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I want a Teen Wolf Star Trek au.

Stiles would be Kirk - the smart-ass captain of the Enterprise that tries to hide his intelligence and find other ways to pass school before being thrown into a position of leadership. He often gets in fights but he is a man who respects loyalty and would sacrifice himself for his crew in a heartbeat.

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Derek would be Spock (yes I ship them) - he’s extremely intelligent and second-in-command of the Enterprise. He might not be in touch with his emotions after facing the tragedy of losing his family but he has some serious eyebrow game.

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Lydia would be Uhura, the communications and linguist expert. She is often underestimated becasue of her gorgeous looks but her skills and knowledge is unmatched.

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Erica would be Scotty becasue she’s a badass who’s skilled in a profession no-one expected. She’s the number one engineer, not only for her age but in history. She’s assisted by Boyd.

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Isaac would be Chekov - the young navigator and tactical officer who graduated the Star Fleet Academy with honours. Despite his young age, his knowledge of physics, programming and many other areas could possibly match Derek’s.

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Allison would be Sulu - the calm-minded, skilled pilot of the Enterprise. However, when the time comes, she can be a powerful leader and a fierce warrior.

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And Scott would be Bones, the chief medical officer who is more often than not chasing after Stiles and cleaning up his mess or patching him up after he runs head first into danger.

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{ Spy AU }

So, basically everyone is a spy with either a shady background or just simple badass, let’s pretend this is possible. U.A.’s an international agency. Nedzu is the head, Uwabami the pretty secretary who threats people by cleaning weapons nonchalantly while they wait their appointment, and Aizawa, AllMight, Mic, Midnight, Snipe, Thirteen and Blood King are either handlers or top agents veterans.

As for Class 1-A, well…


  •  His mom is a former Interpol officer. She wanted Izuku to have a normal and happy life, so she resigned. Things didn’t went as she expected. A criminal she caught years ago broke out of jail and went after her son in revenge before go to finishing his evil plot.
  • Saved by the former Delta Force, Yagi Toshinori, who nowadays works at U.A. Agency as handler. Izuku managed to discover the criminal’s mainstream plot before Toshinori arrived and gave this info to his savior after the whole ordeal was solved. Slightly impressed, All Might said to Izuku that if he was interested in catching bad guys should give him a call. He does.
  • Normally doesn’t do office work but if he has to it’s mostly due to his hacking skills.
  • Pretty good to deal with hostage situations and counter-terrorism.
  • Ultimate madman and strategist.


  • Former child soldier, Katsuki crushed the base he was assigned single-handedly when he was twelve, after that he disappeared and at some point became a troublesome criminal (although he prefers the term ‘unorthodox justice helper’) with an odd logic and grey moral until he was caught by Deku.
  • Reformed. Kind of. Still wrecks shit and explodes things for a greater good, but it’s totally allowed now. Somehow.
  • He’s your man for showy, action-filled, explosions jobs. Knows how to arm and deactivate a bomb back and forth blindfolded. Controlled explosions? No prob, bro. Katsuki can be subtle and do a clean job, but you know… sometimes perfection is boring and people deserve shit. Accidents happens and all that jazz.
  • Sits with Momo every time they run into each other and discuss the pros and cons of certain armament designs. Sometimes Mina joins to talk about chemical weapons. Mei is a slut for their debates as well.
  • There’s also a game running between Katsuki, Momo and Mei about how long they take to track down each other’s burn phones.


  • His father was the most powerful Yakuza leader, who ruled Japan’s underworld with iron fist. It wasn’t enough for the scumbag, therefore Enji used politics as cover and aimed for the Prime Minister charge while carefully plotting against the Imperial Family.
  • Shouto was able to provide valuable Intel for U.A. and helped to take Enji down, due to his cooperation and Momo’s recommendation he joined the organization and became one of the best agents in Yuuei.
  • The strongest field agent in the eyes of almost everyone. Knows a little of everything and is pretty skilled in any area, being a balanced and capable agent in general.
  • Specializes in any form of combat and undercover missions. Shouto has so unique looks and distinctive features that he stands out like a sore thumb in a daily basis, therefore when he goes undercover no one is able of recognizing him.
  • For some reason everyone’s blood runs cold whenever he sits with Midoriya and Yaoyorozu, which is often. When Iida and Uraraka are there as well, everyone nearby just leaves.


  • This girl gives Jackie Chan a run for his money. Short, fast and owns pretty sick moves. Unless you’re a total kickass everyone thinks about four times before asking her for a spar.
  • Even Todoroki has trouble in hand-to-hand combat against Ochako, regardless that Shouto manages to win in the end. He’d said to her face he always feels this close to lose.
  • Often partnered with Bakugo because is one of the few people that can keep up with him and got right his personality.
  • Parkour master. Everyone swears gravity doesn’t apply for her.
  • The best survival skills of U.A. Once Aizawa threw a surprise survival training and almost everyone fought each other just to ask her to be their partner.


  • Both her parents worked for the CIA and she was part of a special program for spy kids. In short, raised to be badass.
  • Her first big mission was going undercover as Shouto’s new bodyguard. Todoroki saw through her cover and faced her about two weeks the mission started, though. But he chose not to expose Momo in order to get his father caught. She was the bridge between Shouto and the agency.
  •  After that she decided undercover wasn’t her thing, but didn’t stop going in missions.
  • Knows a bit of everything, but unlike Todoroki her knowledge is more theoretical than practical. It doesn’t means she can’t use it in the field, though. If her coworkers gave her a buck for every time she has saved their ass with it, Momo would be richer than her parents.
  • The team’s MacGyver and One Woman Army. Always has at least three glocks in her persona. Or two glocks and a taser. Depends how she feels that day.
  • As level-headed spy, she’s often trusted to be the one in charge in group missions.
  • High-class sniper, weapon master and tactician everyone looks up to.


  • Became a child soldier by joining the mountain infantry.
  • He was assigned the same base as Katsuki, and knows Bakugou broke havoc in order to save the other children for being used to probe for landmines. Kiri looked for him after that but never met him again ‘till Deku delivers Katsuki to the HQ.
  • Kiri got Katsuki’s ass saved by pointing out that while Katsuki did some crazy things out of the law, he didn’t really hurt innocent people, and instead he helped them by doing thinks like blowing up an Iraqi chemical weapons facility and that kind of stuff.
  • Eijirou became a mercenary at some point and was hired as bodyguard for an arm dealer. However, life as mercenary wasn’t exactly sweet and doesn’t regrets joining the agency.
  • He’s pretty skilled at negotiation and has his way with people. Can sweet-talk you out of hostility without break a sweat and use the mood for his advantage.
  • Knows a lot of questionable folks, hence has an interesting contact network full with people who provide valuable Intel.


  • He’s a former mafia driver.
  • Knows a lot of defensive driving.
  • Formula 1 drivers are amateurs in comparison.
  • In the field no one but him takes the control van wheel. No. One.
  • Nobody knows more about cars than Iida. His skills and knowledge in auto mechanic and engineering are frightening.


