tacos are nothing to joke about


Okay, well I’ve seen some upsetting stuff lately about Hunk not getting any character development and how he was dumb downed to nothing but food jokes and fart jokes and all that other stuff and I’m like…really. …what show were you watching?

Hunk had a lot of development.

Those Blue Space Cookies he was making, he had to translate Altean Recipes, to English and he had to find the ingredients in a language not of his own. (Pidge had to learn by simulation) Yes, his timing of the cookies were off, but he was making it by the Altean book.

The Conversation with Hunk and the Space Taco. He was talking about some major freaking Black Hole Physics there, using a taco as an example.

Let’s say you want to make it from Point A to Point B on a flat surface (tortilla ). If you travel in the straight line, it will take you longer to get to where you want to go.

Now if you fold the flat surface into a taco shape, Points A and B are closer and there for faster.

His thought process is food and it may work with him better then numbers and formulas. I mean, cooking is an art.

Look how in the Space Mall episode. Hunk was able to get people enjoying the food and cooking it the right way. People do not understand how much work goes into cooking. It’s chemistry, it’s math. It works for Hunk and it’s freaking amazing.

And if you think I’m gonna stop there.

When Keith and Shiro was with the Blades Galra, Hunk offered how to hack into Red using Frequency Waves. (A shout out to Episode 1 fraunhofer lines).

Then we had the famous Keith and Hunk Episode. Hunk was awkward at first, but he didn’t treat Keith like he was a problem. He saw that Keith was having issues and needed help, so Hunk made light of the situation.

Keith talked to Hunk, because Keith was afraid Allura would hate him and Hunk tired to help.

Hunk made Keith feel better enough to joke with him, that was wow. They worked well as a team, because of it, their interactions and teamwork was amazing. Hunk even teases Keith about being a Galra, making it more normal.

When Hunk and Keith got back, Allura thanked Hunk and ONLY Hunk. Hunk in that moment, didn’t take Allura’s shit and told her Keith was there too. No one else said a damn thing.

Hunk was the only one to call Allura out on it….There is so, so much more I can add, but if people are intrested, I’ll work more on it.


Hunk is more than food…but that is his thought process.

For wonderful chat about Hunk.

"Kiss Me!" » Dan X Unspecified! Reader

Dan X Unspecified! Reader

Request // No! ( send some of dan plz and thx )

Warnings; Dan Is Just Wow ;Warnings

P.O.V // Readers


“Kiss me!”

{ Nine Hours Prior }

Stuck on an airplane for the next seven hours was absolutely horrifying. You resented the people in first class “Man, they get champagne and I get stale pretzels. Perfect!” The guy seated next to you - which you hardly payed enough attention to - let out a chuckle accompanied by a nod.

“Then you should be delighted by the sleeping arrangements. You know, the cool air and ‘soft’ seats that will serve as pillows,” this time you let go of your arm and looked at him with a smile plastered onto your face.

He was tall. That was your first thought, next, he was cute and British.

“So, you venture off into London often?” You could tell he was nervous, but not from the thought of flying, the thought of speaking. As you open your mouth to speak a fly comes buzzing around like it owns the place. “Poor fly, doesn’t know he’s going to end up in a whole new country!” He jokes.

And at that moment your fear is gone, vanished, as though it flew away and never existed

“Aww, no family or friends either,” And soon you begin a conversation with your airplane neighbor, he’s opening up about how he and his friend were separated because someone accidentally booked another person before him and he was stuck with a rescheduled flight while his friend was safe and home without him. You mentioned moving for a photography job and just overall London seemed new and generous. After a few needed jokes and random talks about hair to genetics you both hunkered down for sleep.

[ 12:28 am ]

“This feels like a romantic comedy, leave out the romance and the perfectly timed lines,” you thought for a second, swatted the annoying fly for another time, - of course this fly had been into trouble with other passengers before it decide on you two - and spoke. “You’re totally right, the ugly duckling movie playing above us couldn’t be any less romantic,” he gave in to temptations and began to snooze before you could utter another word. While he silently dozed away on your shoulder, you thought a little. ‘He never once brought up his criminal abundances,’ and you just smiled at your own poor joke. 'Not to mention his job!’ You had basically mentioned yours with the photography and he just nodded away and joked, but never once did he speak of himself other than about him and his friend. You though nothing of it at the time and mentally slapped your past self. 'Maybe he doesn’t like talking about his occupation!’ That was reasonable, after all your aunt worked at the local taco bell and was hesitant towards answering that question.

And then, almost like magic, he put a hand over your mouth. You glared at him and he showed no sign of resistance when you pulled his hand away. “Um, care to explain?”

