Google Docs Users :D

Yesterday, minding my own business working/blogging/ficcing (the almost holy trinity of my day) I came across a new feature in Google Docs.. (maybe it’s not new. Maybe I’ve had my eyes closed all this time, who knows)

Anyway… bottom right hand corner of the screen is this little gem:

called explore

And for giggles I did and… scared the people on the sofa opposite me in the place I’m currently staying at enough for them to tactfully get up and leave. I say that’s a win

I’m not exactly sure what Google is trying to achieve here because it feels more invasive than assistive, but a girl’s got to take her amusement where she can find it…

So. I had open a fic in progress and it suggested this:

Now… the chapter I was writing was very innocent and tame (so far) so this… well. Clearly Google knows my mind! Or does it?!

Out of curiosity I went and opened a fic that is altogether smutty (one of the On the Edge ones if you’re interested) and all explore had to say for itself was this:

 Which is what I think made howl with laughter.

Even more curious, I searched through for a somewhat erotic poem of mine to see what it did with that:

Love that :D

And finally, because clearly it’s the small things that amuse me, I opened another chapter of that fic in progress and it gave me this:

This surely is better than any other tagging system :D

Whenever a guy so tactfully reminds you that “ for every sugar daddy on this site there are 10 sugar babies ” you remind him - go to a bar alone and see how many young females talk to him and then imagine me at a bar in a room full of older men with money.

Every man is a sugar daddy once they’ve met you. There is nothing special about his wealth, his dick or his expertise that you can’t get down the block. Unless he treats you with utmost respect and generosity, that’s all that matters. Never give a guy the power because he’s on a site that happens to skew toward more female users.

Martin’s very funny, so there’s a lot of space for Martin, but he does it very tactfully, he won’t do it when there’s a big moment for someone else, but I mean he is one of the funniest men you’ll ever meet, so that happens.
—  “Everyone has said what a happy set it is to work on, is that a double edged sword? Does it mean that you’re so comfortable that you’re corpsing & playing pranks rather than getting on with things?” Benedict Cumberbatch on stage at Sherlocked 2016 - (From notes taken during the talk, so there might be slight errors in wording)

imagine the UN making diving illegal so all these professional synchronized olympic divers have to look for new jobs but their only skill is tactfully diving into water

I love how they tactfully made that ending as gay as they possibly could without making it so that the show gets banned in countries with anti-gay media restrictions. I hope lgbt kids growing up in those countries, seeing 0% representation on their tv screens, get some hope.

Bryke just slid right on through those loopholes and delivered us a couple bi ladies praise Jesus.

INFps have the ability to positively console people who are upset or worried by helping them to look to the future with optimism. With strangers INFps behave gallantly and tactfully, showing good manners and education. However among friends and family they can be very up front sometimes behaving frivolously. They enjoy baiting others in a playful manner in order to create an easy and tension-free atmosphere. At home INFps can be very frivolous and capricious, showing great stubbornness in getting what they want, sometimes creating dramas and scenes. These emotional outbursts are usually short and disappear without consequences. Generally they have very flexible emotions which they control consciously. 


ya know im noticing a pattern here. throughout the series so far, there have been several instances where we don’t see sanji for a while. and then when we do see him again, he has done something clever or tactfully advantageous for victory. for example, he went and messed around on Enel’s ship to get it to crash, he manipulated crocodile several times as Mr. Prince and he waited at Water 7′s train station because he thought Robin would (and she did) be on it. I hope he says bingo mor in the show. he’s got a real subtle Chessmaster character trope. I would definitely call him the real tactician of the Straw Hats.

One of the casualties of Philip’s death was the Hamiltons’ seventeen-year-old daughter Angelica, a lively, sensitive, musical girl who resembled her beautiful aunt. When Hamilton was treasury secretary, Martha Washington had taken Angelica to dancing school twice a week with her own children. Having been exceedingly close to her older brother, Angelica was so unhinged by his death that she suffered a mental breakdown. That fall, Hamilton did everything in his power to restore her health at the Grange and catered to her every wish.  He asked Charles C. Pinckney to send her watermelons and three or four parakeets - “She is very fond of birds” – but all the loving attention did not work, and her mental problems worsened. James Kent tactfully described the teenage girl as having “a very uncommon simplicity and modesty of deportment.” She lived until age seventy-three and wound up under the care of a Dr. Macdonald in Flushing, Queens. Only intermittently lucid, consigned to an eternal childhood, she often did not recognize family members. For the rest of her life, she sang songs that she had played on the piano in duets with her father, and she always talked of her dead brother as if he were still alive. In her will, Eliza entreated her children to be “kind, affectionate, and attentive to my said unfortunate daughter Angelica.” In 1856, Angelica’s younger sister, Eliza, contemplating Angelica’s expected death, wrote, “Poor sister, what a happy release will be hers. Lost to herself half a century!”
—  Ron Chernow, Alexander Hamilton
Как тактично закончить разговор:

Oh, look at the time! Посмотри на время!