  • Mina is like, the last recourse slash secret weapon. Only used either in top secret missions or when shit hit the fan to the point of no return.
  • U.A.’s femme fatale. Breaks hell loose whenever she sets a foot in the field.
  • Toxicology expert, works at the laboratory whenever her participation isn’t required. Ashido’s word is the law there.


  • Looks hella incompetent but everyone who has seen him in action knows it’s a façade.
  • Pretty skilled at electrical and electronic engineering.


  • Former art thief.
  • Stealth master, always sneaks up on you. No, seriously. You can’t hear her footsteps.
  • Like Todoroki, she’s the best choice to go undercover. Therefore Tooru is always partnered with him when the agency needs to send two agents.


  • If you need a flawless fake identity, ask for Aoyama. He’s the best around for it.
  • The makeover God as well. He does magic with everyone’s face for undercover missions, depends on you if his perfect work go to waste or not, because you won’t get caught due to his fault that’s pretty much sure.
  •  His own contact network gives Kiri a run for his money. Aoyama not only knows questionable people, but also powerful persons like politics.


  • Went undercover as hitman for three years.
  • Worked under Iida’s former boss for a while as bodyguard, ‘till he killed said boss.
  • Tenya kinda gave him a ride to scape when he was cornered, because isn’t like Iida was fond to his boss after he ‘took care’ of Tensei.


  • Robotic expert. Iida and Denki’s personal headache.
  • The one who creates all type of crazy gadgets.
  • A genius girl that used to be exploded in a military base, until her mother filtered Mei’s designs in the deep weep. Her mother is currently missing but at least U.A. takes care of Mei now. She’s feed, payed and treated like a person.


  • The one who lives in the control van and does the stakeout.
  • Has amazing perception skills, nothing escapes her in the footages and records.
  • Likes to blast music through the common radio if the mission is being too boring.


  • The one who always do top secrets missions.
  • No one knows what the hell he can do, and the ones who aren’t afraid to ask just receive a long-lasting stare.
  • You can try to pry something out of him, but it wouldn’t work.


  • Ex coin artist.
  • Eerily enough, he and Katsuki are the only ones in the agency who had been blacklisted by the FBI.
  • Has been banned in at least two casinos in every part of the world.


  • Maybe not the best agent on earth, but you can’t beat her in the sea.
  • Naval tactics and navigation are her thing.


  • Gave military service as nurse.
  • Mina’s right hand.


  • Former Army Ranger. Resigned after an accident that deformed his face, but joined U.A. unable of finding himself living peacefully as civilian.


  • Worked for the FBI as special agent.



  • You don’t wanna start an argument with him. Just no.
  • Silver tongue. Hella good at diplomacy.
  • Questionable methods but optimal results.

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What are each of the kiddos "sooth songs" that like get them to chill out? Like when I was little if I was full on flipping my shit if someone put on this specific jazz song id chill out within seconds

Okay, okay, so I love this so much??? Can I just say like…THANK YOU for blessing me with this ask??? 

For Tiny Patton, it’s “Heffalumps and Woozles” from Winnie the Poo. He could be in the midst of a Level 5 Meltdown, and if you start singing that song he will immediately stop crying so he can listen. You don’t even want to KNOW how many times poor Momma Lo Lo had to use that particular tactic when he was navigating the veritable minefield that is Tiny Patton’s Likes and Dislikes.

For Tiny Logan, you would think it would be a classical piece but that is reserved for when he is “working” and needs to concentrate. If you play “Goodnite” by Melody Gardot he’ll be out like a light before the song is even over. If you think Patton hasn’t exploited this knowledge to get adult Logan to stop working and GO TO BED ALREADY, you’re dead wrong, my friends.

For Tiny Roman, it’s “Stay Awake” from Mary Poppins. Let’s face it, he’s a Disney lover and Julie Andrews is a beautiful goddess. It’s a combination of two of his favorite things. Three, if you consider that Julie Andrews starred on Broadway in several shows. Roman absolutely can’t resist this song, even when he’s at his most hyper. It never fails to calm him down and get him ready for sleep.

For Tiny Virgil, it’s a lullaby version of “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” that Roman found on Spotify one day (seriously, it exists, just search emo lullaby and you’ll find it). He didn’t think it would actually work, but by the time the song was over, Tiny Virgil was sound asleep. Adult Virgil would rather die than admit it, but that particular lullaby album now makes a regular appearance in his night time playlist.

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Can we please have Qui-Gon helping Obi-Wan cope with his ADHD, as was hinted at in the last one?

“Obi-Wan?” The redhead looked up slowly from the datapad and the sentence he had been rereading for eight…or make that fifteen times.


“Are you alright young one?” The older man sat down beside him on the couch with a cup of tea in hand, watching him closely.

Obi-Wan glanced at his datapad and then back at Qui-Gon, wondering if he should tell him. “I…”

“Are you having trouble focusing?” Qui-Gon glanced down at Obi-Wan’s tapping foot. He had started to notice Obi-Wan having…troubles.

He was starting to wonder about a lot of the things he had read in Obi-Wan’s folder and if perhaps it wasn’t caused by one particular thing instead of being a general problem.

“Yes Master.” Obi-Wan bit his lower lip hard and tried to stop shaking his leg when he noticed where the other was looking. “Its…I’m sorry master. I’ll try better.”

“No, no don’t be sorry Obi-Wan. I don’t think its your fault.” Qui-Gon smiled and reached out, stroking the others hair back. “Let me guess, the assignment isn’t one you’re interested in really, what is it?”

“…Navigational tactic.”

“Which you don’t like.” Qui-Gon chuckled quietly. “Not like you like languages and science…Obi-Wan, I want us to go to the healers tomorrow, I have a little suspicion.” He smiled at the boy to show him nothing was wrong per say.

Obi-Wan blinked but nodded and gave a frustrated sigh. “I’ve read this eight time master…I don’t…”

Qui-Gon took a sip of tea while thinking before getting up and turning the music on, a low and steady beat and not to loud before he returned to the others side and taking a hand, settling back in his space. “I want you to try to read now and every time you feel like you can’t read, you either listen to the music or squeeze my hand for a bit. Can you do that for me?”

Obi-Wan blinked and looked from the player to Qui-Gon, hesitant before he nodded and turned back to his pad.

Slowly, tortuously slow someone might have said, Obi-Wan managed to get through the text he was reading.

Giving the boy a few moments, Qui-Gon squeezed the smaller hand in his gently. “Did it help?”

“Kinda? I don’t know if I’ll remember it but I got through the text at least?” The other muttered.

“That’s what I’m here for Obi-Wan, to guide you and help you through it.” Carefully plucking the datapad from the teen, Qui-Gon placed the empty cup down. “Lets go through it, see what you remember.” He smiled gently.



Qui-Gon looked up from his meal and raised a brow at Mace. “That’s still being examined but its the most likely, yes.”

“I did wonder about Padawan Kenobi’s occasional…bursts at time. He’s usually so steady and smart.” The other hummed, looking over to where a happy Obi-Wan was entertaining his friends.

