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HQ!! 205…and some Fukunaga Appreciation Post

I just read HQ!! chapter 205 today~


Furudate-sensei might have made the match revolve more on middle blockers Lev+Kuroo and liberos Shibayama+Yaku but seriously…I’m giving this guy the mvp title, it’s the soft spoken Nekoma all-rounder FUKUNAGA SHOUHEI-SAN!!

them smol liberos getting tol boyfriends seems to be a recurring theme…I LOVE IT!! I’M LOOKING AT YOU ASANOYA!! **I’m pretty sure KuroYaku had a somewhat similar moment, although I can’t find the image anymore, will update this post once I see it~<3

MOVING ON!! Even before the game against Nohebi, Fukunaga has been showing his skilful kill placement and high defensive adaptability…although he was overshadowed by the introduction of Yaku’s true worth as a libero in the earlier match versus Fukurodani.

During that same chapter and the succeeding ones, Bokuto and Akaashi interactions stole the spotlight from him as well despite him steadily scoring and defending for his team.

Remember that face! How can you not focus on this big baby owl at that time?! He even went and overwhelmed the crowd with his explosive power a few pages later, earning Fukurodani the finals ticket.

And we all know how Nohebi fights…I admittedly I lost my cool one too many times reading those chapters, but I’m pissed off more towards the officialFukunaga could have stacked up points if it weren’t for those snakes’ tactics damn too many S’s in one sentence…that was not on purpose =___=

But unlike Lev and Tora who took the bait, Fukunaga maintained his cool and kept on silently supporting his team. Kenma and Kuroo stepped up in the late game when Yaku got injured, then Furudate-sensei ultimately ended it with a Lev+Shibayama combo.

okay…so let’s appreciate some Nobuyuki Kai Nekoma’s resident buzzcut too…who’d been at the court the whole time with Fukunaga

ah but…Fukunaga’s not all serious business! He had his adorkable times too~ he just wasn’t very vocal about it~ :DDD

“I’ve never known choice. Where I was born, the language I speak… I’ve never had the freedom to choose for myself. But you, right now, are free. Do as you will.” -Skull Face

Wanted to create a poster based on Paz and MGSV: Ground Zeroes.

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More fakes. the dirty birds are based on oil spills as well as the old practice of “tar and feathering” people.

Yuckling, oily pokemon, poison/flying, -without feathers, this pokemon’s body is protected by a thick coating of toxic oil. it can be found in areas much too polluted for other pokemon to inhabit

evolves via level up

Gooze, oily pokemon, poison/flying, -it steals feathers from other bird pokemon and sticks them to its body because it is unable to grow its own. it has made cleaning up polluted areas difficult because they defend their territory aggressively

the snakes are based on the various tactics used by nonvenemous snakes- mimicry, playing dead, constriction, ect.

S’fake, liar pokemon, dark, -its vivid markings fool others into thinking it is venomous. if its threatening display fails, it pretends to curl up and die

Anacon’dya, liar pokemon, dark, -though it is still nonvenomous, it’s large size makes it a confident hunter. it will often distract an opponent with its head before attacking from behind with its tail
interview | dad

Character(s): Santana L. & Brittany P.

Summary: Brittany is a sports journalist. Her next piece is an interview with Santana Lopez, rising MMA star. (previous)


She’s going to be so late.

Brittany sends the article, grabs her stuff and leaves the editorial room as fast as she can.

Her dad hates when she’s late.

Puck is there at her place already, drinking a beer and watching some soccer. “You’re late.”

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