tactical briefing

Helmet Party + Zhanna Concept

I mean, imagine…

*solly kicks open lab door*


Engie falls off his chair, surprised by the sudden ambush, but swiftly rights himself, peering up at the military mercenary through his ever-present goggles… and turning his gaze to the amazonian woman standing by his side.

“Uh… ah’m delighted ta meetcha miss…?” he frowns, a little confused.

Raccoons being adopted at all hours of day and night was one thing, but bringing a woman home was new.

“I am Zhanna, sister of Misha… you call him Heavy, da? I am here to meet competitor for the Soldier, Jane.”

The frown deepens, as the Texan turns towards the other man in the room. “Now Sol, did you at least ask if she wanted ta be part o all this, or didja forget to tell her about…”

He trails off. “…is there even an us anymore?”

Soldier deflates a little, “Of course, Engie, I gave the private a full tactical briefing but i think it may not have translated correctly to communist from Pure AMERICAN!”

Engie rolls his eyes.

“Miss Zhanna it’s nice ta meet you, ah’m the team engineer, some call me Engie, but this here loudmouth and a few others call me by my given name, which is Dell.” He introduces himself. “Now ah don;t know where this rivalry idea came from, but if ya okay with sharing, we ain’t gonna have a problem.”

She narrows her eyes for a long moment, gaze sweeping up and down his form in a way that reminded the Texan of the one time he let Soldier talk him into a situation involving honey, nudity, and a once-more scandalised scout.

Finally, Zhanna nods, and gives a smiles. “Da, vil vork for me. Now I have two attractive men with which to have the fun times.”

Engie nearly chokes. God damn, she was straight forwards.

…how did Jane keep finding people like this?

“Uh, alright then. Y'all hungry?” he offers, trying to ease into the situation.

“I HAVE A BETTER IDEA, PRIVATE!” cries Soldier, already naked somehow and cracking the lid off of their last jar of honey.

“Now, Jane ah don’t think-…”

“Is good plan.” replies Zhanna, over him, already sans most of her attire.

Engie isn’t sure where to look, to be polite. “JANE… are you su-…”

“C'mon Dell… dinner and a show…” cajoles Soldier, with that damn smirk that started this all off last time.

“Please, let Zhanna help…” purrs russian goddess by him, enticingly covered in a layer of honey and reaching for the clasp to his overalls.

Engie takes a deep breath, exhales, and accepts that he has the most unusual taste in partners this universe has ever seen.

“Oh all right…” he relents, already feeling the sticky condiment being poured on his head, as other hands helpfully stole his clothes away…

He starts to laugh at the ridiculous of his life.

And that’s when the door creaks open.
“Hey, are you guys coming to dinner or wha-…aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?!?!?” Scout just stands there, hand on the doorknob, eyes wide, and mouth open in an unending scream.

Engie groans. “Godamnit, ah knew this was gonna happen… we need a lock for that door.”

Soldier and Zhanna look to him pleadingly, but the Texan steadfastly shakes his head. “Ah think he’s traumatised enough without you trying to get him in on the acti-… put down that honey, Zhan, or so help me…”

And thus began the great nude honey marathon around the base, as Scout tried to escape, soldier and zhanna tried to catch him, and engineer jogged steadfastly behind wondering how his life came to this.

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Relationship headcanons for Grand Admiral Thrawn?

Anonymous said to oh-to-imagine:Any thrawn headcanons?

I actually have’t been able to see the newest season of Rebels (IT’S TORTURE!) However, I do remember a bit of Thrawn from the old (no longer canon) SW books and from what I’ve heard the guy who wrote him for the books (Timothy Zhan) is also the one who wrote his characterization for the show, so I assume they’re pretty much the same?? Hopefully these are good enough <3

  • You’re relationship would be a secret, not only does he prefer to keep things like that private but he also doesn’t want to be perceived as “weak” in front of his peers and underlings
  • Not to mention he doesn’t want to give his enemies a reason to threaten you to get to him, he’s very protective
  • Still he can’t help himself from giving you long looks across the bridge. No one else can interpret what’s held in his scarlet gaze but you, and it can be hard to keep yourself from showing the pleasant shutter going through your body
  • A seductive soul, dates always consist of intimate, low lit dinners with wine or other suave alcohol. Sometimes said dinners are held in the forests or unique terrain of whatever ever planet he’s visiting on imperial duties.
  • Thrawn can be on the demanding side even in his intimate relationships, the things that makes up for that is the fact that he gives as good as he takes
  • He’s always picking up little gifts from the various planets he visits and presents them to you over your intimate dinners in his quarters. He takes pride in knowing that he can spoil you
  • A negative point is that he doesn’t communicate well or even argue with you. He doesn’t want to “degrade” himself by stooping to arguing and he doesn’t have much patients for talking things out like an adult who acknowledges the fact that he has emotions
  • Blow ups usually lead to a week or so were there are no private dinners, no secret looks and no calls to see him in his office with ulterior motives. Then after awhile he sends a gift to your quarters and invites you to join him for “tactical briefings” over drinks in his quarters, the blow up seemingly forgotten
I’m sorry. For everything.