“He is smart. He just has a different learning curve. You know how it functions, do you think Depa mind it if I introduced him to her?”

Mace shrugged. “I don’t think so but it might be best to ask. That’s why I know if I’m honest, since I already had a student with ADHD they wanted me to talk to you, give you advice.”

“No two are alike. I’m not putting him on medication yet.” Qui-Gon hummed.

“Nor would I advice to, just yet. If you and him can make it work without it, then that’s fine. Be prepared for eventual side symptoms though.”


“Anxiety, depression, mood switches, tourettes, restless leg, sleep disorders and a whole sleeve of others. Its best to just wait and see if I’m honest Qui-Gon.” He patted the other on the shoulder. “I trust you though, this can be worked with, figured out and coped with.”

Qui-Gon nodded and smiled when he saw Obi-Wan watching them, making a gentle shooing motion that got a grin out of the boy before he focused back on his friends.

“With a boy this bright, yes.”

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(1/2) Hi! So I’m working on this space opera about a flagship in which the (5-star) admiral, flag captain and some other staff/crew are central characters. And while I’ve found info on staff structure and the like, I’d love to get some inside knowledge to help me write these characters better! Sorry if my question is a bit vague & broad, haha, but basically; what –beyond ordering a bunch of ships around– does an admiral actually do? Duties, mundane tasks, management, commanding/leadership etc.

(2/2) What does their day look like? What kind of relationship would they have with their flag captain (& vice versa) and the regular ship crew? And from the other perspective; what’s it like working on an admiral’s staff? Duties, day-to-day, how much/when does staff members interact with the admiral etc. Are there enlisted in the staff or only officers? Also if there’s any good resources (esp. books!) from the perspectives of/about admirals I’d love some recommendations!

I’m going to take this one on piece by piece.  Before I get on with that, I do want to say that how an admiral and their staff work depends a lot on their personalities.  Admirals, like any other leader, come in all shapes and flavors.  Some are petty tyrants who are great at micromanaging, and some do a really good job of stepping back.  So, part of what happens will be defined by the characters you’ve got.  That said, I’ll talk about what probably should happen.

What –beyond ordering a bunch of ships around– does an admiral actually do? Duties, mundane tasks, management, commanding/leadership etc.

An admiral’s job is looking at the big picture.  A five star admiral is going to be commanding a huge fleet, possibly the entire navy.  So, he/she is going to spend most of their time looking at these kind of things:

  1. Logistics, logistics, logistics.  There’s a great saying about war: Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics.  You would be shocked how much goes into moving a fleet around.  Do they have enough fuel (or whatever resource your ships use for propulsion)?  What about food?  Ships can’t stay at sea/away from port indefinitely (even in space), so what safe ports/planets are there?  Sailors need R&R or they’ll go crazy - and be less combat effective - so where in a warzone is there safe liberty?  How can you get spare parts for when things break?  Even spaceships can’t carry everything they need.
  2. Mediating conflicts of priority.  Whether that’s having to decide which ship gets widget A that will fix broken gun B when four ships need it and there’s only one of widget A available, or who gets the replacement gunner’s mate out of three ships that want him/her, Admirals get to make the hard decisions.
  3. Keeping an overall eye on the material condition of the ships under his/her command.  Ships break, and there’s no amount of advanced technology that can fix that.  Think of how complicated your car is, and then multiply that by about a million.  Ships break all the time, just because there’s so much complicated equipment.  My first ship was fond of lighting on fire at random moments.  Most fires were minor, but they required a lot of new (expensive) circuit cards to be replaced, and every cruiser in the Navy seemed to want those same cards.  Depending on how many ships the admiral has under their command, this will probably be a daily or weekly meeting that takes hours.
  4. Overall strategy.  Where is the fleet going?  What do they want to accomplish?  What ships are chosen as scouts?  Which ones have to play rearguard (which their captains may not like)?
  5. Answering the mail.  Unless the five-star admiral is also the leader of the nation, he/she has a boss who is going to want status updates.  In order to provide these updates, the admiral is going to have to have updates provided to him/her by their staff.  Someone might ghost write the emails/messages for the admiral, but the admiral still has to know what’ going on.
  6. Dealing with the locals.  If the ships stop in anywhere other than where there’s Naval/Fleet apparatus to deal with trouble, the admiral is The Guy who has to smooth over ruffled feathers.  Sailors will always get in trouble.  It’s pretty much a law of the universe.  It doesn’t matter how well-educated your worlds are…Sailors will still be Sailors.  When you’re cooped up in a restricted environment like a ship for weeks/months on end, you really want to let loose when you finally get ashore.  Admirals also get the fun public relations things, like making speeches, taking tours of important places, and generally playing like a uniformed politician.  

What does their day look like?

Honestly, an average day is probably full of meetings.  We often joked that we had meetings to plan more meetings, but there’s an enormous amount of administration that goes into running a ship or a fleet.  An admiral sets their own schedule, but there will be a lot of things that need their attention.  There will be at least one unpleasant surprise on any given day, from Ship X broke Important Thing Y to Seaman Timmy went and offended the locals by lighting precious statuary on fire.

Outside of meetings, a lot of people (staff, captains, etc) will come by and need the admiral’s answer on something.  They’ll need a decision made or the knowledge that a senior officer has, or just to brief the admiral on something that has happened (be it wrong or right).

What kind of relationship would they have with their flag captain (& vice versa) and the regular ship crew?

An admiral has to trust their flag captain.  The flag captain has to fight the ship while the admiral fights the fleet; the admiral isn’t going to be able to pay attention to the “little” things, like if their ship is surviving the battle.  So, there has to be a lot of trust.  The flag captain also has to understand the admiral’s tactical and strategic thinking very well, so that he/she puts the ship in the right place at the right time and understands what the admiral is thinking.  And that trust has to run both the other way, too, because the flag captain has to trust their admiral not to do something stupid and get them killed - because no one wants to fight for someone who will do that.

The admiral’s likely to be a more distant figure to the regular ship crew, but he/she will be on the ship, so they’re likely to wander around and chat with folks to get the pulse of the fleet.  The flagship is likely to be a large ship, so the crew probably won’t know the admiral well at all.

And from the other perspective; what’s it like working on an admiral’s staff? Duties, day-to-day, how much/when does staff members interact with the admiral etc.

It depends on how senior you are.  The department heads (we call them N-heads in the USN, since they all have staff codes.  For example, the N-3 is Operations) see the admiral every day or most days.  But someone who works for the N-3 probably won’t see the admiral even most days.  I generally saw the admiral about once a week as a lieutenant working under the N-3, and that was in a meeting that I coordinated.  Yeah, I saw him in the hallways sometimes, and when I was Staff Duty Officer, although then I usually dealt with the Chief of Staff.

Day-to-day duties depend upon what the person in question is doing.  Each individual has a job, whether it’s in operations/planning, weapons, navigation, tactics, supply, engineering, training, etc.  The heads of each department will coordinate with their counterparts on the ships to help the ships deal with whatever problems they have, and if the problems need to be brought to the admiral’s attention, they’ll do that.

