feat @camichats

My awesome friend Taco (aka Zombiedogdoes) is heading for SCAD soon, so I thought I’d make something to say good luck to her and to wish her the best in her time studying there. Seems my OCs wanted to do the same thing.

Didn’t mean to put so much detail on the drawing, but I had way to much fun drawing Taco’s OCs, esspecially Dingo.

Good luck Taco. Be sure have lots of fun in SCAD. 



You are the newest student at rockworm highschool, a japanese highschool known for being home to the toughest of the tough delinquents. From the teachers to the students everyone is tough and ready to rumble in this fun and unique otome game!

choose from 6 eligible bachelors and kick and brawl your way into their heart! Literally! One of the most unique features of this game is it’s fighting game style climax, where you take control of your chosen protagonist and duke it out with your lover for the right to being their number one girl.

Dear world

I regret absolutely nothing.

This is still a WIP, but i thought I show it anyway. This was meant to be an art trade for Taco (aka Zombiedogdoes ) but I didn’t think it was good enough for one. Still making an actual one so look out for that (hopefully). 

Here is me, my bro and Taco with our OC’s having a good time at prom. 

Note that this was my first attempt on full digital drawing, so it was quite difficult to draw it. Anyway, hope it’s alright Taco. Really enjoyed drawing your characters too.