“Son, you seem distraught.”

Arcann heard his mother’s voice but was reluctant to tear himself out of contemplation. The air was cold above the canyon, the breeze made sounds dissipate faster and he wasn’t aware of her footsteps when Senya approached him near the railing. Her gloved hand pressed upon his right shoulder.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yes, mother.”

It was alright. Odessen was safe, the Eternal Fleet was theirs again. The Commander was working hard to rally factions for peace. She worked day and night, sometimes days at a time when deployed to another system.

He barely ever saw her anymore.

“Ever since last week, when we returned from Zakuul, I have noticed you were absent from your chambers. I can’t help but worry.”

“I need to stay busy,” he replied with an assuring nod. “The Alliance needs all the help it can get, we must stay alert against any uprisings. We have known these times when father was alive.” He recalled traveling Wild Space and the Outer Rim with Thexan, crushing the resistance against the Eternal Empire. “I know we can’t afford the same mistakes twice.”

“You are valuable to us all, Arcann.” She leaned over to catch his gaze, and he faced her with a certain difficulty. “But watch yourself not to get overworked.”

His teeth were locked tightly and he managed a pinched smile if only to dismiss her concerns. It was a vain attempt, a mother always worried about her children. Arcann needed to actively remind himself that she had only one left.

He sensed her pain and her mental exhaustion. Senya looked down in turn, clutching at the railing that separated them both against a deadly precipice. His lips twisted with dread before he circled his mother in his arms.

“Oh,” she breathed with surprise. “Thank you.”

He held on to her for a moment, sufficiently long enough to realize how much he’d missed the comfort of another person being close to him.

Long enough to want more. From someone else. Of something else.

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Kylo Ren Imagine- Captured

@brieflyfamousstarlight requested “Hi! I love your imagines, I was wondering if you’re not too busy if you could do a Kylo Ren imagine where the reader is in a relationship with him and she’s really kind and she’s taken into the resistance for questioning?’ 

You jolt awake in a cold sweat as the sounds of the rain pelting the side of the building echo through the small room. Your surrounds are dreary and damp, metal bars keep you separated from the rest of society. A throbbing pain draws your attention to your head. You blink away a trickle of blood rolling down your battered forehead.

“Someone call Leia!” a voice shouts. 

Brushing the dust that collected on your pants off, you stand up letting the pain tingle through your body fueling your anger. The door creaks open and an aged woman enters. You can tell from her weathered expression that she has had a hectic life. Upon staring into her eyes you can tell who she is for Kylo Ren has the same little glint in his eyes when he gets a glimmer of hope. 

“What do you want?” you sneer. 

The war torn woman approaches you with caution sensing that you aren’t a person to be messing with. Her posture is hunched as she fumbles around to find the right words to say. When the Resistance heard that you were on a mission near the Ileenium system they started to plot for your capture. 

“Look (y/n) we don’t want to keep you here any longer than necessary.” she mumbles.

“Then I suggest you let me go now.” you spit. 

“It isn’t that simple. The Resistance is looking for something and I think you can help us.” 

You take one step closer toward her and she takes one step back knowing her position. Resentment bubbles up inside of your chest as you stand next to the woman who destroyed the man you love. It took years of knowing Kylo for him to even mention his parents, another few for him to openly talk about his childhood. She was responsible for that missing piece of him. 

“Why would I help you?” 

“It’s the right thing to do. I know you may not see the value in this but to us it is everything.” 

Seeing her so vulnerable brings a slight joyful sensation to you. Unlike Kylo, you were raised in the dark. Sometimes you would feel this pull to the light but it would soon be suppressed as the First Order rose from the ashes. You met Kylo when he was just figuring out his position in the dark side and he immediately drew to you. 

“They will be looking for me any minute you know.” 

A bead of sweat drips down your smut covered face. You fight the urge to wipe it away only because your wrists are bound behind your back with a fraying piece of rope. As you shift your weight you feel the scratchy chord digging into the skin of your wrists. Leia sighs at your discomfort knowing that she can’t do anything to fix it, you are too strong to not be bound. 

“He won’t come here. He’s managed to avoid me for fifteen years, I don’t foresee that changing any time soon.” she averts her eyes. 

“Don’t be so sure.” 

When she glances up at you something catches her eye. Right next to a healed scar on your chest rests a golden ring hanging from a chain. A brilliant diamond encased in a halo of black diamonds clings to your heaving chest. You watch all of the joy drain from Lei’s face as she realizes what you possess. While focused on the needs of the Resistance she lets her thoughts drift for a moment. Having her son get married was one of the few things she wanted in life and now she would miss it. 

“He asked you to marry him?”

“We will wed in a year. I were it around my neck to remind me how close he is to my heart.” 

Your words take her back for a brief moment. She thinks back to him running around the Resistance base chasing the girl he was training with. Everyone assumed that she would be the one he would marry but then everything changed. She shipped him off to private training with Luke with a select few and he started to drift away. That is where she went wrong. 

