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Holy fuck this got me fired up.

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When it comes to CQB… I prefer my Ronin “Delta” blade- this blade was designed by a close friend and Ronin Tactics will release to public early next year. #ronintactics #GlobalRecon #IgRecon #roninblades #knifefighting #greenberets #cif #navyseals #marsoc #specialforces #specialoperations #SWAT @igrecon @loren_notaseal ™@ronintactics

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Pacific Rim

47 Ronin “Sakura” Blades “SPECIAL EDITION” (COMING SOON) $365.00
-The story of the 47 Ronin is the ultimate expression of the Samurai code of honor- “Honor until death.” I set aside 47 Ronin Sakura Blades to pay homage to their dedication to the way of Bushido.
-Each Sakura Blade will come with a serial number, signature, with trainer and its blade certification. There will ONLY be 47 blades produced.

- Ronin Tactics.