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Fallout OC Questionnaire

Whether your OC is a Lone Wanderer or Sole Survivor, these questions can be asked by others to know more about them! Or simply be used as a guide to further develop your character. Ask away, luv!

  1. Which Fallout game are they from?
  2. Which faction(s) did they join and which did they destroy? Why?
  3. What is their S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?
  4. Give us a summary of their backstory.
  5. What’s their full name and does it have a meaning? Do they have any nicknames and how did they get em?
  6. What’s their sexual, romantic, and gender orientation? Do they feel comfortable telling other people?
  7. Do they have any mental illnesses? How do they cope?
  8. Do they have any medical conditions? Is medicine/ treatment available for them?
  9. How much do they care about their outer appearance? What’s their “beauty routine”? How often do they shower/ bathe?
  10. What do they fear the most?
  11. They’re biggest flaw? Do they recognize it as a flaw?
  12. What are they most insecure about?
  13. What Wasteland threat do they fear the most? (ex. Deathclaws, super mutants, raiders)
  14. What’s their zodiac sign or which one do you think they relate to the most? What are their placements (if you know them)? (ex. Aries sun, Taurus moon, Aquarius Venus)
  15. What’s their Myers–Briggs Type? (ex. ENTP, ISFJ)
  16. What Harry Potter house would they be in? (ex. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw)
  17. Which Pokemon Go team would they choose? (ex. Instinct, Valor, Mystic)
  18. Out of the nine forms of intelligence (rhythmic, spatial, linguistic, mathematical, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, and existential) which one(s) are they really good at and which one(s) is(are) their weakest?
  19. What natural alignment are they? (ex. Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil)
  20. Do they have any hobbies? What are they?
  21. Do they have a favorite holiday? How do they celebrate it?
  22. What’s their favorite season?
  23. Do they have a temper or are they level headed?
  24. Do they express their emotions freely or hide their true feelings?
  25. Are they a leader or a follower?
  26. How do they come off to others? What first impression do they usually make?
  27. Do they prefer to travel alone or with company? Who have they traveled with if any? Current companion if any?
  28. Would you describe them as selfless or selfish? Does it depend on the situation?
  29. What do they find most attractive in others? Name at least one psychological and physical trait. (doesn’t have to be romantic attraction)
  30. Do they flirt often? How easily do they fall in love?
  31. What’s their love life like? Are they interested in anyone or in a relationship?
  32. Do they prefer to solve things diplomatically or using violence?
  33. What is their combat style? What range do they prefer? Do they sneak?
  34. What weapon(s) do they always carry with them?
  35. Their most prized possession?
  36. Their thoughts on power armor?
  37. Favorite armor/ outfit?
  38. How’s their aim? Do their hands shake while pointing a gun?
  39. What are their thoughts on having to kill on a daily bases in order to survive? Does it take a toll on them? Or do they shake it off rather easily?
  40. Thoughts on death if any? (ex. Fear it, accept it)
  41. Do they move around a lot or prefer to have a place to call home?
  42. What’s their favorite location?
  43. Their opinions on ghouls, feral and not feral?
  44. Do they scavenge for their supplies or simply buy them?
  45. Are they the type to get distracted and go off to an unknown nearby location or do they stay on track?
  46. How do they sleep? Are they picky about where and how or can they sleep basically anywhere?
  47. What’s their favorite radio station and song? (post-apocalypse)
  48. What’s their favorite post-apocalyptic food? Are they a picky eater? Do they know how to cook?
  49. What’s their favorite beverage? Do they drink alcohol?
  50. Do they have any tag skills?
  51. Anything they like to collect? (ex. Unique weapons, Bobbleheads)
  52. Are they good at disarming traps or do they constantly miss them?

(Add other questions you want to be asked if I missed any)


BACK WITH ANOTHER ONE-SHOT!!! I told you guys I’d have some canonverse klangst, so here it is! Longer than my usual one-shots, and while I don’t want to give a vague summary… there’s a bomb involved. So. Yeah, that’s a thing.

This one is actually inspired by this absolutely gorgeous, angsty art/mini-comic by @littlecofiegirl who is an amazing artist that you should definitely check out!!

I saw this comic on my dash and I loved it so much that I was immediately inclined to write for it? Anyway, here it is! I hope you enjoy!

The plan had been going flawlessly.

Key word being had.

Shiro and Lance were both searching opposite sides of the base for their captured teammate, and Pidge and Hunk were too occupied giving Shiro directions through the maze-like corridors that they neglected to warn Lance of the approaching Galra heat signature.

A cat blocked his path in the hall, staring at him with large, yellow eyes. It didn’t move to attack, but it also didn’t run away.

“Um… guys?” Lance tried over the coms, lowering his gun just a bit. He wasn’t about to shoot a cat, but he still wanted to be on guard.

He didn’t hear the Galra behind him until her hand was on his shoulder.

That was mistake number one.

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anonymous asked:

a HC where Chubby!MC ask her S/O to break up with her because she thought herself as a burden and only embarass her s/o?? *slips hourglasses

lololol I think I’ll classify this as mini-fic tbh haha I write whatever comes out. Mm, I can’t think of V’s reaction, sorry…

Reminder that anon requests are closed atm, as mentioned if you click into our bio’s “Read before Req.” We’re just getting old reqs done first, and denying anon significantly minimizes amount of reqs, but we don’t want to deny all reqs. Anon is still there in case anyone wants to ask questions or talk :3

Warning: Long post.


Chubby MC asks to Break Up


  • Jaehee was rubbing her temples, thrown off by your sudden statement. “What brought this on, MC?” she asked, sounding tired and sad already.
  • When you didn’t reply, she prompted, “Was it something I did? Was it the chocolate I secretly ate a few weeks ago? Or maybe when I ignored you that one time a while back when I was serving a customer? Or was it because I was top last nigh—“
  • “No!!” you exclaimed. Your cheeks were flushed from her previous comment. Lowering your voice, you continued, “No… It’s just me. I-I… I don’t like how I look.”
  • She led you to sit down on the couch, running her hand soothingly on your back. Jaehee was staring at you with worried eyes, silently urging you to explain.
  • Reluctantly, you began to speak. “Jaehee… you’re really, really pretty… Ever since you quit C&R, you’ve become more feminine and beautiful… So many people turn their heads at the sight of you. I bet nobody even thinks that the one next to you is your lover because I’m so… fat. I really do love you, but I’m only holding you back from finding someone better than me.”
  • The hand on your back slowed to a stop. Jaehee took hold of both your hands, looking you straight in the eyes. “MC. Have you ever heard that a woman becomes more beautiful when she falls in love?
  • Without waiting for your reply, she continued, “If you think that I’ve gotten prettier, then it must be because of you. I fell… ah, this sounds cheesy… I fell in love with you. And, it’s also thanks to you that I gained the courage to leave C&R to start a coffeeshop. I can only be so happy because you were by my side, so please, don’t think you’re not good enough for me. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be sitting unhappily at a desk and waiting on Mr. Han day and night.”
  • Jaehee’s desperation to express her appreciation brought tears to your eyes. You wrapped your arms around her tightly, letting yourself cry on her shoulder. All you could think of was, Thank you, for accepting me.


