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Just a few of my Glock 9mm variants out on the range today. Glock 43, 26, & 19 with my favorite ammo storage container from G-Code Holsters; Bang Box. Glock 19 is sporting Magpul PMag. Glock 43 is sporting Taran Tactical Innovations +2 base pad.


S A I G A 1 2 ||@dtv_tactical_innovations


Close-up of Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier with AR500 Curved Plates with Haley Strategic D3CR.

The D3 loadout: Glock 19 Gen 4 with custom holster mounted in GP pouch, Magpul Pmags, Glock 17 Mags with Taran Tactical Innovations +6 base pads, Winkler Knives II Combat Knife mounted to cumber bun, and Tactical Response VOK located in GP & Bungee Pouches.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away!

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Received my Haley Strategic D3CR Chest Rig to run with my Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier with AR500 Curved Plate Armor.

Current load-out on the banshee:

Glock 19 Gen 4 inside Special Operations Velcro Holster
Two spare mags with Taran Tactical Innovations +6 base pads
4 Magpul Pmags
Winkler Knives fixed Blade
Will be adding a radio(still deciding on make and model) as well as first aid kit(VOK) from Tactical Response.

Stay tuned as I continue to run, change, and add to my current set-up.

Pictured with Battle Arms Development & Bentwood Gunsmithing Ounces Is Pounds Custom AR-15 with Hex Mag.


The newly released Taran Tactical Innovations Glock 42 +2 Base Pad arrived today. I run TTI base pads on all of my Glocks and have never had an issue with any.

Also pictured is the Glock 43 TTI +2 Base Pad.


New & Innovative or more of the same? Thoughts?


Current plate carrier set-up:

Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier
AR500 Curved Armor Plates
Haley Strategic Environments D3CR
Winkler Knives Combat Knife
Glock 19 Gen 4
Magpul Glock PMAG, and AR-15 PMAGS.
Spare Glock 17 Mags with Taran Tactical +6 Base Pads
Tactical Response IVOK
Bentwood Gunsmithing & Battle Arms Development OIP Rifle.
1776 United Flex Fit Don’t Tread on Me Hat

EDC for Easter Sunday:

Colion Noir #ThePewPewLife Hat
Hinderer XM-18 Bowie Knife
Elzetta Alpha Flashlight
Spyderco USN Hawkbill Ladybug
ADV Tactical Tac Mini Butcher
RCFiber Carbon Fiber Pen
TRex Arms Sidecar Holster with Glock 26 Gen 4 and Spare Mag with Taran Tactical Innovations
Spare Mag in KYTEX Shooting Gear Holster
Elzetta Alpha Flashlight
Joshua Johnson Art Dead Pool Patch and The Division Patch by Honey Badger Defense Co.
MilspecMonkey Hoodie

Requested Anonymously 

Today’s post was written by mewistheancestor, who you might know from their fantastic series on Pokémon in our Biomes!

As apparently the weakest of all dragon types, one can’t help but wonder what evolutionary advancements Goomy has made to survive. Terrestrial, dependent on water, and sub-par stats, Goomy must utilize some innovative defense tactics to compensate for such a lack of offensive potential.

Because it is a newer Pokémon, there isn’t a whole lot of information provided through Pokédex entries on Goomy. As it retains several anatomical characteristics of gastropods in the real world, we can learn a lot about Goomy by relating it to various mechanisms gastropods have evolved that have helped them become one of the most abundant invertebrates in the world. One of said mechanisms is quite primal, and that is the lack of any sort of bone structure. In the anime, we see Goomy slip through extremely tight bars, which with a skeletal structure may prove to be quite difficult. 

As the slimy membrane that allows punches and kicks to slide off it harmlessly, I would imagine it to be almost balloon-like, and have quite a “squishy” complexion. Goomy, to me, is almost like a balloon that is half-filled with air, and if you’ve ever tried to pop a balloon with only half of its maximum potential air capacity, it can be quite difficult thanks to the surface tension and elasticity complex of the latex it is made of.

The reason balloons pop more easily when they’re filled with air is because latex balloons actually have small holes that allow minute amounts of air to gradually escape over time, and when punctured by something sharp, it creates a tear in these holes and too much air escapes at once, causing the latex to rip and the balloon to pop. When balloons don’t have as much air, these holes are smaller, and less likely to rip.

The same theory can be applied to Goomy; it has a thick membrane like a half-inflated balloon, which is stronger, more elastic, and harder to break. It could even be argued that Goomy secretes an extremely slippery fluid from these pores to help it slip out of any other Pokémon’s grasp or attack. This makes a lot of sense as if Goomy were to inflate itself, its skin would be more vulnerable to tears, and in return would need to excrete more of the slimy fluid for protection, but when it is at a normal volume the pores are smaller and don’t excrete as much because its surface membrane is more elastic and less likely to tear.

Even more so to support the idea that Goomy is a lot like a mucous-filled balloon, is that fact that balloons filled with water are extremely difficult to break if they’re not stretching the elastic enough. The water inside of a water balloon acts as counter pressure when it hits something. When squeezing an air-filled balloon there is more inward pressure because air is so much less dense and lighter than water, so it will be easier to break. However, squeezing a water balloon with a thick surface membrane will be more difficult to break because the heavy water will push back, and counteract the force acting upon it.

Goomy is like a water balloon with a thick membrane, and secretes an extremely slimy fluid through microscopic pores all over its body.