And…well, there will be a lot of meetings.

Have you noticed that I keep mentioning meetings?  The Navy is full of them, and the more senior you get, the more time you spend sitting around a table.

Are there enlisted in the staff or only officers?

There are definitely enlisted members of the staff.  Most of them are more senior enlisted, generally first class petty officers and above.  They’re there to be the technical experts and generally keep officers from doing anything too stupid.  There are a lot more officers than enlisted on most staffs (unlike ships, where it’s the other way around), but you tend to get very smart senior enlisted folks on the staff.

Also if there’s any good resources (esp. books!) from the perspectives of/about admirals I’d love some recommendations!

I haven’t read a lot of books about Admirals in particular, but  The Admirals: Nimitz, Halsey, Leahy, and King–The Five-Star Admirals Who Won the War at Sea has generally good reviews and has a great reputation.  Another book that talks a lot about command and decision making is The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors.  It’s about a corner of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, which is one of history’s biggest naval battles.  Some fascinating decisions and mistakes were made by flag officers during that battle, so it’s a really good window into decision making processes.  

Both these books are focused on World War II, but you really do need to go that far back if you want a mother-loving navy war, so it makes for good examples.

One series that handles staff organization and dynamics pretty well is the Honor Harrington series by David Weber.  If you haven’t read it, it’s billed as Horatio Hornblower in space, and I will unashamedly say that I adore the series books.

I do not know why I remember this old series I used to watch: "Storm Hawks".

This Show set in a world called Atmos, a largely mountainous world consisting of scattered masses known as terras and because of the geography, travel is mostly dependent on motorcycle-like vehicles called Skimmers that can semi-transform into flying machines. 

In the backstory of the series, an evil ruler named Master Cyclonis and her servants, the Cyclonians, threatened Atmos. The original Storm Hawks led the Squadrons in a war against them, but were betrayed and defeated by one of their own

the main characters of the series stumble upon the wreckage of the Storm Hawks’ carrier, the Condor (a big ship), and unofficially take on the Storm Hawks name in the hopes of becoming Sky Knights themselves, despite not being old enough to even legally fly the vehicle. 

The Main characters are:

 Aerrow (the leader),

 Finn (the funny one),

 Junko ( a anthropomorphized rhino with a heart of gold),

 Stork (The paranoid pilot),

 Radarr ( the pet) 

and finally but not least Piper In charge of tactics, navigation, and crystals also my favorite one

good memories 


Light Box Project:

After some investment in materials and some continued testing one of the ideas I had last year seems to be getting closer to a final product. When other items came along it got put to the back burner and then brought out again as time allowed. In short I was asked for a lighting method that could be turned on and off, that glowed and did not produce large volumes of light, that could be used to allow navigation and signalling as well as be Jerry rigged for other covert uses. Also it had to be totally stand alone not requiring batteries or further components adding to the bulk or weight of the item.

I had tried chemical lights in a variety of ways but its a one shot deal and you cant exactly turn them off. You can throw them in your shoe or sometimes in a pocket but that can lead to light escape from the pocket depending on what the material is. Also you need a lot of them if you intend on doing anything for extended periods of time.

After some further experiments with glowing materials from hard plastics to soft granules all the way down to dust the final product was reached. Above is the final prototype of the material to glow, without the correct top coat. The final top coat to affix it is on order and the vacuum chamber is not set up yet to remove the bubbles. The final top coat is also crystal clear and is UV stable magnifying the sunlight inbound to the particles.

What we have is a container that holds a simple to charge glowing powder that is long lasting and durable. Its sealed into the holder with a clear top coat. You can charge it with sunlight, UV light or any other form of light. The big difference is a sliding lid makes it easily to turn off or on or vary the intensity..

Once the final components have arrived and a final sample is made I’ll post some further images and some further demonstration photos. Double sided tape could allow for a permanent marker or simple velcro for fixing to a jacket, bergan, helmet etc.

More details to follow, any thoughts or views on this idea please feel free to let me know.

Two Bangladesh Air Force F-7BG Defenders from 5th Squadron, BAF Base Bangabandhu, escort a U.S. C-130H Hercules from the 374th Airlift Wing, Yokota Air Base, Japan, during Exercise COPE SOUTH near Kishoreganj, Bangladesh, Jan. 28, 2015. COPE SOUTH is a Pacific Air Forces-sponsored, bilateral tactical airlift exercise conducted in Bangladesh, with a focus on cooperative flight operations, day and night low-level navigation, tactical airdrop, and air-land missions as well as subject-matter expert exchanges in the fields of operations, maintenance and rigging disciplines. (U.S. Air Force photo by 1st Lt. Jake Bailey/Released)

can i be close to you?

prompt: my sweet friend drunkenssoldier asked me for: stubborn princess emma and extremely reluctant lieutentant/temporary guard killian are stuck together during a storm.

word count: ~4000

rating: s for stormy sexual tension

“We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you and your stupid compass.” Princess Emma complains. 

He grits his teeth and shifts on his feet to turn toward her, scowling slightly.

“Your Highness, I was assigned to be your guard on this visit, so if you would kindly stop nagging me about my tactics of navigation, I would very much appreciate it.”

The princess, in all of her regal glory, huffs, and he releases a pent up sigh as he turns forward again. 

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The Content Problem: The Parable of Over-Saturation

I have an imaginary place in my head that allows me to understand everything in marketing very strategically. I’m going to be a little vulnerable and share it with you, today, in the context of content.

The more content brands create, the more competition rises, the lower probability you can make money from it. An entire profession based around content (journalism) is dying, what makes you think you can beat an entire industry? But every marketing function is trying to sell you on content (distribution, influencers, hubs). Today you’ll learn about the problems with content strategy.

Meet the Market

Imagine a bustling ancient marketplace with 100 consumers and three shops (early SEO). People lined up to each and every vendor made money. Imagine more owners moving in, seeing other making money. The customers and vendors grow over a year and now you have 100 shops and 200 customers. The market has never been more popular, but most vendors can’t make money. This is the approaching state of content.

Specialists work with the most popular shops (who pay), taking customers from the small shops and maneuvering them to the larger ones, they also draw more attention to the market, and get more customers. This is Facebook’s strategy. However those who don’t or can’t pay see even greater loss.

Magical salesmen show up on the scene. They bring people who love them to the booth, only a few, but new customers. These wizards are showmen of the floor, vendor-taining more customers to your booth, but annoying others long-standers who just wanted a nice, quiet deal. This nets a positive until you see the wizard’s bill. This is influencer strategy.

Another wizard appears from the ether, the risky wizard. He regales you of the time he helped Spiffy the Magnificent’s business boom. You talk to Spiffy, it’s true. You pay the wizard, and he performs a magnificent display for your shop…but everyone’s saw that trick the last time. Yawn. It turns out that this wizard has a probability modifier, meaning he does sometimes succeed…freakin gloriously, but more often fails. This wasn’t accounted for. This is the, “Big Idea”PR and Ad agency model.