  • You were sat atop Zen’s lap, flipping through a magazine together. In it was the release of Zen’s latest photoshoot, along with an interview from a famous reporter. Zen had been so excited for the opportunity, a wide smile on his face when he explained that it would spread his name across the country.
  • “It’s almost like I’m actually famous or something,” he murmured in wonder, looking pleased. You giggled to yourself, knowing he was much more popular than he gave himself credit for.
  • Your eyes fell to the magazine pages, a submitted fan article catching your eye:
  • Although the actor claims to be in a relationship, we suspect that it is a company tactic. The ‘girlfriend’ in question appears to be very plain, and hardly attractive compared to any model Zen has worked with in the past. Had she been more visually appealing, it would’ve raised more dissatisfaction and jealousy. As it is now, no one fears that she will steal our Zenny from the stage, nor will we worry about him getting into a relationship with a beautiful model. Smart move, @ Zen’s management team.
  • Your breath hitched. Were you really that ugly? To the extent that you weren’t even competition to his fans? It’s not like you wanted to be the object of envy, but it hurt that they didn’t consider your relationship serious. Were you really that mismatched with him?
  • …Zen is very handsome, after all.
  • “Zen,” you whispered, trying to control your shaky voice. “We should break up.”
  • He met your eyes with shock. “Jagi? Why so suddenly?”
  • You couldn’t blame him for asking, it was really out of the blue. In fact, you weren’t even sure why you’d said it. But the words just kept rolling off your tongue.
  • “Look at what they’re saying. Nobody believes I’m even worthy of being your girlfriend. It’s probably because you’re so handsome, and I’m just… fat.” You gestured to yourself as if to make a point. “We’re too different, Zen. We’re in two completely different worlds.”
  • He frowned. “Jagi, do you think I’m handsome?”
  • You rolled your eyes, huffing, “Yes, in fact, I just said that.”
  • “But do you love me because I’m handsome?” His eyes met yours, a serious look in them. “Would you love me if I wasn’t handsome? If I didn’t have my muscles, or my abs, or my face, or my height. From what I’ve learned about you over the time we’ve been together, I sincerely don’t think you would mind. And, it’s true that I always see gorgeous models who have slim bodies, but after seeing them so much at work, I’m already sick of it. I can’t even appreciate their beauty.”
  • Zen slipped a finger under your chin, tilting your head to meet his lips with a gentle kiss. With his sharp red eyes burning into yours, he whispered, “But you… you’re endlessly beautiful in my eyes. Yes, maybe it’s true that you don’t have exceptional looks. But, even if you’re not the first person I notice in the crowds, you’re the only person I’m looking for.”


  • When the words first slipped past your lips, he thought he’d misheard you. Break up? With him? Why?
  • A long silence hung in the air.
  • “I… is there something I’m doing wrong?” he quietly asked you, lowering his head to hide his expression.
  • You quickly shook your head, explaining that you just weren’t good enough for him. “You’re the heir to a huge company, you’ve received high education and your family has a status… we’re part of different worlds, you know? It takes so much courage for to even stand beside you… Even the newspapers say we’re mismatched.”
  • Jumin frowned at your words. “MC…” he dragged out your name, raising his head slowly to look into your eyes. “That’s never bothered you before… When we first started dating, I made sure you were able to tolerate this. You told me you’d be fine… I don’t think you were lying at that time.”
  • You remained silent, averting your eyes as you let him continue speaking.
  • MC… what’s really bothering you?” he asked you softly, reaching to caress your cheek.
  • Your throat felt painful as you tried to hold back your tears. “It’s not like I really want to break up with you,” you began. “B-but… it’s true that we’re incompatible. Everyone knows it.”
  • “What do you mean? Who’s ‘everyone?’”
  • “Everyone online, the news, your father… everyone! I’m so fat. I’m not worthy of standing beside someone as handsome as you… I don’t even look like I’m your girlfriend…”
  • Jumin’s eyes turned cold with disappointment. He walked past you without looking at your face, his jaw clenched. “MC…” he murmured lowly. “Do you remember why I fell for you, in the first place?”
  • He only left you to find your answers in silence.
  • Why he liked you…? Jumin always told you that you were different from all the other women in his life… Because you weren’t after his wealth or status… You truly loved him for who he was. What did that have to do with—Oh.
  • You immediately ran out of the room to find him, tackling him with a hug as soon as you saw him. “I’m sorry!” You chose to apologize first. “I’m sorry… I know I shouldn’t worry about what others think. It’s just, what they’re saying is making me feel insecure about myself… I’m not worried about our relationship, I know you love me and I love you, but… what they’re saying about my body really hurts.”
  • He stroked your head softly, a small sigh escaping his lips as he stared down at you apologetically. “I’m sorry that I have to put you through this. But I can’t control whose family I’m born into, or how others see me, or what they say about me and the people around me. All I have to give, is all that I am. Are you able to accept that?”
  • “Of course!”
  • “And if I gained weight, would your answer be different?”
  • Your cheeks flushed red as you shook your head. No… he would still be the man you love.
  • “The same goes for me, MC,” he whispered gently, cradling you in his arms. “I’ll say it over and over, however many times you need to hear it. I love you for who you are. No matter what others say, I’m proud that you’re mine.


