tactical kit


5.11 Rush 72 Bushcraft/Bugout Bag, with Westen Bundeswehr Klappspaten (West German Army Folding Shovel), Council Tools Wood-Craft Pack Axe in Maxpedition Universal Baton/Flashlight Sheath.


My IFAK / emergency medical kit
Here is the kit I keep with me at all times, it does easily fit on my plate carrier and if you notice the two Molle speed clips connected by red and white paracord that makes it very easy to remove when it’s needed but also keep it secure so it will not fall off.

On the outside I keep a pair of EMT sheers and a CAT tourniquet which is prepped for use (you don’t want to be unwrapping/setting it up while yourself or someone else is bleeding out).

1-CAT Tourniquet
1- EMT Sheers
1- Bolin Chest Seal (2 piece kit)
1- ARS Decompression Needle
1- NPA Tube
2- QuikClot Gauze
1- Israeli Bandage
1- Scalpel
2- Suture Kits
1- Pack Steri-Strips
3- Gloves
1- Black Sharpie
misc- alcohol wipes, antiseptic wipes, iodine wipes, gauze, bandages, medical tape, 2 long cotton swabs, Advil, antibiotic, pain killer (legal prescription and only for personal use if I am ever injured in the field etc… never give someone else medicine!)

With this kit I can stabilize most injuries until help arrives and in remote areas possibly more.

I believe those of us who train to take a life it’s our responsibility to also train on how to save a life.

@bill-11b @grumpyvikingdidnothingwrong thanks for the idea of posting our IFAK’s, it’s not just about “cool guns” everyone needs to be aware of how important these are.

damn now I have to repack this thing lol


The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword:

Some things are designed to remain Hidden In Plain Sight. Its an ethos we adopted and pushed for some time. This Sharpie still writes, for a short while at least and once you pick it up most people don’t notice the very slight change in weight and dismiss it instantly.

Pull the cap off, carefully pull the nib section out and inside is a selection of lock picking tools designed to help with most common locks. Its a simple package that means you can carry it anywhere you go and have not everything you need perhaps, but a good all refined selection of essential items on hand just in case and without attracting attention. 

We were thinking of offering these as a limited run to see how people like them. Cost is £22.50 for preorder early takers (£30 later on). Do you think this would suit your needs? Reblog and let us know, if we get enough feedback we will do a run of them on pre-order basis. Contains 4 carefully crafted lock picks with 5 tension strips.

Picks are Made From High Grade Steel and will not rust.

Brownells Becomes Internet’s Largest TACTICAL FALCONRY Dealer

GRINNELL, Iowa – Brownells, known for its incredible selection of firearms and firearm accessories, proudly announced today it has become the internet’s largest tactical falconry dealer. Brownells’ new Birds of Prey product line features hundreds of items dedicated to enabling private citizens, law enforcement officers and military personnel to engage in the ancient art of falconry for the purposes of self-defense, hunting and homeland protection. The new line features well-trained tactical birds ranging in size from the sub-sub-compact Black-Legged Falconet up to the full-size Steller’s Sea Eagle – an offensive raptor designed for maritime operations. For customers in arctic conditions, the Birds of Prey line offers Gyrfalcons in traditional Snowy Tundra camo as well as a special Ghostly White Limited Edition, exclusive to Brownells. Also available are a full line of tactical bird accessories, gear and supplies.

Some of the notable, cutting edge tactical falconry products include:

• Miniature Tactical Falcon Pants

• Falcon Action Camera Mounts

• PreyVision™ Falcon Spotting Scopes

• Falcon Handler First Aid & Suture Kits

• Tactical Falcon Treats • Widening Gyre® Tactical Falcon Signal Whistles

• TalonHone® File & Pedicure Kit

• Falcon Night Hunter Owl Conversion Kit

“Housing the falcons has been the biggest challenge for us,” said Pete Brownell, CEO of Brownells. “Well trained as they may be, we’ve noticed they tend to get nervous around lift trucks.”

