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What a difference 38 years make (visions of 2068 special) Alternating views of SPV (Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle), 1967 and Rhino TRU (Tactical Response Unit), 2005. Both Captain Scarlet iterations featured heavy-duty attack vehicles which featured five pairs of wheels and were capable of high speed with the help of twin ram air booster jets

concept: you and i are driving on the highway on a full tank of inexpensive gas. we park at a rest stop and look up at the bright stars and cuddle under a blanket and fall asleep in each other’s arms. i wake up in the morning and you’re not there and i get out of the car and man door hand hook car door


Today’s training Bullets and Vehicles. We worked on everything from firing from the vehicle, exiting and engaging multiple targets from cover using the vehicle, shooting through the windshield both into and out and the effects of multiple calibers on different areas of cover on the vehicle. Really a great day with lots of practical skill building and real world testing. Of course everyone’s favorite part was sending rounds into the car with a .50 BMG.

@sigsauerinc if you ever get the chance the Sig Sauer Academy is a great place to train. They offer courses ranging from absolute beginner through high level trained professionals. Top notch facility with experienced instructors.

Date Night (Tactical Gear, Alex’s Choker, and Making Out)

“The date night maggie and alex were having” and “maybe like sexual frustration with maggie and alex cuz of alex worrying about kara and maggie feeling something about alex being off before they talked it out?” prompts from @thebiwisebrownkid and “A sanvers kiss?” from @figuringoutme4me and “So fuck them for cutting out the scenes of Sanvers holding hands in bed and of Alex saying, “From now on I only do date night in tactical gear” during the car chase. Fuck them for that queer baiting.  (I feel like ‘fuck them’ is going to be my constant mood this season.)  Maybe a glimpse of their date night before they got to the car chase? Bonus if you can incorporate both cut scenes?  I just need fluff.” from @ahhveee 

Maggie had said she wanted to hit the town, because, if they were being honest, Alex needed it.

Alex needed it because Alex needed her sister, but couldn’t have her right now.

So Maggie told her to wear something nice.


And she did. 

She’d relished the way Maggie’s mouth went dry and the way she’d stammered over her words when her eyes found Alex’s choker.

“See something you like, Sawyer?” she’d asked, feigning like she wasn’t having coherency problems of her own, caused largely by Maggie’s lipstick and the thought of getting it all over her body.

“Always, Danvers,” Maggie had answered.

She’d taken them to the bowling alley, and it turned out she was nearly as bad at bowling as she was at pool.

Alex teased her about getting bumpers for the gutter, and Alex pulled Maggie’s hips in close to hers, and Alex whispered something about her mind being in the gutter.

And then they’d gotten the call.

“From now on, I only do date night in tactical gear,” she protests while Maggie drives, and Maggie grimaces.

Grimaces because Alex has a point, and not even about the possibility of dying at any moment and the practical need to have some kevlar in a situation like this.

No, that’s not it.

Alex has a point because, as hard as it would be to focus on safely navigating them through a high-speed car chase with her girlfriend leaning, in full tactical gear, out the window to shoot, at least Alex doing things like shooting out the car window in tactical gear was something Maggie was used to.

But this?

Alex dolled up for a date?

Alex, in that choker?

Alex, dolled up for a date, in that choker, leaning out the window like she’s invincible, completely trusting Maggie to keep them on course, to keep them safe, at 80 miles an hour on a very not-open road?

Maggie’s body was not prepared for that.

So she grimaces and she focuses – hard – because focus is something she needs right now.

Because she really can’t afford to be thinking, right now, about the things she wants to do to Alex.

About the things she wants Alex to do to her.

She saves all that until they get home.

Until they get home, when Alex has seemed to forget all about Maggie’s lipstick and her own choker and their date night and the concept of romance generally.

Because Alex has pulled back.


Because Alex has retreated into worrying about Kara territory, again.

And Maggie understands. She does.

But she also wants her.

God, does she want her.

Her in that choker, her in that outfit, her with her bravery and her faith and her anger and her dedication.

Her with her ability to joke about tactical gear and date night when they can be blown out of their car at any moment.

