tactical tomahawk

China Lake, Calif. (Nov. 10, 2002) – A Tactical “Tomahawk” Block IV cruise missile, conducts a controlled flight test over the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) western test range complex in southern California. During the second such test flight, the missile successfully completed a vertical underwater launch, flew a fully guided 780-mile course, and impacted a designated target structure as planned. The Tactical Tomahawk, the next generation of Tomahawk cruise missile, adds the capability to reprogram the missile while in-flight to strike any of 15 preprogrammed alternate targets, or redirect the missile to any Global Positioning System (GPS) target coordinates. It also will be able to loiter over a target area for some hours, and with its on-board TV camera, will allow the war fighting commanders to assess battle damage of the target, and, if necessary redirect the missile to any other target. Launched from the Navy’s forward-deployed ships and submarines, Tactical Tomahawk will provide a greater flexibility to the on-scene commander. Tactical Tomahawk is scheduled to join the fleet in 2004. U.S. Navy photo. (RELEASED)


Slow progress but some progress made on the Boker hawk .

G-10 scales removed and black coating removed , blade then etched and then stonewashed , not easy to do as it was way to wide to fit in any of my stone tumbling tubes  so ended up butting it and all the tumble media in an old rucksack and sticking it in the tumble dryer .

The plan is to pick up some new handle material at the knife show at the end of the month  probably brown canvas micarta with orange liners .

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