  • “Break up?” he repeated, blinking dumbfoundedly as if to process your words.
  • You only nodded in confirmation.
  • It was obvious that he was trying to control his anxious feelings, the way he attempted to quiet down his short, quick breaths. “W-why?” he stammered.
  • You lowered your eyes, whispering the answer.
  • He tilted his head, not catching that.
  • “Doesn’t it embarrass you to have a girlfriend this fat?” you mumbled a little louder. “I bet there are so many cuter, thinner girls in your college classes who want to date you instead. You have so many options. I don’t think anybody wants to date someone fat like this… You should go out with someone else instead. I think we should break up.”
  • Yoosung visibly relaxed, a small smile adorning his face instead.
  • Confused, you asked, “Why are you smiling?”
  • “Ah, sorry!! I’m not making fun of you or anything, I swear!” A blush crept onto his cheeks. “It’s just that… I’m secretly glad that nobody else except me sees all your good qualities… I-I want you all to myself. I want to be the only one to see how concentrated you are when you try to cook, the only one to wipe away your tears, and the only one to make you smile… I want to be with you, MC. You’re not an embarrassment to me.”
  • You frowned as you stared at your puppy-eyed, blushing boyfriend. Your previous thoughts of insecurity and breaking up were dispelled by one: Why is my boyfriend cuter than me??


  • You’d told him you wanted to break up while he was playing with a claw machine in the arcade. His head snapped in your direction immediately, eyes wide with surprise and confusion.
  • In a small, pained voice, he managed to utter hoarsely, “Break up…? Why?”
  • But you could only run off in response. It hurt enough, having to tell the man you love with all your heart that you wanted to break up. But his upset expression only killed you inside even more. God, you didn’t want to hurt him.
  • But you didn’t want to keep feeling like this, either.
  • That night, when he returned to the apartment, you were laying on the couch, feeling guilty and ashamed.
  • “MC… Please… at least give me an explanation,” he whispered softly.
  • You glanced up, noticing the redness of his eyes and feeling another pang of guilt hit you immediately. “I… I’m sorry. I’m just not good enough for you,” you choked out, tears welling up in your eyes. “I’m only an embarrassment for you.”
  • Saeyoung furrowed his eyebrows, watching you carefully. “What do you mean?”
  • “I’m so…” you gestured to yourself exaggeratedly. “fat. Look at me! I’m so ugly.
  • “What? You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen!” he argued back. “A little fat doesn’t take away from your beauty. Please, MC… I love you.”
  • You looked down at your feet, not saying anything.
  • “I’ll gain weight too,” the redhead declared triumphantly. “And I’ll still be beautiful!”
  • You weren’t sure whether to feel touched or disturbed, but a smile graced your face, regardless.
  • He stayed true to his word, and when his stomach had enough fat to squish around, he ran to show you, lifting up his shirt and smacking himself excitedly. “Look at meeee!!!”
  • It would’ve been less embarrassing if he hadn’t done that in the middle of a high class restaurant.


  • “MC, check this out!” Saeran grinned devilishly as he exited the changeroom, cocking his head to the side as he showed off the outfit. Damn, he looked fiiine.
  • You raised both your hands, showing thumbs up, a small smile on your face. His eyes softened affectionately as he caught your eye, returning your smile.
  • You could hear excited whispers behind you, feminine voices, gushing over how hot the white-haired man looked. …Huh? They’re talking about Saeran…
  • “He looks so hot!! Do you think he has a girlfriend?”
  • “What about that girl next to him?”
  • “Eww, she’s so fat, no way! Must be his sister or something.”
  • “There’s no way a guy as good-looking as him would have someone like her related to him.”
  • Laughter followed.
  • The smile fell off your face. Was that how it looked to outsiders? It was then that you suddenly burst out, “Saeran. Let’s break up.”
  • He froze, every inch of his body tense from your words. He slowly met your eyes, looking as if he couldn’t breathe anymore. Even his voice sounded breathless as he choked out, “What?”
  • The walk back to the car was torturously silent and awkward. The entire time, you were inwardly kicking yourself for saying that. You hadn’t meant to… god, what if he took you seriously? What if he really did break up with you? Maybe he wanted this too. Maybe he wanted a girlfriend who was cuter, thinner and just generally more attractive—anyone but you.
  • When he sat in the driver’s seat, Saeran couldn’t even find the energy to start up the car. “MC… can we talk about this? Please.”
  • You took a deep breath, mustering up what little courage you had. “I, I don’t know. It’s just, we don’t look good together. The girls back there… they didn’t think I could even be related to you, let alone be your girlfriend. Walking around with someone as fat as me must be really embarrassing for you. I don’t want that. I don’t want to embarrass you.”
  • Saeran looked even more wounded by what you’d just said than when you’d asked to break up. “Do you really think I care about something like that?” He directed a fierce glare at you, his words harsh with passion.
  • Taken aback, you could only stare at him in surprise.
  • He went on, “I was this edgy, depressed kid who hated the world and wanted to die, hurting everyone who tried to help me. But you accepted me even with my baggage, you took care of me… You stayed, unlike everyone else who gave up. And you’re still here. I… It’s because of you that I can smile now. Do you really think I’d care about something as shallow as your weight or your appearance?”
  • You quietly shook your head, eyes downcast. You hadn’t realized how much he treasured something as simple as that.
  • Saeran pressed his forehead against yours, murmuring softly, “I don’t care how others look at us. There will be people who think I’m not good for you just because of the way I dress, and there will be people who think you’re not good for me just because they can’t see how beautiful you are. But we’ll never be able to meet everyone’s standards, and we don’t have to, okay?

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you watch GOT, but how hard would it be to fight someone like the mountain hand-to-hand? (well, armed, like in the show). Does being big like him really makes for a better fighter?

Hand to hand is a bit different from armed, especially armored, but okay. The answer is pretty simple.

Start low.

Tall fighters, especially male fighters, have a rather serious issue that’s often overlooked: their center of gravity. It’s higher up off the ground than the average person, and a great many men (like the Mountain) do not drop low enough into their stances to compensate. The taller they are, the lower they need to go to counterbalance their size. Attack their feet, or their legs. Attack their center. Whatever you need to destabilize them. A lot of tall fighters have issues with their base. There are other flaws, but that’s often a big one.

Cutting the legs out from under of your enemy is a real tactic, or I should say: cutting them down to size.

Stab him in the foot. (Yeah, no, real combat tactic.)

Here’s a question: you ever hear the story about David versus Goliath? Probably, most people know the story of the shepherd boy who defeated the greatest, largest warrior in single combat with a sling.

The story is a parable, and a life lesson. It’s also a little more complicated than just brains over brawn. If you take anything from the story, the big one is going to be: never fight your enemy on their terms. Understand where their strengths are, where you’re strengths are, and change the rules.

