“That’s still fxking talking.”

Hannibal maybe…sometimes, is one of those coaches with a smart mouth.

I mean, how does one properly snap a clavicle in half?

I don’t even know where this came from, I was just thinking of Hannibal teaching Will crazy murder-art tactics and Will getting pissy when he broke out the smart-ass <3

- S-B312 -
Halo Saga

As the war with the Covenant Empire continued, the demand for high-risk, SPARTAN operations deep within enemy territory rose exponentially. This demand lead the UNSC’s Special Warfare Command to commission several new breeds of SPARTAN teams in both S-II and S-III classes. SPARTAN B312 (later known as Noble Six) was chosen to join this gifted few.

Daily Drawing Challenge 83: I was fiending to draw some Noble Six fanart, and I sorely miss the ‘tactical, utilitarian’ halo aesthetic of olde. So i thought I’d scratch that itch by drawing S-B312 patrolling with a nameless comrade on a nameless world. The smoking corpse of an Sangheili beside them. Also keep your eyes peeled for some Halo Wars 2 fanart! Moreover I’m thinking of doing some commission work - if you’re interested, message me (more on this later this summer).

When Ninja Theory make a game as gorgeous as Hellblade with only 13 to 16 people working on it, on a limited budget, triple A game devs don’t really have an excuse for delivering subpar games with glitches galore. I’m looking at you, Ubisoft.

Ninja Theory took loans out to do this, used their own money and support from Welcome Trust and I think that because of this, they never lost sight of what they truly wanted to create with their game. It didn’t turn into a money making thing. They wanted to make art. Not just a product. Not just something with ‘Oh and there’s mental health issues too’ added on for shock tactics and buzz, but art that addresses the concept of mental health, how it would affect a warrior and the struggles she faces in her own deteriorating mental state. It’s gorgeous and poignant and if Ninja Theory can do this on a tiny budget then what’s the excuse companies like Ubisoft, Bioware etc. hide behind?

Please support Ninja Theory and buy this game, it is so worth the price.


Tomoe Gozen
A soldier, concubine, and war leader of twelfth-century Japan, Tomoe Gozen is recognized as one of the most famous onna-bugeisha in Japanese history. Onna-bugeisha were a type of female warrior belonging to the upper class in feudal Japan, analogous to a female samurai (and often referred to as such), who studied the use of weapons, tactics, and martial arts to defend their family in times of war. A concubine and officer to the general Minamoto no Yoshinaka, she was described as very beautiful, but also strong and skilled with weapons both on horseback and on foot. Often she would lead troops into battle, and was said to have the slew the samurai Honda no Moroshige and  Uchida Ieyoshi at the Battle of Awazu. Much of Tomoe Gozen’s history remains obscure, but she has become a symbol of feminine strength from the Japanese medieval period.