“Alex,” she rasps, and when Alex lifts her eyes to meet Maggie’s, something sparks.

Like maybe Alex, now, can feel it, too.

Maggie’s raw want. 

Her emotional patience combined with her raw sexual frustration that Alex has been so distracted, lately. Too distracted, too upset, to do any of the things that are on Maggie’s mind right now.

“You look so beautiful,” is all she can whisper, and Alex’s breath hitches.

Her pupils dilate. Her tongue wets her lips.

“So do you.” She says it like she’s praying, and Maggie thinks that maybe she is.

“You can say no – you know you can always say no – but I want you, Alex.”

Because the sight of her in that choker has her purely and utterly wrecked, and she needs… god, she needs so much.

Reassurance. Intimacy. 

Alex writhing under her and screaming her name.

“I want you, too,” Alex whispers, but there’s hesitation in her eyes.

Maggie tilts her head. Alex smiles.

“Not sex? Not tonight. I… I did, want to. But now, I just… can we just… I wanna kiss you. Can we just… can we kiss?”

“Come here,” Maggie welcomes, and Alex crawls into her lap eagerly.

They start slow, all lips and all tentative and all gentle.

Maggie’s hands roam from Alex’s waist to her face to her arms to her ass.

Alex grinds down into her lap, and Maggie’s hips arch up of their own accord.

They both smile into the kiss, and they both go to deepen it at the same time.

Maggie moans softly into Alex’s mouth as her tongue brushes Maggie’s lips, seeking and retrieving entry.

Alex gasps at the heat in Maggie’s response, at the way Maggie’s tongue caresses hers, at the way Maggie’s teeth gently swipe at her bottom lip.

“Danvers,” Maggie whimpers, and Alex shifts off her lap quickly.

Too quickly.

Maggie looks up in dazed confusion.

Alex holds out her hands.

“Come to bed,” she said, and Maggie tilts her head.

“We don’t have to, babe, you said you weren’t in the mood to – “

“I’m not. But I want to… I want to take your clothes off. I want you to take mine off. And I want to keep kissing you. But closer. I wanna be so close to you.”

“Alex,” Maggie whispers as she stands, as she kisses Alex all the way back to her bed. To their bed.

“Undress me?” Alex asks, and Maggie does.

Slow and reverent and worshipful, she kisses every newly-exposed inch of Alex’s skin, gasping softly at the revelation that is her naked body, eyes hungry and loving, like she knows Alex by heart and like she’s seeing her for the first time.

Alex nearly cries.

She doesn’t, because it’s Maggie’s turn.

Maggie’s turn to feel revered, worshiped, cherished. Loved.

She takes her time stripping Maggie of her clothes, pressing open-mouthed kisses to every part of Maggie’s body.

Including the parts that always tickle her.

She revels in Maggie’s shrieks, in her giggles, in the way she tugs at Alex to never, ever stop.

“I love you,” she murmurs when they’re finally laying skin to skin, interlaced in each other’s arms, kissing slow and steady and soft.

“I love you too, Alex Danvers,” Maggie promises back, her lips traveling briefly down Alex’s jawline to her throat before coming up again to meet her mouth, heated and passionate and open.

They interlace their left hands – the touching of their rings sending an extra surge of awe for the other through both of their bodies – on top of the covers as they fall asleep, their limbs intertwined, their bodies flush against each other.

And for a moment – a long, peaceful moment that lasts all night – they’re all that exists in the world, and everything is absolutely perfect.

Extracts from the Seattle Police Department Reports (end of 1975, beginning of 1976). I left out some parts. It’s basically Ted trolling the detectives following him. If you want to read the whole thing, it’s all in The Bundy Secrets. :

Surveillance of Homicide Suspect by Roger Dunn

This is to be a 24 hr. surveillance of a possible homicide suspect. He is to be watched as closely as possible. He is not to be arrested or confronted in any way unless he commits some overt act warranting immediate arrest (felony or other dangerous act.) Maintain running log of activity.

The subject of this surveillance is Theodore Bundy, WM 29 5-10 160 med. Bld. Brown, hair short, (mod) curly.

