tad buzzed

I met you at a bus stop on a warm August night. You were a little drunk, probably off cheap whiskey, and a tad buzzed off of some hand rolled cigarettes. You later told me you were feeling brave with liquid courage. You never would have approached me otherwise.

“You look like a flower,” you said to me with a loose, sheepish smile.

I turned my head and stared at you. “A flower?” I said.

“Yes, beautiful like a flower.”

The bus pulled up and I looked at you for a moment before walking on. I turned around to answer you, but you weren’t there. I looked out the window and saw you, realizing that you hadn’t been waiting for the bus - you had been waiting for me.

The next night I got off work late, and walked to the bus stop. And there, on the bench, was a single sunflower. A note was attached to it, and I picked it up to read. 

‘I was wrong’, the note said, 'you don’t look like a flower, because your beauty doesn’t die. It’s breathing, living, expanding. Your beauty is forever.’

I purposely missed four buses that night until you finally showed up. And when you did, I asked you out to dinner.

—  Isabel Klee - Love Stories