Next comes the professional looking businessman who promises to make your shop more attractive and makes it easier to navigate. You do see improved results, but the cost of building your new shop takes decades to pay off with the improved performance. This leaves you financially vulnerable in the short term, reduces your flexibility to adapt (less funds), and the small-digit improvement doesn’t look good to your performance in your boss’ eye. This is content optimization.

Shady characters appear, selling vendors with promises of thousands of customers, more people naturally finding the shop, and various wonders of analytical performance. These are the people who run bot services, and promise SEO optimization that never delivers. By the time the check clears, they’ve already blamed the vendor for not listening and disappeared onto the next sucker.

Finally, a nerd with an abacus shows up at your door. He takes a tremendous amount of your money, but drives hordes of people to your doorstep. They’re of a little lower quality but that’s cool because you’re making a net positive of sweet, sweet, monies. More people learn of this nerds services and he begins dividing his attention (and customers). You slowly notice less and less results until you are breaking even, and then eventually losing money. This is distribution, also known as paid media.

After you learn all these lessons, someone from another marketplace comes to you and says, “why did you do that? You could have learned from us?” This is journalism and it makes you cringe. Probably because you bought content from them. -_-

Aging Market = Less Revenue

The first people in the marketplace made their money when they were alone, and got out. Or became so big (Buzzfeed) they monopolized a huge part of the market audience through momentum. Because they made money early they could adapt more quickly and take over the market.

Everyone else just followed by example, assuming they had the formula. They discounted the marketplace economics of saturation. Eventually the market reaches and equilibrium. Those who can make money (with good margins) stay, but most walk away, disappointed. In economics this is known as the theory of the, “greater fool.”

The cost of space went up as more people wanted in. The cost of wizards and con-men increased with more demand their services. The businessmen who optimized gave you a better product, but a shift in the market made it quickly irrelevant. Everyone took your money and got out. Welcome to marketing.

This process occurs on multiple levels. The product. Digital marketing. Niche things like Content. The list goes on. They are all going through one stage or another of this cycle. The best strategist can help you see beyond the hype, they try to show you the meta that is beyond, but it’s a mountain of work. This is material that can’t be taught in a jpg, or even a PowerPoint. It takes time, experience, long (boring, & ego-filled) discussions, and the wisdom of many failures.

How You Get Used

Others Take Advantage
Beware the dark side. There are others who know the cycle, and use it! With the framework it’s also very easy to sell you the hype. When all your friends have a shop in the slowly dying market, there are those who will sell you on it, too. The easiest thing to sell is that which is enviable.

The Enemy is Me
Cognitively, we love the things we tell others to buy. Our brains are structured towards fallacy. They convince us that we are the heroes of our own story, regardless of the outcomes of our efforts. The more we invest in something, the more we convince ourselves it was worthy of investment. Break that cycle. Now.

The most important skill for you to develop is to train yourself to live in the (frankly, depressing) land of the meta. To invest early (and wisely) in new markets, and to dominate them, is both the smartest and most scary way to win. Or you’re just spending the time convincing yourself you’re not slowly being boiled, like a frog, with your competitors.


Heh. Next time, we’ll talk about some tactics to navigate around a competitive market.

Jim Bruno is a Director of Marketing and Digital Strategist. He’s worked on everything from Fortune 500s to startups.

As the sun enters the sign of Libra it returns to the equator, bringing equal day and night to all places on earth. This balancing of light and dark resonates to the symbolism of restoring equilibrium. In ancient times the period was set aside for evaluating the current status of events, estimating forthcoming needs, addressing outstanding problems and calculating a workable plan for the season of hardship that lay ahead. The ancient Egyptians used the scales as a potent symbol of the judgement cast at the end of life, where the soul of the departed was weighed against the Feather of Truth. In Roman mythology the goddess Astraea ruled over justice and law, holding the balance as her means to establish which situations required karmic intervention to restore fairness and equality. 

Those born in this period ingrained with the qualities of analysis, judgement and balance are creatures of a celestial environment that shies away from extremes and excesses. Librans have acquired a fitting reputation for being the ‘moderates’ of the zodiac, with a natural talent for comparison, differentiation, and impartial philosophical reasoning. They are capable of displaying excellent intercommunication skills based upon a fine interplay between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Generally, they can be counted upon to demonstrate a fair and unprejudiced judgement that attempts to temper personal bias through recognition of wider social implications. 

One way or another, Librans are driven by the need to find a position of balance and fairness. They recognise that the search for equality and justice must begin with inward reflection and are more than happy to scrutinize their own emotional behaviour or have it analysed by others. In the search for fairness, they consider carefully that others may hold a different viewpoint than their own, and make an earnest attempt to see things from alternate perspectives. The difficulty then, is how does a seeker of harmony best handle a profusion of conflicting realities? Can they be synthesised into a rounded whole, or will they simply lead to inconstancy and indecision, with a wavering from one opinion to the next? 

The Librans that live up to the nobler qualities of their sun-signs have learned to exercise true judgement and discretion. First they analyse, and then they integrate into a solution and resolve, holding firm to their principles unless new knowledge comes to light that calls for a re-evaluation. But this of course, requires a form of extremism in itself, and so the Libran must turn himself inside out, and in the process of maturing as a person come to understand that the only true state of non-conflict is inertia. Even in the quest for peace and harmony, one must be prepared to take a stand and hold to it regardless of the discomfort this causes to others, and thus, oneself. Not surprisingly then, Libra is a far more complex sign than many sun-sign snapshots can express. Finding harmony in a world full of ebb and flow, tensions and strains, is no easy task, and rather than living a life full of relaxed relationships and easy contentment, most Librans are very painfully aware of difficult day-to-day conflicts and the discomfort that arises whenever their views are at odds with those of another. 

Many sun sign descriptions classify Libra as the most desirable of all the zodiac types, a rather distorted reflection upon the sign where the Sun is traditionally said to experience its fall. The reality is that the Sun, as a symbol of creative self-expression and individuality, is debilitated in Libra, precisely because Librans are forever prone to evaluating their own needs against a complicated backdrop where they must take account of their responsibilities to others. In terms of finding one’s true path and asserting one’s own standpoint openly, directly, clearly - unfettered by what other people think - this is a major hindrance. Librans are simply not comfortable in that position and have to overcome major instinctive barriers in order to maintain a fixed resolve that centres upon pursuing their own personal needs. If they hold fast to the deeper spiritual principles of their sign, they will not feel obliged to offer concessions in order to avoid confrontation, but will be happy to take up a position of polarisation, to stand with equal force against whatever they are opposed to. In this sense they become the true 'equalisers’, the children of the scales who, using the weapons of tact, grace, fairness and reason, are unafraid to meet the challenge of negating oppressive forces. Libra is a cardinal sign, underlain with a strong will that inclines towards initiating changes. Yet of all the cardinal signs Libra is the most underrated force; for their non-intimidating personas can often fool us into thinking that they will give up on their goals far easier than they will. 

