tacos everyday


who needs to wait for tuesday…in our house tacos are good everyday! especially when you transform them into low-carb, gluten free taco bowls :)

taco bowls are SO versatile and can be packed with flavor. here are some of our favorites:

1. traditional grass-fed beef bowl - jazzed mine up with some coconut-oil sauteed baby portabello mushrooms and summer squash (they’re in there I promise!)

2. southwestern chicken bowl - chili & lime roasted organic boneless chicken thighs with all the fixin’s! black beans, organic corn, some organic jasmine rice, avocado (of course!), lime and so much more. fresh cilantro is my ultimate favorite, so no surprise that it made it in there. topped with some yummy cabot cheddar too. 

3. organic turkey bowl - seasone with cumin, chili power, fresh garlic and cracker red pepper. kept this one somewhat light with fresh romaine, vine ripe tomato and extra avocado. 

what’s your favorite way to indulge in taco {tues}day?

Leftover taco magic.

I just threw in some grilled mushrooms with tofu scramble (in a previous post) with red cabbage, avocado + cilantro and added some Follow Your Heart’s Gourmet Shreds Fiesta Blend. The sauce you see on the top left is a mix of equal parts of Follow Your Heart’s vegan mayo and Fix Hot Sauce. It’s like a fiesta dance party in my mouth.

Did you know? Silver miners in Mexico during the 18th century referred to the little charges they would use to excavate the ore as “tacos.” Craaaaazyyy. I could eat tacos everyday. And maybe I do. You don’t know.


Hey Anon, thanks for taking your time to message me about that post reply! 

Man, your friends sound like jerks. They have no right to go around telling people they’re not real ___ because they don’t know ___ language or practice ___ thing. There’s tons of factors (internal/external) that may contribute to someone embracing one culture over the other, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it! What truly matters is who you are and what you identify as whether Mexican, American, or a mix of both. 

As for the whole “not being a real Mexican” thing, what are the factors that make up being a “real Mexican”? Eating spicy food while drinking tequila and having tacos for dinner everyday? Truth is, not every Mexican likes/eats spicy food (my siblings absolutely don’t). Not every Mexican likes tequila (I certainly don’t), and a lot of Mexicans prefer pizza over tacos. Point being is that there’s no fixed criteria to follow to be considered a true Mexican, and you identifying as Chicano doesn’t mean that you’re not a “real Mexican”. Chicanos have their own culture and history that have influenced both the United States and Mexico, so if anyone comes around to tell you how Chican@s don’t have culture, they’re wrong! 

Now going back to the film, Chican@s are indeed represented in the film as well! 

This little dude right here is Mexican-American (according to the artbook). Not only does the goth kid give queer folks a spot in the film with his comment regarding the two gods, he also gives Chican@s representation as well. The reasons I think he gives Chican@s representation is because he’s learning about his other culture and is completely interested in what Mary Beth had to say during the tour. If he didn’t care at all, he would’ve been all like ‘ehh, lame’ and whatnot, but he didn’t. In fact, he was the one that was mostly interested in almost everything that was going on during the museum trip and was the one that commented the most out of the rest of the kids. 

The film is super inclusive and bursting with so much representation and symbolism. So next time your friends give you a hard time about you being Chicano, just say you do have representation in the film and has cool purple hair c: