tactical assault rifle

My blasters. More info in other posts but left is all Palmetto and right is DelTon with PCF.

OK edit because Palmetto has several lines and I guess they are somewhat confusing/misleading. So here is how I went about this one (the rifle on the left). I landed the “Freedom” upper w/o BCG on one of their holiday deals. They had the Premium BCGs on special at the same time, so I grabbed one. The Premium line is what it sounds like (apparently) - premium. Your BCG is a work horse component of your rifle. The lower was a complete blem Classic. So if you’re wondering what “Freedom” rifle that is, I guess it isn’t technically. It’s just a PSA mut.

And, side note, jeez tumblr, fail at portrait orientation image resizing. View the full-size image or visit my blog for pics that don’t suck.