What a big fighter has going for them is the intimidation factor, and mind games in combat are a huge deal. It’s not so much about physical prowess as much as what your enemy believes about your physical prowess. Or you believe about your opponent’s. What you believe will affect how you fight, how hard you fight, and how well you fight. Go into a fight believing you’re at a disadvantage or will lose and you’ll lose.

Assessing your enemy’s strengths for their weaknesses is the winning strategy. If never addressed, big fighters will have a lot of flaws because their opponents often cede them the field in their minds. This is especially true when in training, and training is the foundation of skill. When people treat you like you’re invincible, you’ll start to believe you are. And that’s how you get an over reliance on a natural advantage with no compensation for the flaws it brings.

The problem is that many people treat size and body types like they’re all or nothing. For every advantage one has, there’s a disadvantage to go with it. A fighter with a heavy reliance on what nature has given them (size, strength, what have you) often neglects more crucial skills if never addressed. You can have big fighters with exceptional levels of skill, but those are the ones who’ve realized they can’t brute force their way through every problem. When they don’t, their technique is sloppy.

Now, really, really, really big people often have to work doubly hard to develop their coordination because fighting with a big, lanky body is difficult.

The trick when you have (or feel like you have) the disadvantage is not to meet the enemy on their terms. The best fighters figure out how to exploit their opponent’s strengths in order to expose their weaknesses and fight with an advantage. The bad fighters are the ones who choose to fight at a disadvantage, who don’t prepare to face their enemy, and try to use the same tactics over and over. The smart ones change up, they are proactive, and understand the battlefield flows.

Ultimately, that’s what makes for the “best” fighter.

Fear is the biggest strength for someone who is massive in size, not their strength and not their bulk. When you are frightened, you become reactive, you cease to actively think, and fail to problem solve. The moment you are defeated in your mind, that is the moment you lose. It doesn’t matter how many steps it takes in the real world after the fact, cede the field in your mind and it’s over. Intimidation can win that fight before the battle ever begins, and the biggest kid on the playground is as natural as intimidation gets.

The Mountain isn’t great because of his skill, but the fact that he makes everyone around him afraid. His personal ruthlessness and cruelty back up that size, and strengthens his ability to intimidate. When facing the Mountain, you’re faced with fear over the (very real) consequences of what he’ll do to you.

He’s valuable because he’s frightening, not because he’s good at fighting. The good at fighting is the bonus that makes him more frightening.

Understanding the affect the mind has on combat is like 70% to victory. Understanding the assumptions made and why we make them is important to writing scenes with characters like this. If you put stock in the Mountain’s size, rather than the Mountain’s reputation then you miss where his strengths actually lie and why people are afraid of him.

The Mountain’s reputation is as a ruthless killing machine who delights in rape, murder, and pillage. Torture is his specialty. He does not abide by the code of chivalry or rules of knightly honor. He’s a sadist. For him, there’s no such thing as just warfare. He thirsts for blood and battle. He’s protected by one of the most powerful houses in the GOT universe, and he earns his pay as their enforcer.

His size is just a plus. He could be just as terrifying at 5″4, and then you’d have the joy of underestimating him before he put a knife through your eye. If he was small, he’d be even more terrifying because there’d be more bodies. His size doesn’t change who he is under the hood, it’s just one more attribute he’s utilizing to its fullest potential.

Stereotypes about tall and short people are just that. Stereotypes.

Every body type has its drawbacks, and their natural advantages can be made to work against them. Tall fighters are more gangly, their center of gravity is further away from the earth, their weight puts additional stress on their joints (especially their knees), and if they never work at addressing their issues they can be slower to start. You can also have overweight/heavy weight martial artists like Sammo Hung, where there’s virtually no difference between them and a martial artist half their size. Skill can close the gap. Understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses also helps. Knowledge is power. Training yourself out of society’s instilled biases is hard, but necessary. This is especially true if you perceive yourself to be the underdog.

Not automatically assuming bigger equals better is the first step. The second is realizing that the best warriors are not decided by outside metrics, but rather through an inward understanding of how to utilize their strengths and address their weaknesses.

On that note, I’ll leave you with a compilation of Cynthia Rothrock’s fight scenes. Cythnia Rothrock is a Hong Kong action star, a winner of world championships in the 80s, she has a wide variety of black belt level training in multiple martial arts, and is one of the most famous westerners to make it in the Hong Kong action scene.

Why end with this? Well, exposure to female movie martial artists runs the gamut between low to non-existent and that lack of exposure to different body types is where most misunderstandings about size come from.


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j/rchie is probably the closest dynamic i’ve seen on tv that are quite legitimately “like family” even if they aren’t blood related. 

Whether Archie owes Jughead a bigger apology is debatable, they still care about each other and that’s fact. And idk about you, but I’ll be wanting to KILL my sibling one day and then completely cool the next. And thats what jarchie reminded me of. 

and god, I do not want to start discourse™ 

its just an observation I had.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> *staring at my screen for hours on end*<p/><b>Roommate:</b> "What are you reading?"<p/><b>Me on the inside:</b> O__O Oh crap! Abort! Abort!<p/><b>Me irl:</b> I'm reading horoscopes and taking online quizzes<p/><b></b> I'm not proud of being a good liar, but it's an awesome survival tactic.<p/></p><p/></p>

Some more Kolivan headcanons, feel free to use them as inspo!!

part 1 part 2

-really good cook

-hums while he cooks

-loves training with the paladins bc it takes all of them to take him down and he likes seeing them celebrate when they finally do

-Kolivan at the bottom of a paladin pile *purrs proudly*

-Keith gets him into green tea bc its very relaxing (caffeine has the opposite effect on Galra as it does to humans)

-uses questionable tactics when training the paladins

-*Lance is doing target practice but he’s nervous and missing a lot*

-Kolivan walks over, talks him through the finer points of his form and getting comfortable with his weapon, tells him to relax and close his eyes

-“on my mark, open your eyes and fire… Now!”

