kiri’s . 

Old high carbon saw blade steel kiridashi’s with black kevlar coated cord and coyote brown type1 vest cord wraps made up for a US customer specifically to fit in the pen pockets of their Tad Gear Shagmaster and Ranger hoodies .

 Custom knives, sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com


A little project .

The concept is for me to make up some specific fixed blade designs that are made to fit directly into the pen pocket on Tad Gear type jackets .

Whilst all these different  kiridashi blades fit I’m planning  to come up with a drop point , tanto and wharncliffe style blades that will still be narrow enough for a kydex sheath to fit in the pen pocket .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com


Some pics sent in by customers of some of my Glint &Glow MK4 Velcro and mini Strip -light markers being used on Tad Gear , Hill people gear , and a gorgeous old School Wynnchester canvas bag  as well as various helmets and other kit .

Custom knives ,sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com