ok but I don’t think that mission was DEO sanctioned like there was no backup alex had on no tactical gear or any weapons with her and it was just alex and kara so i’m 100% sure that after she got the alien’s location alex was just so determined to save her girlfriend she just called kara like “I’M GOING TO SAVE MAGGIE MEET ME HERE IN TEN OR I’M GOING IN BY MYSELF”

My take on the regular Team Rocket thug. I never got the ‘threatening terrorist’ vibe from them even thought that’s what they were supposed to be. I always pictured them as more of a paramilitary group that pulled off bigger jobs than stealing a Pikachu, like bombing Pokemon centers or robbing highly guarded facilities full of rare or man-made pokemon (like where mewtwo was created). They certainly don’t seem to be short of funding that would enable them to do so.