-Lance opens his eyes just as Kolivan throws his blade straight at Pidge

-Lance shoots, the blade goes clattering to the floor, he proceeds to start screaming at Kolivan

- “if I did not have confidence that you would be able to hit a small, moving target after only a moment’s recognition then I would not have done it, she was never in real danger”

-basically clues into the simple fact that humans are usually more focussed on their peers’ safety than their own, a trait not as natural to Galra that earns his admiration

-loves kids, like really really loves kids bc they’re so innocent and pure

-very proud of his braid

-a tough but also surprisingly gentle tutor

-will push you to the breaking point, just a little farther, then sit down and have a heart to heart

-Hunk is the only one who lasts more than 3 seconds against him alone

-loves hearing about Earth and Altea

-decides to teach Keith to read and speak Galra, Pidge joins bc it’s close enough to Altean for her to catch on quickly

-tries to look unimpressed when he hears Keith and Pidge using Galra curse words

-gets along surprisingly well with Coran


-“You don’t have to let Pidge climb on you all the time you know?”

-“Yes, I know.”

-basically if he and Pidge are in the same room together she’s probably either next to him or on his shoulders

-is not aware of what tickling is until he sees Hunk tickle-attack Lance

-Galra have claws y’all that shit would hurt if they did it

-loves chin scratches

-as a young man he was the Worst and all the stories died with Antok

-he was chosen by the previous leader to be his protege and spent the entirety of his youth making his mentor question that decision

-he sees a lot of his younger self in Keith, reckless, impulsive, rash and emotional but also very loyal and skilled

-the first time he touched Pidge’s equipment without her permission (he saw something that needed fixing) she tripped him and stood on his chest to yell at him

-once Lance and Hunk were being sent out on an ridiculously dangerous mission with Kolivan and Allura grabbed him by his shirt, shifted to be taller than him, and loudly declared that “my paladins had better return in one piece, their safety is the only reason you exist until you all get back am I clear?!”

-calmly “yes, Princess”

-Hunk and Lance “you let her do that?”

- “My father told me that a man never truly knows fear until he stands between a woman and her family. I intend to never know fear.”

-“It’s ok, she scares us too.”

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hi, i hope it's ok to ask, it is my first time to vote in the UK and i'm really not sure on who to vote for? is there anyone that you would recommend voting for or is there anywhere where i can read a good summery for each party and who who to avoid? thank u!!

hey, never a problem.

I’d suggest you take this quiz which asks you your views then shows which parties you align most with. For example I got a high score for labour, lib dems and greens. it’s a lot easier to understand than most party manifestos. (or it might help you find which party you want to investigate more).

THEN - if you got conservative, ukip (i really hope not if you’re anonning me) then fine. You’re done! Go forth and vote.

Anyone else please check this spreadsheet to TACTICALLY vote. What this basically means is even if you love greens, if theres 0 chance of them winning, but the lib dems might keep the conservatives out, then vote lib dems instead.

This is a bit more complex, but just put in your postcode and it’ll tell you the best party to win.


  1. check which parties you align with
  2. check who to vote for out of those parties
BTS | Their s/o Has An Over Protective Mother

Anonymous said:

You know how in scenarios, people usually write the reader having a protective father? Well, how about instead the reader having a protective mother? So, whenever you aren’t busy, can you please do a big bang and bts reactions to their s/o’s protective mom? (the reader is dating them) :) thanks!

It had actually be Jin’s decision to talk to your mother in private. You had told him that she could be over protective and that when he first met her things might be a bit iffy. But he took it upon himself to want to talk to her and tell her about him and about your relationship and answer any questions she might have man to woman.

“You do realize it’s not going to go the way you have it all planned out in your head,” you warned, “It’s not going to be Twenty Questions, and then life will go on like it normally does. Seriously, in the seven circles of Hell my mother’s questioning tactics are used as means of torture…I can show you where Dante wrote about them.”

“I’ll be fine, Y/N…me and your mom are just going to talk and then we’ll have dinner and everyone will go about their business and no one will have anything to worry about.”

*Several Hours Later*

Jin came walking out of your father’s home office, which your mother had borrowed for the private conversation, and flopped on the couch, his head landing in your lap. “How was it?”

“I think I cried,” he replied.

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For Yoongi, Sunday afternoons that he rarely had off could be better spent curled up on the couch with you watching a movie. Instead you had dragged him to your parents house. He wasn’t objecting to meeting your parents…the fact was he just wasn’t looking forward to it.

You had told him about how your mother could be a little on the over protective side and that whenever you had mentioned him she would start questioning you about everything in the book. 

“Just try to avoid any sensitive subjects…” you reminded him, as you stood at the front door a pie in hand.

“I would rather not talk about that with your parents to begin with,” he said, “If it’s brought up it definitely wont be by me.”

The door opened and your mother was stood there a half-hearted smile on her face and she greeted the both of you. “This is must be the rapper that you’re dating…what’s your stage name again umm something wit STD in it…I can never remember. I truly hope you’re not hinting at anything…coffee anyone?”

“Best day off ever…” Yoongi sighed.

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*Starts campaign to protect this ball of sunshine* “Hoseok…you really didn’t have to come with me,” you said as you headed up to the door of your childhood home. Just a few more steps and there was no way out.

“I wanted to come, jagi…plus I need to meet your parents sooner or later,” he said, his perfect smile plastered on his face.

“It’s not gonna be that-…” it was too late, he knocked on the door. Say goodbye to the sunshine…the rain cloud was arriving in the form of your mother.

When your mother opened the door Hoseok smiled at her and held up the soup pot that he had been carrying for you. “Hello Mrs. Y/L/N, I’m Hoseok…Y/N said you weren’t feeling good so we brought you soup in hopes that you feel better.”

“Do you think bringing me soup will make me like you any better Mr. “Y/N I’m out of the shower you can use it now”….I can see by your faces you didn’t realize that I heard that little conversation,” your mother said.

“I…I just used Y/N’s shower…we haven’t even done anything yet…” Hoseok said.

Yet…and never would if I had my way…” you mother said before taking the soup pot and giving you both on parting glance before shutting the door.

“I just wanted her to like me…” he said sadly.

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Rap Monster/Namjoon:
“Why is my mother looking at you like you just kicked a small animal?” you questioned walking into your mother’s dining room to see him sitting at the table, your mother sending him death glares.

“I…tried to help with dinner…” he said.

“When you said his nickname was the God of Destruction cause he was clumsy…you didn’t say I had to protect everything in my house. First, I have to worry about this boy and what he’s doing with you and then I have to worry about my fine china,” your mother said, starting on a rant.

“What did you break?” you questioned.

“This expensive looking platter…” he replied.

“So…only the oldest and most valuable thing in the house,” you said, “What else?”

