Que você não fique por conveniência,
que não deixe de querer por falta de sonhar
e que não finja sentir pra agradar.

Espero que você tenha a chance,
o prazer
e a vontade
de ser você.


Supergirl Season 1 Appreciation Week ♥
Day 5: Best episode or scene(s) ⇢ “Myriad” balcony scene

I know you’re scared. I am too. But so is Max. And so is Non, for that matter. All of you are letting your fear guide you, but somebody has to find the courage to stand up even though they’re afraid. You know, the worst decisions that I’ve ever made in my life were based on fear. But you showed me that there was another way to be strong, by having faith in people. By believing that goodness would prevail. And because of you, I started letting people in. I even opened up myself up to my assistant, Keira, who helped me have a relationship with my son again.