This natural subjugation of clear ego-expression is further compounded by Libra’s rulership by Venus, the planet that needs to relate, that needs to be wanted, and needs to be approved of by others. Librans simply cannot get away from the fact that relationships and recognition of responsibilities to others is the major focus that turns their world. It dictates their feelings and propels their actions; so it is often the case that Librans feel beset by relationship problems - or the problem of getting into one. The rulership by Venus adds to their reputation of being a very diplomatic and charming character type. They are renown for presenting themselves to others attractively, with a refined sense of artistic taste and appreciation, and an instinct for adorning themselves with polish and finesse. In Libra, Venus occupies its diurnal rulership, where it expects to be very apparent and visibly expressed, although it can be argued that - living in a world where they want to express beauty and pleasure, and see it so obviously manifest around them - Librans can be too easily swayed by agreeable surface appearances. 

Most of us rarely live up to the higher qualities of our sun sign and many of the negative traits associated with this sign - indecision, gullibility, falseness, unexpressed resentment, overindulgence of pleasurable interests, oscillating between two extremes - are readily observed in your day-to-day Libran, with their irritating overuse of 'it’s not fair!’ and 'on the other hand’. Many Librans are all too eager to live in superficial harmony and can be exasperating in their avoidance of uncomfortable issues. Like the betrayed wife who has good reason to suspect her husband is having an affair but would rather not think about it, or the philandering lover who assures you of total commitment before disappearing off the scene - so long as it looks good on the surface, Librans can usually convince themselves that all is as it should be. They have a natural talent with words and a predisposition for assuming that, if everything sounds right, it probably is; this makes it easy for Librans to glibly assure others of their sincerity - failing to recognise the actual insincerity of doing so. 

Librans can also be very adept at ensuring that 'compromise’ and 'negotiation’ gives them everything they want. And rather than honestly admit that they are pursuing their own agendas, they will attempt to gain support by expecting others to view the situation through their eyes. When called to question, Librans will attempt due self-analysis and introspection, but reason - not profound realisation and contemplation of deeper motives - will quickly lead them to feel justified and see their intentions as reasonable. Librans are often more concerned about defending themselves intelligently than considering the deeper moral angle: If the words sound right, that’s good enough; it isn’t a lie if the sentence is cleverly constructed. 

The net result is that Librans, unless very wise and tactful, often leave people with the impression that they are shallow in their moral stance, weak in their adherence to principles and disingenuous in their tactics. When they successfully navigate themselves to a position of victory in conflict, there is often an uneasy feeling of manipulation left behind. Most people, being stabbed in the back, would prefer not to have a smiley sticker placed upon the wound; as Oscar Wilde, himself a Libran, observed: 

Each man kills the thing he loves 
By each let this be heard 
Some do it with a bitter look 
Some with a flattering word 
The coward does it with a kiss 
The brave man with a sword! 
The Ballad of Reading Gaol, 1897.                        

Yes, Librans do it with a kiss! This zodiac type, so well revered for being considerate, socially acceptable and 'easy to get along with’, can often leave a trail of deep frustration in its attempt to sweet-talk its way out of unpleasant difficulties and messy emotional problems. In aiming to be considerate, Libra has a natural aversion to dealing with that painful but necessary stage called 'closure’. Always willing to leave negotiations - and therefore their options - open, the biggest fault of the Libran is that in striving to be fair to others, they are often anything but. 

As an air sign, Libra likes to keep things light, bright and positive. The element of air relates to the sanguine humour indicating a disposition that is moderate, well rounded, and by nature optimistic. Sanguine temperaments aim for the middle ground, disliking extreme reactions or innovative, off the wall approaches. Thus, Librans excel at appearing to offer all things to all men, but are less suited to intense and demanding relationships. Earth types will view them as frivolous and uncommitted, water types will view them as unresponsive to their more ponderous emotional needs, and fiery types will generally be unimpressed by a cool and charming veneer if it falls away to reveal an absence of vivacious sparkle and charismatic energy. 

As a humane sign, Libra is marked by civility, good manners, a flattering turn of phrase and an absence of coarseness. In professional fields Librans make the born diplomat, the perfect negotiator, the faultless 'meet and greet’ face that works well in all areas of public relations. They may also find their niche in artistic fields, where their penchant for moulding light, colour, and shape into a balanced and symmetrical form that offers popular appeal works well for commercial image. Their style is conventional rather than passionate, off-beat or quirky; and they sit comfortably in business settings that demand an attractive and easily appreciated 'front’. 

The ideal vocation for a Libran, however, is within the fields of law, government, statesmanship and civil justice. Libra, at its best, is the signature of the true strategist, where reason appropriately overrules emotion and serves the wider aim of redressing inequality and unfairness. Only when the Libran rises to a position where they no longer see themselves as the centre of their own universe, but as an agent of equilibrium within their social environment, can they come close to fully appreciating the cosmic power that they have been given. Balance is easily found in stillness, but serves a greater purpose when it holds us upright through the roughest of storms, with our vision locked to the distant horizon. Not by sticking to the middle ground, but by remaining centred uponideals can the Libran break free from wavering distractions and find a place of balance and harmony that represents their own inner equilibrium. 

Never Can Say Goodbye

Everyone talks about how Captain Kirk was born in the stars and fought to go back to them. But few people realize Pavel Chekov dreamed of the stars as a boy, barely old enough to walk or talk, always reaching up to the sky when held in his mother’s arms as a toddler.

It just happens to work out that Pavel is a genius and graduates high school at ten, university at fourteen, enlists in Starfleet that same year.

He’s given his own room, probably because of his age, and the other cadets make rude comments under their breaths the first time he’s in a sim. At the helm next to him is a man named Hikaru Sulu, and Sulu gives him a shaky smile.

They not only excel, they beat the Academy record. Pavel’s hands shake the whole time, but they did it.

From then on they’re put together, and the laughing ceases. In the Command track, Pavel also has interactions with a famous cadet named Kirk. The three of them work together a lot in their track specific courses, and Pavel feels he has two friends. 

Nero attacks in the Spring semester, and Pavel almost drops dead when he finds out his posting is Navigator of the flagship. He knows he’s competent, he works hard, but he’s still so young and inexperienced, and Captain Pike selected him above everyone possible.

Sulu sits next to him having been first runner up, and Pavel is relieved.

It turns out that Pavel’s other skills come in handy, since he can run a transporter when the objects are moving too quick for other people to register. Pavel likes the engineering theories as much as his specialization, and he beams Kirk and Hikaru back just in time.

He tries again with Commander Spock and the Vulcans, but he falls short Spock’s mother. 

(Days later when Nero has been stopped and the ship limps back to Earth, Pavel comes to Spock with tears in his eyes and multilingual apologies babbling from his lips. Spock in his way assures him there are no hard feelings and that he appreciates the ones Pavel could save. It still keeps him up at night on occasion even years later.)

Pavel gets a bit restless with navigation and tactics, and Mister Scott is kind of a bit irritable at times. So he asks if he can be taken under his wing, and Kirk supports it “just in case.” So he spends time after his shifts in Engineering with Mister Scott teaching him the ropes. He gets asked to say Scotty more than once, but he never does. Just like it’s never Jim or never Leonard or never just Spock. 