“I knocked over some glasses…”

“Just keep him out of my kitchen,” your mother said, “You better not be having any sort of sexual relationship because at this point I’m afraid of where things might go!” After that moment your mother continue to rant about how she couldn’t believe you had found such a destructive young and how she thought she had taught you better and blah blah blah.

“I think I’ll go take a walk,” Namjoon said, going to put on his sun glasses, only to accidentally break them in the process.


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For about a month you and Jimin had finally made plans to go and visit your family. His schedule really had nothing to do with the fact that you hadn’t gone yet, he had several times said he could take a couple days off for family (which you of course were to him), but it was more because of your mother.

Unlike your father, who was thrilled that his child was not only happy in their professional but love life…your mother wasn’t having any of it. Not only was she not happy that you moved to a big city at such a young age she was not happy that you were dating someone whose job kept him away for not only days but sometimes months at a time.

So when “D Day” started to creep up you started to show signs of nervousness that only made Jimin nervous.

~3:30 AM~

You had gotten up for a glass of water and headed to the kitchen and saw the living room light on. Finding it strange that the light was on on not only Jimin’s day off but the night before an important event when he should be getting sleep you started to get worried. “Jimin…why are you up, we have to catch the train at eight,” you said, seeing him hunched over a notebook, “Are you working?”

“I’m not working…I’m studying,” he said.

“For what?” you questioned.

“You told me about your grandparents, siblings, parents, their jobs, the family business, you’ve showed me pictures so I know who is who, your mother’s favorite EVERYTHINGS….I need to be ready,” he replied, “For all I know there could be a pop quiz.”

“I don’t think that-”

“You never know!”

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The evening had gone surprising well. Which made you suspicious; you weren’t so suspicious about your father and Tae getting along as you were him and your mother. Your father had as much of a sick sense of humor as he did so you figured that between the two of them the laughter would be hard to control.

As for your mother, you weren’t expecting her to hug Tae and warmly welcome him to her home. On more than one occasion you had asked her “what are you up to?” only to receive a smile and her saying “Up to? Sweetheart, I’m happy for you.”


She was planning something; your mother had always been over protective, always scaring away anyone you brought home to meet them. Even scaring away a few friends. So as you sat down for dinner and your mother’s demeanor started to change you knew something was coming.

“So Taehyung…” she said, setting down her fork and knife.

“Yes ma’am?”

“I can see that Y/N…for some reason likes you, I can’t figure it out yet what with a job that keeps you away for so long, but I do have to tell you one thing,” he said before pointing her knife at him, “I better not find out that you have gone very far.” Your mother didn’t have to give specifics to know what she was talking about, but all the same you were completely embarrassed.

“Well ma’am…I have some bad news for you…” he started, a terrified look forming on your face.

“I would have to check Y/N’s passport, but I think I think the furthest we’ve gone is New York….”

There was silence in the room before your father burst out into laughter. ‘Well at least someone found it funny,’ you thought.

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You had saved up for a year for this dinner. If your mother was going to meet Jungkook is was going to be in a public (but of course not too public) setting. So when your mother’s birthday came around your parents out to Seoul and you went out to dinner on her birthday.

“I can pay, you know that right,” Jungkook whispered to you, “I don’t mind treating you guys, especially on your mom’s birthday.”

“Yeah, I know…but she’ll turn it into a thing like you’re trying to impress her…just let me get this,” you whispered back, earning a nod from him.

So far the evening had been going well, and by well you considered Jungkook only getting dirty looks from your mother instead of an earful unlike what you had on the phone. Your mother was convinced that the relationship would never last with what his job was like and that he was just going to turn into some playboy. She didn’t get that past the hip thrusts that he gave on stage there was a shy boy who that after you two met in the coffee shop you worked at took some time for him to actually get the nerve to ask you on a date.

Dinner was pretty quiet, your father mainly the one to break the silence asking about both of your jobs and how they were going and asking how you had been adjusting to life in the big city over the past couple of years.

“It was hard adjusting at first since I didn’t really know anyone, but when Jungkook and I became friends and then started dating that really help since I actually had someone to talk to,” you said, looking at Jungkook and smiling.

“He better not be helping you adjust too much,” your mother chimed in.

“Mom…” you said lowly, “Don’t start.”

“You come to the city and next thing I know you have a boyfriend…he just better be aware that if he does anything with you he’ll never be able to have kids, especially not with you,” she said, looking at him with an evil grin.

Jungkook popped his head up from eating with a terrified look on his face. “Oh…well…um….”

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I’ll be honest - I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I did my best and I’m quite happy with how it ended but I feel like there’s more to Tony and the reader’s relationship that I should’ve explored. However, after the conversation with Loki it was just too long. You guys will let me know what you think. Thanks to @thefallenbibliophilequote for the request. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: What’s the chance that you can do a second part to “The Beast” please?

‘The Beast’ (Part 2)

Part 1

It was the season of ice-cream and lemonade. All the windows in your apartment were wide open, as well as the doors to your balcony, on which you sat. After about twenty minutes of sun-soaking fun, you decided that you couldn’t tolerate the sunshine any more.

Despite the shorts and vest you were currently sporting, you could feel the beads of sweat on your forehead, which no amount of wiping away cleared up permanently. You opened your fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. Just holding it helped you feel cooler, and placing it on the back of your neck, as you closed the fridge with your foot, provided small sweet relief from the heat.

You unscrewed the lid and poured a little water down your throat. Heaven.
“Fuck me, it’s hot…” you sighed to yourself as you ambled down the corridor. You’d already passed your front doorway before you realised someone had been stood in it. You froze.
“Perhaps I might be able to assist with that,” the figure said.

Moving onto your back foot, you leaned backwards and peered around the corner. You knew that face. Surely not…

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Implacable Advance


Karthos, IVth Legion Terminator, tossed aside his combi-bolter as the ammunition racks clacked, their rounds depleted. Stepping over the still fresh corpses of xenos dead, Karthos wrenched off his helmet, letting the acrid tang of the battlefield’s many scents play across his senses - the fyceline stink of bolter propellant, the earthen musk of the rain-sodden mud beneath his boots, and the rich coppery tang of fresh blood - of that, there was no shortage. Advancing with the tectonic gait of his Cataphractii-class plate, the veteran Terminator noticed several of his fellow Legionaries in the next trench - a Tactical squad by the looks of it. Dropping into the trench with neither grace nor subtlety, Karthos assessed the squad through his occulobe implants, data-feeds and legionary idents glowing faintly upon his iris.