Some of the newest tactical falconry products in the line come from the innovative company Critical OperRaptor Dynamics™®∞πµ. Miniature Adhesive Falcon OperRaptor Beards are available in several colors and sizes and are guaranteed to resist bloodstains and not jettison during flight. Also from Critical OperRaptor Dynamics™®∞πµ is a large assortment of Picatinny-Compatible Falcon Perch Rails to let the tactical falconry practitioner park his bird on his favorite AR-15 handguard, scope rail or ballistic helmet interface.

Yes, this an April Fools joke. No falcons were harmed in this ridiculous hijinks. Actually, we’ve never even seen a real live falcon.

The original prototype sneakyUSB Kit, and my EDC. Can you tell it gets ridden hard? I carry what I make.

So the things I added to my kit are a folded up $20 bill and a razor blade. May toss in some of my gold bullion and nab a ceramic razor, but for day to day this is a great little kit. Just a few little things that give me just a bit more back up.

With the sneakyUSB Kits, currently I am down to 1 kit in stock… yikes! I have been snoozing a bit I guess. I’ll be ordering more stock to make the picks tonight. Everything else Is good to go though. Thanks to all of you that have nabbed one, this is a fun project for me and hope to keep it going.

More developments as well, I have been talking with some sneaky sorts developing a new OS/Linux Distro that would be a perfect fit for these. This is pretty early in the game, but I’m really excited by what we have talked about so far. Keep an eye out for updates!


Light Box Project:

After some investment in materials and some continued testing one of the ideas I had last year seems to be getting closer to a final product. When other items came along it got put to the back burner and then brought out again as time allowed. In short I was asked for a lighting method that could be turned on and off, that glowed and did not produce large volumes of light, that could be used to allow navigation and signalling as well as be Jerry rigged for other covert uses. Also it had to be totally stand alone not requiring batteries or further components adding to the bulk or weight of the item.

I had tried chemical lights in a variety of ways but its a one shot deal and you cant exactly turn them off. You can throw them in your shoe or sometimes in a pocket but that can lead to light escape from the pocket depending on what the material is. Also you need a lot of them if you intend on doing anything for extended periods of time.

After some further experiments with glowing materials from hard plastics to soft granules all the way down to dust the final product was reached. Above is the final prototype of the material to glow, without the correct top coat. The final top coat to affix it is on order and the vacuum chamber is not set up yet to remove the bubbles. The final top coat is also crystal clear and is UV stable magnifying the sunlight inbound to the particles.

What we have is a container that holds a simple to charge glowing powder that is long lasting and durable. Its sealed into the holder with a clear top coat. You can charge it with sunlight, UV light or any other form of light. The big difference is a sliding lid makes it easily to turn off or on or vary the intensity..

Once the final components have arrived and a final sample is made I’ll post some further images and some further demonstration photos. Double sided tape could allow for a permanent marker or simple velcro for fixing to a jacket, bergan, helmet etc.

More details to follow, any thoughts or views on this idea please feel free to let me know.

Updated EDC…heavy edition for when I’m going out of town or into the bigger city.


Leatherman Wave

Benchmade 551 Griptillion

Fenix LD10


Glock 19 Gen 3 with Hornady Critical Duty 135 +P

Glock 17 magazines x2 loaded with same

Smith and Wesson 442 Airwieght loaded with Magtech 95 HP

Extra 5 shot cylinder

Boot knife from Atlanta cutlery my dad gave me

Shrade tactical pen


ITS Tactical ETA kit

Refactor Tactical RAT TQ

Small Ifak in pouch


ITS Tactical crew member cap with PVC American flag patch

Field Notes notebook

Saddleback ID wallet

5 Gum

Zippo lighter

Citizen Eco Drive watch

Refactor Tactical survival band

Lens cloth for my glasses

Keys with Huckberry pickpocket bottle opener/key hanger, Swiss classic

Earbuds from VaSang

If I was just heading up to the store or into my little Podunk town I would probably just take the 442 snubby, TQ, and my EDC list items.

Glock 19 would substitute going into the bigger towns next to mine or to the mall like Tacoma or Silverdale.

Seattle, over the Cascades or on vacation warrants the above set up and my go bag behind my seat.  

Yes this shit gets heavy having it all the time, which is why I leave stuff based on my time spent away from home, closeness to first responder stations, current events and distance from home.

But I will always carry something on my person for self defense and to stop bleeding.