I promised to meet my sister in half an hour. Я обещал встретиться с сестрой через полчаса.

I have another appointment in an hour. У меня еще одна встреча через час.

I’ve lost track of time; gotta run. Я совсем не слежу за временем; надо бежать.

I wish we could talk a bit more but I’m running late. Хотелось бы поговорить еще немного, но я опаздываю.

I’ve just noticed I’m late for my next appointment. Я только что понял, что опаздываю на следующую встречу.

I’ve got a pressing deadline. Мне нужно срочно сдавать работу.

I need to get to the shop before it closes. Мне нужно зайти в магазин, пока он не закрылся.

Возможно, кто-то ждет вашего звонка (“I need to make a phone call”). На вечеринке уместно сказать, что хотите взять еще 1 напиток (“I need to get another drink”) или увидели приятеля на том конце комнаты (“I’ve spotted my friend across the room”).

I don’t want to keep you any longer. Не хочу вас больше задерживать.

You’re probably busy. Вы, кажется, заняты.

I don’t want to monopolize your time. Не хочу занимать ваше время.

Just wanted to make sure you’re Ok. Просто хотел убедиться, что у вас все в порядке.

Just wanted to see how the new job was going. Просто хотел узнать, как дела на новой работе.

It was nice meeting you but I have to go now. Было приятно познакомиться, но сейчас мне надо идти.

It’s been a pleasure talking to you. Было приятно поговорить с вами (этот вариант больше подходит для в официальных заявленияхй ситуации, малознакомых людей).

We’ll have to get together soon. Надо бы скоро еще встретиться.

Let’s get together soon. Давайте как-нибудь еще соберемся.

I’ll call you next week. Я перезвоню на следующей неделе.

I’ll be in touch. Я на связи.

I’ll probably run into you later. Наверное, еще пересечемся чуть позже.

Hopefully we can pick up this talk later. Надеюсь, мы продолжим этот разговор позднее.

See you on Saturday. Увидимся в субботу.

What about next Wednesday morning? Быть может, утром в следующую среду?

May I call you next week? Могу я позвонить вам на следующей неделе?

I’m awfully sorry to cut you off, but… Очень извиняюсь за то, что перебиваю, но…

I don’t want to be rude, but I’d like to bow myself out. Не хочу показаться грубым, но я бы хотел откланяться.

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&&. smol Zelda concept designs :oc personally, I think she was very salty throughout her silly seasons– full of snark and whatnot. she spends most of her time studying or in the garden, throwing rock & poking sticks. for a princess her age, she was tactfully tomboyish. given the King and his Council host open-kingdom formals on occasion, you can bet Zelda’s learned how to fend for herself when it comes to eager, prepubescent suitors. 

I mean, Martin’s very funny, so there’s a lot of space for Martin, but he does it very tactfully, he won’t do it when there’s a big moment for someone else, but I mean he is one of the funniest men you’ll ever meet, so that happens. But so far as literal playing pranks you have to be very choice about picking your moment because there’s so little time.
—  “Everyone has said what a happy set it is to work on, is that a double edged sword? Does it mean that you’re so comfortable that you’re corpsing & playing pranks rather than getting on with things?” Benedict Cumberbatch on stage at Sherlocked 2016 - (From notes taken during the talk, so there might be slight errors in wording)
Borrowed Clothing

Prompt from anon: Cas becomes human and starts wearing Dean’s clothes Sam sees Dean’s clothes in Cas’ room and thinks they finally got over their sexual tension when they actually haven’t, Sam tactfully confronts Dean and Cas overhears, Sam thinks he broke them up or something because it’s really awkward then he accidentally walks in on them like naked cuddling or something? Thanks love x


“It’s been a month, Cas. Being human involves buying your own goddam clothes.” Dean growled lightly as his eyes scanned over his favorite loose hoodie that was currently covering his ex-angel’s torso.

Cas just rolled his eyes and continued to stay glued to the television. “I don’t have the time or the money to be going shopping. Anyway, who knows if I will ever get my Grace back. It seems like a waste when you don’t wear half the clothes in your closet.”

“Yeah, well, wearing someone else’s clothes is weird when it isn’t for just a night or two.” Dean slumped down in the chair a couple feet from Cas and let his body melt into the cushion. “It implies that you are-I don’t know but it is weird.”

“Weird.” Cas said the word softly. “Weird is when you are an angel fallen from heaven and having to watch obnoxious things on television because the two demon hunters who are your only friends prefer to ignore you than teach you the ways of humanity. Weird, Dean, is not me wearing your clothes.”

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We need to remember that they are ALL still very much under management’s control, at least for now. Therefore, while they may have taken the heat off of some (for now), that only means they instead have increased the heat on others. It’s naïve to believe management has changed their ways and giving us the truth and suddenly things are different just because you’re finally seeing what you want to see. Instead, it’s still all a stunt, conspiracy, fakery, etc., and you need to be careful what to believe. Just right now different people are currently the main focus. That is all.