“Belkor. Situation update.”

The tactical Sergeant didn’t question him, appraising the situation with admirable bluntness.

“Xenos defensive annex up on the ridge. Spiny little bastard. Artillery support’s occupied and the shrapnel bolts aren’t suppressing it. Orders?”

Karthos took in the squad’s appearance – drenched in mud, armour cratered with weapon impacts. Not a single anti-emplacement weapon amongst them outside of the Sergeant’s siege hammer, yet they’d got this far anyway. The Terminator’s respirator unit masked his smile – now these were troops whose stubbornness he could use.

“Tactical advance. I’m going to take that thing’s fire and you’re going to kill it once we’re close enough. They won’t be prepared for me, I wager.”

Belkor nodded. “And if it does manage to kill you?”

Karthos’ smile turned to a humourless grin as he re-donned his helmet, jerking a thumb towards the squad’s Apothecary – Tacitus, by his rune-ident.

“Then you bloody well make sure he recovers our gene-seed.”

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What are some weaknesses of anarchism that maoism solves?

Alright its about time I answered this. First of all I should say that my disagreements with anarchism are not that its not ‘strong’ enough, but that it starts off from a fundamentally different and contradictory viewpoint as marxism (and thus, maoism). 

The difference between anarchism and maoism is not just a question of tactics, but one that concerns their outlook. Now there are a lot of different ‘tendencies’ within anarchism, so its difficult to write one all-encompassing critique. However, all anarchisms are predicated on the criticism of unjustified hierarchy.

However, this basis of criticism fails to connect the mode of production with political practice. It fails to explain the historical causes of exploitation, it fails to analyze society in a materialist way (simply recognizing class struggle exists is sometimes seen as enough by anarchists to constitute ‘materialism’- and even these anarchists refuse to take class struggle to its logical conclusion of the dictatorship of the proletariat), it has no explanation for how society, or ‘hierarchies’, developed. As Lenin said, it “produces nothing but general platitudes against exploitation.” By focusing on this ideal principle of hierarchy, it is not based in a materialist understanding of class struggle, nor a dialectical one, but a static one.

This static view of hierarchy leads to anarchists seeing the dictatorship of the proletariat as “exploitation”- because it is a hierarchy! Without the recognition of the necessity of the dictatorship of the proletariat, in which the proletariat has complete control over its economic and political life, anarchist organizing fails to suppress bourgeois economic law, i.e the law of value, and fails to rid production of competition, because it sees self-sufficiency where there exists atomized (“decentralized”) and small production, without any unifying force (“centralization” or “a planned economy” or “state capitalism”). 

Maoism does not fall into this anti-materialist trap. Maoism is committed to a dialectical approach to class struggle, and a historical materialist analysis. Maoism fixes the focus on hierarchy by moving the lens towards the capitalist mode of production itself. 

Maoism puts politics in command, anarchism puts morals in command and falls into the ‘tyranny of structurelessness’. Maoism shows how capitalism was restored in socialist countries by the loss of proletarian politics in command, not through something like a “coordinator class” or “state capitalist class”. Maoism puts the failures of socialist states in the context of class struggle and line struggle instead of painting over these struggles with the label of “authoritarianism”. Maoism recognizes the need for a political party to be intimately in touch with the masses, anarchism rejects the party entirely and ends up tailing the masses and not advancing the struggle in any way. Maoism shows how in order for production to be held in the hands of the whole people it must be under a planned economy, not kept in cooperatives which leave open the possibility for capitalist relations to return. Maoism shows how the state can cease to be a proletarian dictatorship instead of lambasting those states as hierarchical.

Maoism replaces disunity for discipline. Maoism replaces individual bickering with criticism and self-criticism. Maoism replaces disorganization with democratic centralism. Maoism replaces vague ‘community work’ for mass work. Maoism replaces metaphysical concept-worship with dialectics and struggle. Maoism replaces riot for revolution.

Ultimately anarchism fails to undertake political and economic struggles into a unified force- the vanguard party- and relies on increasing “Arab Spring” like events to usher in revolution. Anarchism attempts to have a social revolution without a political one, it tries to “skip” the proletarian dictatorship, and build a new society without confronting the actual relations of production. When pushed to its most illogical limits this leads to post-leftism, egoism, primitivism- rejecting politics altogether for individual action and completely metaphysical ideologies. These are problems that have long been grasped by Marxists. But opportunism prevails in most of the imperialist core. Lenin quipped that anarchism is “a kind of penalty for the opportunist sins of the working-class movement.” Maoism fixes those sins.

Thoughts on GoT episode 3

Okay, the Starks are in need of a history lesson.

Jon, your uncle Brandon was not burnt alive by the Mad King. He strangled himself trying to save his Grandfather who was burnt alive. Sansa, Cersei did not kill your father. Joffrey did. She did not kill Rob and your mother. Tywin did.

Anyways, I find the initial disbelief that there are Walkers disconcerting because Dany, you have seen some magical and unbelievable shit yourself. Yes, I know that Dragons are more believable than Walkers because Dragons dying was a relatively recent thing while Walkers have not been seen for thousands of years. The issue, however, is that Dany has fought a wizard or illusionist in season 2 so Walkers can’t be too crazy. 

Jon Snow’s and Dany’s stories are the only ones that I feel D&D pulled off with some level of faithfulness to their interpretations to the book so it can’t be hard to screw them up as hard as they both tried. I mean Dany was statutorily raped in the book. The show Dany was raped in a way that portrayed Khal Drogo as this unthinking and unfeeling brown savage(but given that these are the same minds that are behind Confederacy). Jon’s death at the Night’s Watch was due to very practical and not quite right decision on his part to him outright breaking his vows. He was a traitor to the cause. While show Jon has made every right decision and it was through pettiness and simple-mindedness of others that got him killed.

I can’t look at Tyrion with a straight face anymore because this Tyrion is broken interpretation of his characterization in the book. His characterization has been reduced to “women are better than I am” and is treated as less. Both Tyrion and Littlefinger suffer this poor attempt at writing. Dany is more justified because she and Tyrion have different minds, she wants to be a conqueror and revolutionary, while Tyrion wants to serve a Queen. 

