tactful omission

Thank You, Loki Worldbreaker, for showing me that which I did not know how to see.

Thank You, Marvel Loki, for laughing with me.

Thank You, Loki Shapeshifter, for helping me inject testosterone for the past three years.

Thank You, Loki Lord of Animals, for reminding me to respect the many beings around me, no matter their form.

Thank You, Loki Beloved, for encouraging me to change even when it is scary and hard.

Thank You, Loki Liesmith, for teaching me to balance truth, tact, and useful omissions.

Thank You, King Loki, for reminding me of my sovereignty.

Thank You, Loki Scarlip, for teaching me the uses of a holy silence in the shadows.

Thank You, Loki Earthshaker, for sharing Your anger and might with me.

Thank You, Loki Pain-Holder, for teaching me that pain is sacred.

Thank You, Loki Eldest of Queers, for honouring my self expression.

Thank You, Loki Ghostbuster, for always protecting me.

Thank You, Loki Skytreader, for sharing marvelous adventures with me.

Thank You, Loki Bringer of Gifts, for the books, the inspiration, the necklace, and the well-timed arrival of new government papers.

Thank You, Loki Sacred Witness, for waking me in the night to talk about fear, anxiety, and pain when I was scared.

Thank You, Loki Laughing, for reminding me to be Your sunny priest.

Thank You, Loki Mover of Stories, for pushing my wyrd along.

Thank You, Loki Middle-Being, for residing in liminal spaces with me.

I love You, Loki.