Final wrap-up of girl gang weekend! 💕💘💔

  • Taco de panza (braised pork belly), taco al pastor (marinated pork shoulder + grilled pineapple), taco de pescado (beer battered tilapia) @ Big Star in Wicker Park
  • My usual bo la lot order @ Hai Yen in Argyle
  • Ropa Vieja (skirt steak with sweet plantains, black beans, tomato creole sauce) @ Cafecito in the Loop
  • Chicken liver mousse on crostini with pickles and grain mustard + fries with pimenton aioli @ Scofflaw in Logan Square
  • Braised greens with sorrel cream, snap peas, pickled rhubarb, and soft boiled egg over buttermilk biscuit @ Lula’s Cafe in Logan Square
  • Fried chicken sandwich with spinach, bleu cheese, bacon + Korean-style fried chicken in Seoul Sassy sauce @ CRISP in Lakeview

My appetite was messed up all of Sunday after the night of karaoke debauchery, but it wouldn’t have been a proper reunion without brunch at Lula’s and then Korean fried chicken. I hope everyone enjoyed Chicago!! Visit again soon, ok? 👯❤👯

Belle + Taco Bell = Taco Belle, fast food princess and puntastically awesome cosplay by master costumer Olivia Mears, aka Avant-Geek.

It all began in 2012 when Mears went to Taco Bell dressed as Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast:

Then she made a stunning dress out of Taco Bell taco wrappers last year:

Now she’s combined the two in a stunning satin ballgown. The tacos are made of hand-painted card stock, tissue paper, and felt. The flowers and ruffles are made from Taco Bell wrappers.

To check out more of her gorgeous costumes visit Olivia Mears’ DeviantArt portfolio or Facebook page.

[via Neatorama]