Sansa and Petyr, however, bothers me because I do not get where Sansa gained this wealth of knowledge and political insight as if she was taught at the Citadel. For example she says that she knows more about Cersei than anyone at the wall, but Petyr has served King’s Landing since Jon Arryn was Hand. He regularly held Council alongside the Queen for nearly a decade and used his guile and manipulation to have Cersei herself give him Harrenhal while plotting to kill her son that she has no idea that he was involved. Yet, Sansa treating Petyr as useless when Littlefinger is probably the largest schemer in Westeros. Him taking Sansa’s shit is out of character. “Because he loves her?” That did not stop him from manipulating Cat’s sister and starting a war knowing damn well that his beloved would probably be harmed. I’m sorry, but Little Finger’s ambition to be King trumps his infatuation with Sansa, and I presume that he would betray Winterfell and fight for the Queen because he knows Dany would be a problem to any designs he has to rule. Unless he allied with her to which, Littlefinger would have ran down to Dragon Stone before Jon.

The death of the Show!Sand Snakes was merciful to me because the debacle of the writing towards Dorne has been erased. Ellaria was a minor character who outgrew the revenge that took her lover away in the book. The show portrayed this woman as a thoughtless psychopath. There was no reason why they could not keep the Dorne plot as it was because that was arguably the best art in AFFC. Cersei’s POV made her seem incompetent and destroyed the perception that she was this cunning mastermind. Aegon was a little asshole. Look, A Feast For Crows was the cooling down period after the Holy shit that was A Storm of Swords.

Jaime…good fucking God. They betrayed everything about Jaime;s character. Everything. Jaime was presented as a conflict of the idea of being of knighthood as opposed to what a knight actually was. He is honorable whose one grievance that he despised rape. He witnessed the Mad King rape his wife with him at the door at guard. He despised how his father used him as a way to rape Tyrion’s wife. Jaime never got over the fact that he turned Cersei into a victim when CERSEI IS NO FUCKING RAPE VICTIM! Jaime’s reason of being redeeming was destroyed with that scene, and it has gone down hill since. Jaime knows that Cersei has been unfaithful and instead of being upset, he just turns a blind eye. Jaime feels his greatest feat was killing the Mad King when he threatened to burn Kings Landing down. He is honorable yet he made no connections that Cersei is just as bad as the Mad King? He is not privy to the irony? 

And then we have the issue that bothers me the most.

You expect me to believe that Euron sailed past Dany and Dragonstone unnoticed while delivering the capture of her closest allies. Also I doubt Olenna marched past King’s Landing to get back to High Garden so she sailed all the way around Dorne and gave the Citadel the finger, took the Mander River to Higharden? And Casterly Rock? Grey Worm took a few months Journey. The cycle of events in this war does not make sense. And I also question Tyrion’s tactics because he already has a position of advantage by seizing Dragonstone alone. His goal should have been cutting off fool supplies from the Westerlands(he did not need to take Casterly Rock) if he simply marched past Eyrie and set up a blockade around King’s Landing. His plan was convoluted and messy. 

And for those who need to keep tabs, Cersei controls King’s Landing(but not really because Dany is literally across the bay), part of Highgarden due to Sam’s dad, Riverrun(until she finds out that the Freys are dead), the Iron Islands. Jon and Petyr have the North, part of the Eyrie, and the Vale. Dany still has Dornish armies in spite of the Sand Snakes. Cersei is fucked if Petyr and Jon decide to join Dany. I am sure the Tully’s are looking for a quite of bit of revenge as well and if they band together as rulers of their lands, and if Dany hops on Drogon and decides to retake Highgarden, game over.

Edit: Corrected myself on the Stark lore. I assumed that Brandon would be the one to fight and challenge because he already challenged Rhaegar to defend his sister’s honor. Mixed up two different things.

Imagine calling Alex to try and stop her from threatening someone that hit on you.

Originally posted by missmaclay

You had thought she would get a laugh out of the cheesy pick up line the barista had used on you earlier that morning but she hadn’t laughed.  In fact, she was rather quiet until she said she had to suddenly go into work.  A few minutes after you left you sent her a text, but without receiving a response you decided to send a quick message to Kara.  She replied immediately, and your hunch that Alex was up to something seemed true.

“Hi Alex, staying safe?” you asked warily.

“Hey, honey,” she replied, “I’m a little busy at the moment–”

“Yeah, I know, but I talked to Kara and she said there was nothing going on right now.”  Only a partial fib.  

“Oh, well, nothing that requires Supergirl’s attention.”

“You’re not going to do anything to the barista are you?” you questioned.  You heard something click on her end of the phone.  “Was that a gun?”

“I am at work, Y/N,” Alex told you.

“Okay but about that barista you–”

Alex sighed.  “I’m just going to stop by on the way to the meeting point, that’s all.”

“In full tactical gear?” you questioned.

“I’m just multi-tasking, Y/N,” Alex said, “and I promise I’m staying safe.”

“It’s not you I’m worried about.”

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Person A is an FBI agent hunting a serial killer when person B befriends them during the hunt and they continue getting closer until eventually, they fall in love. Their relationship had been going well for weeks and that’s when the killer slips up and person A finally finds them. The problem is that it’s person B. For Nessian please. Love your writing

It’s short. It’s painful. And pretty much all around angst in one quick fic.

TAGS: angst, character death

“It’s been months and there’s still no sign of the Maiming Blade,” one of the agents in the room tossed a file onto the conference table. Another agent, a newly hired one, reached for the file with curiosity.

“The Maiming Blade? What’s so special about this serial killer?” The newest agent opened the file to see pictures of the victims.

 “Because all three victims were rapists who managed to get minimized sentences for less than a year,” another agent said. “And Maiming Blade seeks out some sort of revenge by chopping off the sexual organs from all the victims before their hearts were stabbed in a killing blow.”

 The new agent went pale and quickly shut the folder as he glimpsed a gruesome picture depicting the bloody loss of the anatomy. Unconsciously he squirmed in his seat and winced at the thought of losing his own manhood in such a brutal way.

“Don’t worry kid,” Cassian, an experienced agent in the field, clapped the nervous agent on the back. “Considering your record is clear of any sexual crime you should be safe from losing your jewels.”

 A few of his colleagues chuckled while Cassian grabbed his jacket from his chair.

 “Looks like someone is in a rush?” Devlon asked from the other side of the table. “You got a date or something Cassian?”

 “As a matter of fact I do,” Cassian responded with a grin. “And if I’m late again she’ll probably make the Maiming Blade’s killings look like child’s play.”

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