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I often switch backpacks for work and weekend and hate pulling all the items out from each pouch and wasting time, so I just got the Grid-it and swap backpacks quickly when I want now. No mess or clutter

All you sugar babies out there, especially to you starting out I cannot stress enough how important it is to have some sort of protection on you when meeting with POTs. I know a lot of you know of the ever wonderful mace, and tasers and such things like that, but sometimes those practical to throw into a clutch or when you want to be a little less obvious and carry something a little lighter.  But they make these slightly more concealable, less obvious things that I am in love with. Me being me, I like blades. I carry a knife with me everywhere, not just on dates, but on dates I am sure to not fuck around. I keep one of these in my wallet, they’re small, fairly cheap, and work like a charm. They’re called credit card blades, and they’re very nice. A good one is about 20 bucks on Amazon. 

But my personal, all time favorite, subtle thing to carry is a tactical pen. Look how cute these little babies are!

Cute, practical, they even have a stylus tip! Plus, they actually write really well. They’re easy to fit in a clutch, a purse, even clip to whatever you could ever possibly want to clip them to! 

Seriously ladies, be safe out there. I know we all know that we are the baddest bitches out of hell, but we gotta take all the precautions we can out there to keep us safe. 

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anonymous asked:

How dangerous is a pen? Like, a normal pen. The kind you write with. How dangerous would it be to stab someone with it?

Cheap, plastic, ball-point pens can be pretty nasty in the right hands. If you know where to stab someone for maximum effect, you can kill with one. The cylindrical structure will stay ridged, so you can drive it in with a shocking amount of force.

Being able to use improvised weapons like this is very dependent on your practical understanding of human anatomy. If you know exactly where poking a hole in someone will do horrific things, it’s an option. Otherwise, you’re better off just reaching for a letter opener, or a heavier ink pen.

It’s probably worth noting that tactical pens are a real thing. These are a viable self defense tool and can really mess someone up. Though, again, the expectation is that you know where to put it for maximum effect. The differences from a normal pen is the heavier construction, (usually titanium, though I’ve seen aircraft aluminum and stainless steel advertised). These sometimes also feature sharpened edges, false tips, and extended non-slip grips to allow for easier use as an emergency weapon.


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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRSItmPnN6Y)

How would you like a method to prevent anyone from putting hands on you? Enter the Kali limb destruction, an invaluable tool to keep or close distance and frustrate an assailant. 

The limb destruction works in tandem with follow up attacks and combinations. It’s part of the flow of range, often used as a setup, and can also establish or break rhythm as part of a combination. Originally from Kali as all of these initial basics can be done with tools like a leatherman, flash light, tactical pen, or a knife for example. 

Targeting the limb is seldom discussed but it appears in sports like Muay Thai and Western Boxing as well. Jack Dempsey was known to target the arms of his opponent when he couldn’t get cleanly to his man. Bruce Lee makes plenty of mention to the concept on his book the Tao of Jeet Kune Do. Finally even in modern Muay Thai fighters are encouraged to attack the limbs to wear down their opponent and make way for a clean target. 

Both offensively and defensively the limb destruction adds another layer to your arsenal. Once you develop the skill it can make for a very capable option to prevent someone from closing the distance and putting their hands on you. Thanks for checking out the video and for more Kali and JKD instruction you can find us training right here at RCW in Tigard all week long. 

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I love black on my EDC, and this is what I usually carry on a day to day basis. I change it up sometimes depending on the clothes I wear and the place where I’ll be. But I never leave home without a blade, a lighter, a torch and a multi-tool of some kind. I’m still trying to keep my carry to a minimal but so far this is as light as I can come up with. Let’s keep on prepping!

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This is a basic carry at work that I use. I find this is the perfect balance for weight and utility. I’ll upload a more comprehensive carry of my bag and belt.


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This is the usual content of my bag when I´m on the way a whole day. Most small things, it looks like more than it is. Some of the gear is on person the other is in the bag and in the Maxpedition Organizer.