11 - 27 - 75

Mackie related that Bundy showed up at Horatio’s Restaurant where Liz Kloepfer was having dinner with some friends. He wanted Liz to leave with him but she refused but did meet him at her place later that night.

12 - 2 - 75

1400 Hrs. He had lunch with Ann Rule at the Pittsbourg, etc. in Pioneer Square. He did not say anything incriminating, was totally relaxed but did ask a lot of questions about what was going on here and stated he wanted to talk to the police.

12 - 5 - 75

1630 hours Subject and small W-F left the house in ABQ 894, drove to U of W Hospital. There he picked up W-F. went south-bound on I-5 into Pioneer Square. Tried to lose us and was successful. Officer Augerson found car parked in the 100 blk S. Washington a short time later unoccupied.

1809 hours Subject and both females returned to the car walking south-bound from Yesler on Occidental Ave S. drove uptown on third Ave, tried to lose us around 6th and 7th Pike and Olive - unsuccessful. Subject pull to the curb and turn out his lights, then pull away again. Subject got on the freeway northbound and drove to Northgate arriving there at 1830 hours. They parked in the lot south of 103rd and entered the complex - did not follow.

1930 hours Subject, girlfriend and the little girl came out of Northgate complex and entered their vehicle. They drove back to I-5 and went northbound to 145th, where they exited and went over to Aurore Stopped at JB’s hamburger restaurant.

12 - 8 - 75

1600 hrs. Subject came out of door of loc #2, emptied the garbage and waved at Sutlovich, then walked to the surveillance vehicle and asked if Sutlovich was a police officer, at the same time stating that the vehicle that Sutlovich was in was the same one that followed him last Saturday night. He got no reply and then continued passing the time of the day with small talk, then went back to the residence. He was wearing a long sleeved turtleneck sweater and jeans.

1607 hrs. Subject came back out of Loc #2 wearing also a blue jacket and glasses. He walked over again to Sutlovich and stated that he was going to pick up his laundry, Sutlovich followed him to a cleaners at approx 42 NE and University Way, then back to Location #2. Arrived back at 1700 hrs.

1700 hrs. Subject contacted Sutlovich again and asked if the surveillance was for his protection. Sutlovich informed him that he could consider that. He then stated that’s good, that he doesn’t have anything against the police, that he was wondering why the surveillance just started since he came back to town a week ago. Sutlovich then asked him if he would be going anywhere soon. He asked “You mean back in Utah”. Sutlovich said no, tonight. He stated that he mey be going over to Vortmans in Magnolia, then walked back to Location #2 and entered.

12 - 9 - 75

0815hrs. Susp. left house with Liz Kloepfer daughter and got into his veh. Dropped daughter off at school. Susp. went E/B on NE 52 and lost us in traffic after crossing 15 NE. Search made for veh. Proved negative.

1 - 12 - 76

Bundy in the area of 47th and 16th N.E. He just disappeared.

2135 hrs. Bundy went out the front of the house. He approached Det. Gillis, who was parked on the southwest corner of the intersection of 18th and 52nd. He took Gillis’ picture. He then walked down towards the alley where I’m parked and come up to the front of the car and bent down to where he could see my license plate, and he wrote my license number down. He then walked south back through the alley up to 52nd. I got out on foot and followed him. He stopped at the corner and started talking to Det. Gillis, who by this time was out on foot. At this time I then approached Bundy, and we all three talked for a little bit. He wanted to know why we were following him, what took us so long - he’s been in town a week. He said he tried to get a hold of Capt. Leich and Capt. Mackie to find out why, and he said he didn’t have any beef with the guys out on the street, and he said he might have to go back to court on the 20th of this month - he doesn’t know yet, but he says definitely, for sure, on the 9th of February. We talked for approximately 10 minutes, and about 2145 hrs he went back in to the residence. Ted was wearing a blue nylon down jacket, light tan corduroy pants, brown shoes, no hat, and he had about a month’s growth of beard.

1 - 13 - 76

0825 hrs. Bundy came out of the front door and began walking south on 18 N.E. He had on dark rimmed glasses, blue down ski parka, tan flared trousers, dark shoes and was carrying a green satchel under his left arm. I got out of my car and followed him on foot after advising Keppel.