Pavel knows they respect him, he knows they consider him a friend. But he knows his place just the same. 

Hikaru is always Hikaru, though, and somehow Lieutenant Uhura becomes Nyota.

So Pavel has learned the ins and outs and then…Admiral Pike dies, there are bombings, and Mister Scott quits. Kirk asks him to put on a red shirt, and Pavel does knowing he’s not actually ready. It’s fine until it’s not, and the Enterprise has been sabotaged. Pavel does what he can, but the Vengeance is too much, and as Chief Engineer, he decides to go down with the ship. 

But then he saves Mister Scott and Captain Kirk. 

And then the Captain dies.

Pavel is too busy to mourn or deal with it, and besides, Doctor McCoy fixes it. The ship is brought to dock, and they spend a year grounded while it’s refitted, repaired, rehabilitated. He’s given a Starfleet apartment in the same building as Hikaru and Ben, and down the hall from Nyota and Mister Spock. He doesn’t realize that Doctor McCoy and the Captain are sharing one until he leaves as they return from a grocery store. 

Mister Scott is there too, though he’s gone a lot supervising the repairs.

The year flies by, and then they have the ceremony. Pavel wears his dress grays with his comrades, and they head out into the black for their five year mission.

This time in the off hours, they become Jim and Leonard and Spock, sometimes Scotty, and Hikaru becomes a dad to a beautiful girl named Demora. Pavel becomes Uncle Pasha, and he showers Demora with gifts.

They go into space, and it’s all uncharted. Pavel is busier than ever, making new maps, naming new places, meeting new people. It goes wrong more often than it goes well, but they have a good time. They all get close, Jim having everyone for dinner once a week to bond. It’s wonderful and great, and for the first time, Pavel really feels like he’s one of them.

The Swarm hits the ship, and they all end up separated. Pavel is with Jim, and as they slowly regroup, he knows more than ever that he’s found a second family. He hugs Scotty when they meet again, and Jaylah intrigues him, but they all save the day and the Yorktown. 

The Enterprise is now the NCC-1701-A, and they all live on Yorktown for its construction. Leonard teaches him how to properly fry chicken. Jim buys him a bottle of Glenfiddich to replace the one he and Leonard borrowed. Nyota goes dancing with him and they speak in a Saint Petersburg dialect the whole time, making everyone around them think they’re a couple. Uncle Pasha showers Demora with more gifts and tells her of his adventures in space with her amazing dad. Spock shows him the Ambassador’s belongings, and he gets to see himself in a few decades with his family. He and Scotty play cards and drink, and honestly those are his favorite times.

And a month before the ship’s rebuilt, Pavel gets asked to meet with Commodore Paris.

He’s offered First Officer on the Reliant with a huge bump in rank to boot. 

He asks to think about it, and she gives him a day.

Pavel avoids everyone but Scotty. Keenser is with him, and they sit at a cafe in the city plaza. Pavel tells him the predicament.

Scotty listens. Then he thinks. “Well laddie,” he begins. “As much as we love you, you can’t sacrifice your career. You’ve earned this, and it’s not like we all won’t ever see each other again. We do work for the same organization.”

Pavel nods.

Scotty smiles with a twist of bitterness. “Aye, but…we’ll miss you.”

Pavel hugs him, and Scotty swallows particularly hard. Keenser salutes, and Pavel heads back to the Commodore. He accepts the posting.

He tells Jim and by proxy Leonard in person, Spock and Nyota the same. He has dinner with Hikaru, Ben, and Demora, and…it goes as well as it can.

Hikaru looks stunned but then he shakes his head. “I want my own ship one day,” he begins. “There’s rumors of a new gen of ships called Excelsior. It’ll be weird for you to not be at my right. But…you need to do this.”

Pavel nods, his throat closed up, and they hug for a long time.

When the Enterprise is ready, Pavel goes to see everyone off. His favorite instructor from the Academy, Arex, is taking his post. Arex is kind and competent, and Pavel knows he’ll be welcomed with open arms.

His close friends take turns hugging him, saying farewell, wishing him luck. He does the same, telling them to be bold and go where no one has before. They’re the last to beam up, and he waves when they do.

Pavel goes back to his apartment, where he sees something on his desk that wasn’t there before.

It’s a picture—one he forgot he was taken. It’s the seven of them posed like the older versions in Ambassador Spock’s belongings. Almost all of them (not Spock and Leonard, never) smiling around the Captain’s chair. It was taken the day the five year mission started. It’s already been framed for him.

There’s a card from them with notes and well wishes and inside jokes. He decides to frame it too. They’ll both go in his office on the Reliant. And he makes sure to call them whenever they’re in the same part of space.

*~* For Anton *~*

Star Trek Research Hour: Building An Officer character

Step one: Academy

Starfleet Academy is a military academy, similar to West Point. They only take the best and the brightest. You are required to have graduated from secondary school or achieved equivalency to enter. Because of this the chances of being accepted to Starfleet Academy before 18 are pretty low.

Graduating is like getting a bachelor’s. It takes 4 years unless you’re really gunning to do it quick, taking extra classes and summer classes and doing all sorts of extra things for credit. And this is still the military, so it requires you to do physical training and they do room checks and uniform checks and etc (THAT’S RIGHT I SAID UNIFORM CHECKS. WEAR YOUR UNIFORM.) Doing anything that shows you to be a bad role model while you’re in uniform has pretty crappy consequences too, which is why I would NOT have liked to be Cupcake and his gang at the beginning of ST:2009

ADDENDUM: MEDICAL SCHOOL TAKES LONGER You’re not getting a bachelors anymore, you need a doctorate. That’s another 5-6 year. Saving lives takes a lot of know-how.

Step two: Picking a Specialty

Starfleet has three sections: Command (gold shirts), Operations (red shirts) and Science (blue shirts). They each have subsections. I know I’m going to forget some but here goes:

Command: Tactical, Navigation, Helm (I forget the word)

Operations: Engineering, Communications, Security. (The joke about redshirts dying is because the most dangerous jobs are security for obvious reasons and engineering because of shit blowing up.)

Science: the scientists. Also, Medical. Yes, medicine is science, not magic, as Doctor McCoy will be sure to let you know. Medical does have a separate insignia on some of their uniforms (scrubs, mostly). That comes from an existing agreement regarding not shooting medical people in the military. I think it’s mentioned in Saving Private Ryan. I don’t remember. They wear the red cross. Of course, they end up getting shot anyway, not exactly easy to see. Anyway.

Each subcategory still has its specialties. You don’t do both engineering and linguistics, they’re two totally separate tracks. You can say you’re in operations but you better be more specific. And you definitely can’t be both a red shirt and a blue shirt. Even Medical has specialties. McCoy is primarily a surgeon, M’Benga specializes in Vulcan Physiology, etc.

Step three: Age and Rank

I found this great thing for you guys.

