tacos for breakfast


Morning!!! I was finally able to get a nice avocado in the store! 🥑 so avocado toast was my course of action for breakfast this morning. If you haven’t noticed at this point runny eggs is the way to my soul. AND LOOK AT MY NEW CROPPED SWEAT SHIRT?!?!? It Taco Bell! I LOVE Taco Bell! I have another sweatshirt like this in white and man I can’t wait to sweat them out. Makes me happy. No run today cause I have training for FOH at work at 11 and I didn’t want to risk being late. I may go to the gym after work though! We shall see.

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Okay first sallysaku summer trip story here:

When we ate dinner with my family, they, as proud mexicans we are, were trying multiple times to burn Sally’s tongue with different peppers and sauces.
The first time we gave him a rank 5/5 sauce called “salsa macha” we even warned him not to use too much, jokes on us cause he poured several spoons on his dish, leaving us mouth opened.

Round two
We went to a Brazilian buffet and my uncle dared him to eat a roasted habanero that he left on Sally’s plate (if you don’t know, if you roast pepper it increases its spiciness) we got distracted for a couple of minutes and when we turned back the pepper was gone, my uncle said that he had thrown it under the table and asked me to serve him more habaneros, we were punched right in the pride as we saw Sal munching on the habanero as if it was a cherry.

Round three, unintentional but still counts.
My dad, my husband and I were having mixiote tacos for breakfast, my dad put two different sauces in front of us, apologizing cause he didn’t know which one was spicier, Sally poured both sauces on his tacos and ate like it was nothing. My dad stared at him all surprised and I said it was fine, cause he could handle spice better than us, then I took a slice of habanero and gave it to Sally, which he ate, again, like if it was a piece of candy.

Do I have to say that our “mexicans eat a lot of spice” pride was stepped on and ridiculed? Nfbfbf

Well we camped, we hiked, we swam, we read, we napped in hammocks, we roasted marshmellows and sausages and made camp chili and cooked croissants on sticks and breakfast tacos. And now we are heading home.

Also, we did a poor job critter proofing our camp on the last night. Lol. Some lucky racoon stole a whole canister of spice mixes out of our cooking bin. All that was left was the lid and a small trail of cayenne leading into the underbrush.

Introverted Omegas/Extroverted Alphas Headcanons

-A shy and clingy Omega being dragged to a party by their Alpha but it’s crowded and stressful so the Alpha ends up carrying their somewhat grouchy mate around while trying not to pay too much attention to the nose brushing against their neck, seeking comfort from the Alpha’s scent

-An extroverted Alpha that has finally convinced their introverted Omega friend to go on a date with them and they are so excited so they take the Omega to their favorite place, a very loud and busy restaurant that the Alpha adores because it feeds their need to interact and be around people. However, after chattering non stop for a while the Alpha finally notices how uncomfortable the Omega looks and how they shy away a bit whenever someone passes too closely to their table, feeling a bit guilty for not noticing sooner the Alpha makes up a reason to leave and they go somewhere quieter with less people. Despite the Alpha’s denial, the Omega knows they did it for their sake and they feel so content and cared for and they know they picked a good Alpha

-An extroverted Alpha trying to do something special for their less than social mate so they tell the Omega they can pick anywhere they want to go, the Alpha is only mildly surprised when the Omega’s eyes light up and they respond, “So we can go home and nap? Just the two of us?” but the Alpha isn’t really annoyed or anything because cuddles and sleepy kisses are their weakness

-An extremely introverted Omega that gets really anxious around people but they agree to go somewhere with a group of friends. The place they end up going to is really crowded and noisy and all the different scents in the air start stressing the Omega out so they instinctually clutch onto the arm of their Alpha best friend and squeeze tightly. The Alpha turns to question them about it but as soon as they notice their friend’s distress they are quick to wrap an arm around them and surround them with the Alpha’s own familiar and comforting scent, the Alpha is very social so they easily do all the talking for both of them until the Omega is calm and relaxed again…they still hold them close though…just to be sure everything is alright of course

-An introverted Omega constantly worrying that their extroverted Alpha will get tired of their antisocial tendencies and leave them behind, the Alpha eventually catching on and reassuring them that they could never lose interest in such an adorable little rain cloud of negativity, the Omega just going “never mind bye” and walking away while the Alpha laughs

-An extroverted Alpha taking their quiet and shy Omega drinking with friends and the Omega being mortified when the Alpha gets drunk and starts loudly discussing what the Omega is like in bed like, “Yeah you’d never know cuz he’s so quiet all the time but he’s a real screamer once we get goin-” and the Omega is blushing profusely as they instantly start dragging their drunk ass home and then they spend the next two weeks denying all the Alpha’s sexual advances as revenge

-An extroverted Alpha always feeling so accomplished when they find a social thing that their introverted Omega also enjoys, like concerts, low-key being all content about other people seeing how happy their Omega is because it makes them feel like a good Alpha

-An introverted Omega really not wanting to attend a party with their outgoing mate, so while they are supposed to be getting ready they instead do little things to distract the Alpha like exposing their throat or walking around without clothes…and when they end up fucking instead of attending the party the Omega has to accept the fact that they literally just seduced their Alpha to avoid having to socialize

-An Alpha having no luck convincing their Omega to go out and do something so they turn to the Omega’s sibling for help but they won’t help because, “If you guys stay here we can all do puzzles and doing puzzles doesn’t require going out and seeing people.” and the Alpha just gives up and joins them at the table to help with the puzzle

-An Alpha literally bribing their Omega to attend a family gathering like, “Okay okay, if you come with me tonight we can spend all day at home tomorrow eating garbage and doing nothing, we can do anything you want but my mother will murder me if we miss another dinner due to some random illness.” the Omega reluctantly agreeing…“Okay but I want tacos and ice cream for breakfast.”

  • Me, five years ago: When I have my own pets again, I'll share their food and eat so much healthier!
  • Me, today: *eats two bites of carrot while loading dehydrator for hermit crabs*
  • Me: Nailed it.