“Leia!” a man pants. 

You recognize the man who is talking to Leia. Poe Dameron, deemed the best pilot in the Resistance, was captured by Kylo a while back. He looks at you, his eyes dripping with distain. 

“Kylo Ren’s ship was seen a few miles away.” he informs. 

He saunters over to you with clenched fists. A vein pops out in his forehead and travels down his neck. You smile up at the pilot which strikes a nerve. He swings and his fist roughly makes contact with your jaw. As he backs away you continue to grin crookedly. The tinny takes of blood starts to fills your mouth as he wipes his face with his trembling hands. 

“You should’t be here.” he warns. 

“Deep down I know you are happy to see me again Poe.” you smirk. 

“Trust me, I’m not.” 

“Not so sure about that Dameron.” 

He turns on his heels, being the bigger person he lets you have the last words. Those words echo in his head. The very thought of you brings him back to Kylo Ren’s torture. He resents the fact that he wasn’t strong enough to combat Kylo’s tactics. 

“I’ll be briefing the troops if you ned me.” 

Leia wanted to speak but the words she wanted to say refused to come out. She nods and the pilot exists the room. A silence swirls around the room for a while. 

“It’s your fault you know.” you break the silence. 

“You don’t think I already know that?” 

Her voice is laced with sorrow. Show bows her head, a small piece of grey hair falls in front of her face from her bun. 

“You don’t have to see him suffer everyday like I do. I saw him build himself up into this feared warrior, a skillful knight who wields his lightsaber and reigns over an elite regime. I’ve seen him at his highest but I’ve witnessed him tear himself apart.” 

“I never meant to hurt him (y/n).”

“But you did and I pay the price everyday for it.”

“And I can’t forgive myself for that.”

“Neither will he.”

[ author’s note: I know you requested for the reader to be super sweet but it wasn’t working for me. I hope this is okay??? Please feel free to message me if you would like a new one if this is nothing like you envisioned.]

Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris

Light the Shield

Lord Saladin will welcome competitors to back the Tower on October 13th.

Prepare to control the zones. Level up and choose your weapon. Power still matters, and we’re adjusting the damage curves to work with the new measurement systems. That’s not all that’s different about Iron Banner in Year Two. We have a tactical briefing from

Crucible Designer, Jeremiah Pieschl

to help you get ready for battle:

  • The tempered buff is now automatically applied and continues to grow in effectiveness each day of the event.
  • The alt catch-up buff and Iron Medallion mechanics are unchanged.
  • Potential match completion rewards now include both weapons and armor, matching the same items available from Lord Saladin during each event.
  • Drop rates have been increased and are intended to be the primary source of rewards from Iron Banner. If you don’t get what you’re hoping for, you have the option to visit Lord Saladin instead.
  • Gear purchased from Lord Saladin now requires Legendary Marks instead of Glimmer.
  • New emblems have been added to his inventory.
  • All new bounties including 9 Daily bounties (3 per day) and 3 new Weekly bounties which reward Legendary Marks.
  • Recommended minimum Light for Iron Banner: 230.
  • Only Level 40 Guardians can lead a Fireteam.

“Test yourself, Guardian.” –Lord Saladin

Light the Candles

Brother Vance will welcome competitors back to the Reef on October 16.

Prepare to eliminate the enemy. Yet again, power still matters. Increase your Light and form your very finest Fireteam. Trials of Osiris is keeping the trend of evolution in Year Two.

Senior Designer Derek Carroll

is here to tell you what you need to know to reach the Lighthouse, or die well trying:

  • Trials gear will now drop exclusively as end-of-match rewards for winning teams.
    • The more you win, the better those drops will be!
    • There’s no need to return to Brother Vance, all rewards come directly to you.
  • Passage Coins still drop for the losing team. Trials is still about winning, but Coins can help make that easier.
    Trials Passages now have a Details page containing your active buffs. You won’t be able to add buffs once you’ve started your Trial, so make sure you buy them first!
  • Players that go undefeated on their Passage will continue to be invited to The Lighthouse.
  • Players may continue to play in the Trials past 9 wins (but they won’t get any better gear).
  • Brother Vance now has Trials Bounties available each weekend to provide players with a way to get sweet Trials gear, even if they’re not reaching the Lighthouse.
  • Regular Crucible Bounties are also still valid in Trials.
  • We will attempt to match up teams with similar win counts.
    • If you have 1 win, we will try to match you with another team with only 1 win. 
    • If you have 8 wins… yup.
  • If we can’t find a high-quality match, we will loosen the win requirements first (in other words, we will not prioritize “wins” over low-latency matches).
  • Overtime timer in Elimination will now show 0:00 instead of stopping at 0:01 when time expires.
  • Teammate and enemy Revives now have distinct audio cues.
  • Recommended minimum Light for Trials of Osiris: 290.
  • Only Guardians with at least 251 Light can lead a Fireteam.