If you’re in a crisis and the chain of command changes because someone dies— an officer can get promoted into position, but battlefield promotions (ex: Commander becomes Acting Captain) but once the crisis is over there’s no guarantee you keep that promotion. Even then it’s most likely if you keep it it’s because you’ve already passed the in-grade time requirement and you’ve proven to be able for the job, I think? Most promotions are under recommendation of a superior officer.

If you already have experience in your field (ex: Bones had a private practice and/or worked in a hospital) you may have a chance of graduating at a higher grade? Maybe? I think Uhura and Kirk are shown as Jr. Lieut in ST:2009, there’s supposition that Len would graduate Lieutenant. You’d already have to be older, though.

Extra note: Cadets can be on-board ships for hands-on experience as junior officers. However, these are usually for short-term missions. You might’ve been a cadet onboard Enterprise when they were at Narada, but not during the 5-year mission.

Remember this is officers. I made this one first because people prefer to make officers over enlisted idk why.

anonymous asked:

Once upon a time there was a princess. She was beautiful, of course, stories don't ever really say otherwise right? But this princess was more than beautiful. In fact, that wouldn't be the first descriptor anyone would use upon meeting her. More than beautiful, she was smart. She had been hurt, as people are, but she had learned how to avoid ever being hurt again. Very smart indeed. 1💛YNBFF

Once upon a time there was a pirate. He was a bit of an ass, but that’s only fair because he was a really good pirate. Renown, feared, legendary even. The pirate would claim his most important characteristic was his dashing good looks or even his cunning, but he was wrong. The important thing about the pirate was his love. He loved so strongly, so deeply, so completely and unwaveringly that it kept him alive while so many others perished

His capacity to love was the greatest the gods had ever seen, and if pressed, they would admit to facilitating his survival just to see what he’d do next.

The princess may have been smart, but there was a fatal flaw in her plan. Unknown to her, she was actually the daughter of the Truest Love all the kingdoms had ever seen. So deep beneath the armor she adorned to block out emotion beat a heart filled with hope and love, and worst of all, the strongest pull to gather even more.

Her heart cried out from under all its scars for love, True Love, all of its own. It yearned for a love that would transcend time, space, life, and death, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. No armor would silence its call, nor denial conceal its yearning. She was doomed to a never ceasing battle.

The pirate lost the first person in his heart, his mother, at a very young age. He was sad, but it was alright, he simply poured the extra love towards his father and his brother. Not long after, his father deserted him and his brother. As he slid into his brother’s bunk desperate for any proof of affection left in his life, his tears washed his father from his heart. Then the unfathomable depths of the young boy’s heart were focused solely on his elder brother.

The princess tried a few times. She tried to open the walls around her heart to let someone in. Each trial resulted in a new scar, a new lesson learned, a new resolution to not let them down again. The parents that abandoned her at birth. The ones that gave her back when she no longer fit in their hearts. The best friend that betrayed her, helped to cost her another chance at a family. And then the man.

The young man with the disarming smile and confidence and swagger. A more accomplished thief, promises so easy to slip off his tongue. Until the night he slipped away without her. She didn’t cry for the loss of first love in her life, but she did cry for the second. She cried as he did, fresh into the world, refusing to look at him, refusing to saddle him with a mother so broken. Her walls slam shut around her heart, cementing themselves against every instinct and secret yearning.

Things were rough for the pirate who wasn’t a pirate yet, but he had his brother. Through the abusive captains, manipulative card sharks, terrible jobs, and horrible coping mechanisms, he had his brother. All the while the love his heart created kept flowing and overflowing, he directed it towards his older brother. His brother looked after him, saved him from himself, saved him from a death at sea, and won them respectable positions.

For the first time since his father fled in the night, things were looking up. Not only was he a man in the King’s Navy with proper pay and bedding and meals, but he had access to the knowledge and scholars of the realm. His love for his brother stretched out to add in a love of books, of learning, of navigation and tactics and combat. At long last, sailing the seas in his crisp uniform, did he feel whole again. His unbearable, never-ebbing love finally had more outlets again.

This is my favorite thing. My very favorite thing, and I want to share the beautiful words my Nonnie BFF has been putting in my inbox with all of you

Take a Chance: Ch 1 - The Meeting

Emma Swan will never be the princess - or queen - Misthaven really needs. Neither will a man ever own her heart again. Guarded and proud, can a forward young Lieutenant sneak beneath her emotional walls? And more importantly, will he even want to? Lieutenant Duckling AU with a sprinkling of Pride and Prejudice.

A short little multi-chapter fic to while away those dark winter nights - and I can’t resist me some Lieutenant Duckling. This is also a very tardy follower appreciation fic dedicated to jscoutfinch. Please let me know what you think.

Also on FF.NET and AO3

The royal family of Misthaven were seated for breakfast when Crown Princess Emma’s father announced that an impromptu ball would take place that evening. Her ten year old brother instantly begged to be allowed to attend (“No, James, no balls til you are at least twelve,” their mother had reminded him, only to be met by a disappointed groan). Emma herself had silently eaten her apple and sighed at the prospect of further public exposure.

Yet another ball; another stream of haughty suitors. Another chance to show them all just why Princess Emma of Misthaven held the reputation as the most determined old maid this side of the Enchanted Forest. Because a princess ought to want to marry? And a princess who’d almost reached the age of thirty without even coming close to that, well, wasn’t that strange?

Not to Emma, who had long since decided that she and marriage were incompatible.

Her mother had claimed acceptance of her daughter’s feelings on the subject, but that hadn’t made her any less keen to introduce her to any and every eligible man who passed through the kingdom. It had become something of a game between the courtly ladies these past few years: just how many men would the princess reject this week?

Not that Emma cared. It wasn’t as if she was actively seeking this attention. She wished that the world could just accept that she was happy as she was.

Because she was - happy. Alone, that is.

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part vulcan jack being absolutely turned sideways when tiny idk.. medic bitty?? communications officer?? idk!!! joins the team,, and he's permanently 40% always light green bc he's Nervous around bitty , god, im done goodbye

I was just talking about this with @ziimmbits, and we were thinking Bitty would be the tactical/navigation officer (like Chekov).

So this young, vibrant, excitable officer sits in front of him on the bridge every shift, alternately joking with and mother hen-ing the helmsman Chris Chow, and Jack sometimes just… spaces out listening to his voice? It’s got a honeyed lilt here and there that pulls at something in his chest that he can’t quite explain. If pressed, he’d say it was something like security. Comfort.

He’s not completely Vulcan, but he’s always relied on that part of himself to keep himself together. It’s that same part that finds Bittle a puzzle, because he can’t always account for his body’s reactions to him. When he stands over the younger officer’s shoulder, he can feel the heat pouring off him in waves; fully-fledged humans run hotter than he does and Bittle in particular seems to exude sunshine. That heat seems to warm his own blood, just enough to bring it to the surface the slightest bit. Humans wouldn’t notice the light green flush that blooms across his cheeks whenever he finds himself watching Bittle, but he can feel it and it only deepens when he catches a glimpse of himself in the reflective surface of a conn screen.