tacos for breakfast

Dating Tyler Includes

-songs about you
-being woken up by his ukulele
-deep late night talks
-him explaining to you about his tattoos
-taco bell for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
-his scent
-no seriously
-I just think Ty would smell like pine trees
-think about it
-cuddles at night
-his fluffy hair
-that’s ironic because he’s an egg rn
-cute smol egg
-hearing his adorable laugh all the time
-him going over lyrics with you
-him keeping you in the loop of how recording is going
-him playing the piano softly at night
-him never wanting to dress up
-playing basketball with him
-helping him with blurryface
-wearing his red beanie
-listening to 80’s hip hop with him
-being bffs with Madison
-his jawline
-no one ever talks about his jawline
-it’s not that defined and it’s so pudgy and cute. don’t you just want to squish it?!
-him being a complete goofball
-listening to self titled with him while he gets all nostalgic and adorable
-turning the tb saga on full volume just to annoy him
-he ends up performing it for you
-him writing songs about you
-lots of hugs
-him taking you to Taco Bell and making it actually romantic on Valentines Day
-hanging out with him and Jishwa
-him getting jealous easily
-him being protective
-protective neck and forehead kisses

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Friday Five

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Despite the fact that none of us enjoyed this month’s book club book, book club was great last night! We have so many great discussions!  And, several people in the book club are also reading All the Ugly and Wonderful things, so we’re having a subgroup book club meeting over lunch in a couple weeks to discuss that one.  Apparently, though, I didn’t warn people enough about the subject matter. Part of the reason I liked it is because it is NOT an easy book to read at all.  It will probably make you wildly uncomfortable.  I’m also now forcing everyone to read Letters to a Young Muslim.  Very excited for those upcoming conversations–especially hearing the thoughts of some of my friends who are Muslim.

A friend of mine lives along the Austin Marathon course at mile 19.  She and her neighbors get together every year to have breakfast tacos and mimosas and cheer for the marathoners.  It’s an awesome tradition that I am so excited that I get to join this year! I’ll be on the lookout for @iwatchtheworldoutside!!

Our gym book club is reading The Vegetarian for our first book… I’m 63 pages in and there’s already mental illness, sexual assault, and family violence.  Wow.  I guess there’s no easing the not-such-big-readers in with this group. We probably shouldn’t have let Daniele pick the first book.  She’s the person who INSISTED that I drop everything and read Spill Simmer Falter Wither.  I’m still not entirely sure I’m recovered from that one and it was months ago.

I have decided that I need to reevaluate my Goodreads rating system.  It’s way too lax.  I give away stars far too easily.  This would be fine if it weren’t being seen by anyone, but apparently (at least some of) my Goodreads friends take my stars very seriously, and I have to use them more judiciously and try to make a point of saying what I do and don’t like about a book.  I don’t know that I’m in any position whatsoever to be recommending books to people…but I do, so I should take it more seriously.

It is freakin’ gorgeous outside!  I’m heading out to meet a friend for a walk in the park with our dogs followed by a patio lunch, a stop at the library to pick up my holds that just came in, and then a bike ride and a catch up phone call with my best friend! :)  Happy Friday! 

white eddsworld fans: 
eduardo woke up to the sound of his alarm clock playing mariachi music “Aghhh” (he said in spanish) and got out of bed, putting on his sombrero. he made some tacos for breakfast and sat down in the living room, watching spanish soap operas while he ate and laughing at the tv show (in spanish). jon walked into the room. “hi eduardo!” he said. “Vete ala mierda” edurado replied (in spanish) 

Signs as long emo song titles

Aries: welcome to the black parade

Taurus: I write sins not tragedies

Gemini: a little less sixteen candles, a little more touch me

Cancer: disloyal order of water buffaloes

Leo: honey this mirror isn’t big enough for the two of us

Virgo: there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey you just haven’t thought of it yet

Libra: London beckoned songs about money written by machines

Scorpio: lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off

Sagittarius: you’re crashing but you’re no wave

Capricorn: I’m not ok I promise

Aquarius: my songs know what you did in the dark

Pisces: nails for breakfast tacks for snacks

anonymous asked:

omg i just had a "speak of the devil and he shall appear moment". i was looking through your posts and saw one mentioning the macarena,, fast forward a little later and i open up a fanfic and all i see is lance being like "you don't know how to do the macarena?? we gotta drop evEryThIng and teach you rn keith" and i'm over here crying auabusbsnsbduhe this fandom i swear,,

LOL oh my god i’m deleting 

why do they think that that’s what cubans (or to them just latinx, because all latinx are the same) are like??? we just bust out the macarena all the time and eat tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.