Bundy walked at a normal pace up to 17. N.E. and south into the campus and was aware that I was behind him. He walked in near the Burke Museum and then back out onto 45th. He turned south on University Way N.E. very aware that I was behind him.

0840 hrs. He went into the Coffee Corral at N.E. 42 and U Way and came out a moment later smoking a cigarette.

0850 hrs. He walked up through Red Square and into the undergraduate library. As we got into a crowd, he went downstairs and through the cafeteria in an effort to lose me.

0855 hrs. Bundy went into a phone booth in Suzallo Library. The portion of the conversation I could hear was “There’s a detective following me, where’s the car?”

0858 hrs. Bundy came out of the phone booth and went into the men’s room in Suzallo Library.

0901 hrs. I went into the restroom and discovered that there was a backdoor that opened into an employee’s locker room. (…) I checked for Bundy in the immediate area but he was gone.

(At that point, they lost track of Bundy until 1230 hrs.)

1230 hrs. I drove to Marlin Vortman’s apartment in an effort to relocate Bundy. As I approached the apartment I spotted Bundy walking along the sidewalk dressed in a grey hooded sweatshirt, faded green sweatpants, blue turtleneck and white tennis shoes. When he saw me he smiled. I waved and continued pas him to the corner of 36 W. and W. Gov’t Way. As I turned south I looked in my rearview mirror and saw Bundy sprinting into the woods in Discovery Park.


1328 hrs. Bundy walked up the street to the vehicle. It apparently didn’t start so he had to push it and then went to Gov’t Way.

I followed Bundy down into Ballard’s business district and it soon became evident that the only reason he was driving at all was to play tag with the cops. He would drive legally but try his best to lose me. Some typical maneuvers would be : park the car in hopes that I would have to drive by in traffic and or get out of the car (in sweats) and walk down the block, get one car between us at a stoplight and then make a free right turn and then a few more turns in an effort to get free of a tail. It became very easy to predict what Bundy would try to do but my car was not conductive to quick albeit legal maneuvers. Bundy was taking great delight in the ‘game’ and smiled when he would execute a clever evasive tactic.

1407 hrs. Bundy drove to the Ballard Locks, parked his car and jogged (in heavy rain) back along the railroad tracks and out of sight around the end of the government property.

I parked my car next to his and waited. 1416 hrs. Bundy came walking back to the car from the same direction. I got two impressions as to why Bundy uses a tactic of parking the car and walking away :

- He hoped that I would immobilize the operation of the car so he could scream “harassment’’.

- Hoped that I would get out and follow him on foot so he could double back to the car so he could drive off without a tail.

My impressions of Bundy during the day while I was following him is that he does not act like a normal, mature 29 year old law student. He seems to thrive on attention just like a spoiled child and that is the only reason he altered his behavior, which is to say the more ‘attention’ he gets, the more he eats it up. It would not be difficult to predict his actions in a situation like this, but trying to maintain a covert surveillance in hopes that he may go to a ‘stash’ or any other place that might tend to incriminate him would be fruitless and impractical.

So the Alt Right is using ISIS tactics now

Driving a car into a crowd, that is literally out of the ISIS playbook.  Its almost like these two groups are exactly the same, just with mad libs alteration. 

It reminds me of how much the Alt Right will talk about Western virtues like democracy, secularization, tolerance, education and equality…and then oppose all of those exact things.  Its the same people, just wearing different masks.  


The same StuG 40 Ausf.G on the two photos.
In the first photo she’s in Finland, on the second we bought and renovated British collector Steve Lamonby
History of the machines is as follows -
Machine release may 1944, chassis number 105487, late series, already having a gun a mask type “pig’s snout”, but have not yet received a remotely controlled machine-gun installation. She was sold to Finland, where the car received serial number Ps.531-55. First self-propelled gun to war against the red Army, then against the Germans, then was a long service in the Finnish army, and finally, the role of the tactical object. Overall the car was lucky because it did not pass into scrap metal, but as you can see, by 2007, turned out to be far from ideal in the same year the British and bought these fossils for 115 thousand euros.