“You spoke out loud,” and at that moment you burst out laughing. Yep, lucky you. A few flight attendants asked you to be quite and a young woman with a baby ahead of you scowled more than what her wrinkles could allow. Yep, lucky you. The whole time Dans - as you learned his name earlier on - dimples showed brightly amongst himself. You gave him your own scowl - trying your best to replicate the woman - and turned away. None the less he still hung his head on your shoulder and you dubbed it useless to escape seeing as he was a giant.

[ 6:43 am ]

You awoke with a little drool on your mouth. Your hair a complete mess and your clothes a little more wrinkled than yesterday. You thanked god that he also did not look the best.

He had a very small but noticeable stubble. His curly hair turned extra curly, and he just looked out of it.

“Not a morning person either?” He exclaimed before swatting away the fly that you two had named Freedumb. You harshly nodded and regretted it as the kink in your neck still hadn’t dispersed. Everyone was in a terrible hurry and getting your suitcases was complete and utterly hopeless. With people pushing and prodding, you thought you might’ve died right then and there. But out of no where Dan pried open your sweaty - more like clammy - hands and held them as a kind gesture. You could sense his nerves as well as he could sense your concentration of the exit way.

There were separate lines and thankfully Dan had managed a clear spot in yours. He never let go and for that moment you wished you’d never stop staring at his deep and shallow eyes. Finally after countless mess up and near death tramples, you had gathered your belongings, himself, and headed towards the taxi’s.

For a moment you felt lost, as thought your home had been gone for a while and you were an orphan, but as you stood with your hair still a mess and a pair of eyes on you, you bursted out in a rush of air, “Kiss me!”

Ok listen, it sounded more like a plea of help from a lost child seeking their mother but he wasn’t one to judge. Sure, he was take aback by your bold statement but he quickly latched onto your pale and soft lips.

“I should get rebooked more often,” and from that moment on you both had an interesting story of the day you fell in love. You even wondered what happened to Freedumb, probably stowed away to get back home deciding that the rain was too much and his family was his only home.




Ok so I just saw this post on Humans of New York facebook page that told a story about a Mexican couple in New York and people in the comments were talking as if mentioning that they were from Mexico was a bad thing. My joy after reading about people from my country almost vanished when i realized that people were seeing it as if it were something to keep secret, something bad, something wrong to mention and I was like wtf???This guy goes around New York and takes pics of people of people from all over the world and when he mentions they’re from China or from Nigeria or Brazil I’ve NEVER seen in the comments people talking about it like it was a bad thing. 

Oh but I know. I know how the media portrays us and how the world treats us Mexicans. I know how lots of people see us and immediately think “oh they must all be illegal immigrants” and I know how people think we all work as gardeners or construction workers. And you know what???


FUCK YOU world for making me think being Mexican was a bad thing when I was younger. 

FUCK YOU for making me question my own culture

FUCK YOU for making me think I’m less than other people

FUCK YOU for making me think that I can’t make mistakes ‘cause people will say “well and what did you expect of a Mexican?” 

FUCK YOU ‘cause I was so paranoid when learning English and I still never want to make pronunciation or grammar mistakes ‘cause I feel like people will think it’s because I am Mexican

FUCK YOU for making me wish I had been born anywhere else when i was younger because i was so ashamed of my own nationality

FUCK YOU for making me feel uncomfortable when I travel, ‘cause there’s still a little voice inside of me that tells me I don’t belong anywhere else, even if I always travel legally and with money my family has earned with hard work, because I feel like someone will scream at me to go back to Mexico and will see me as a lazy parasite 

FUCK YOU for making me believe that my country’s and our govenment’s problems are my fault 

FUCK YOU for making me judge and diminish people who haven’t had the luck of having the opportunities I’ve had and try to get a better life for their families ‘cause things here are so difficult, and making me think of them just as “people who give us a bad image” 

FUCK YOU for making me think that hard-working, strong, intelligent people are less worth of respect or merit just ‘cause they are gardeners or construction workers like that was a bad thing when those are completely respectable, honorable jobs

FUCK YOU for making it look like “we need to be saved” in your stupid movies

FUCK YOU for making me think I have to “prove to you” that “I’m not like the Mexican stereotype” ‘cause now apparently everything about us is a joke to you?? Sombreros and tacos and Spanish and all our traditions and values are a joke to you??

and FUCK YOU ‘cause even now that I’m growing up and seeing how things really are and realizing that there’s nothing wrong with being proud of my heritage and my culture and myself  there’s still a part of me that knows that some of you will always see me as less and feel superior 

just FUCK YOU for your ignorance, FUCK YOU for your indifference, FUCK YOU for your racist shit and FUCK YOU if you think I’m exaggerating ‘cause I am not and YOU DON’T KNOW how this is for us 

‘cause YES i am MEXICAN and there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT an YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ME and if you still feel you are you should start educating yourself and stop being such a blind, self-absorbed prick 

Rainy Days: Josh Dun imagine part 3

A/N: Huge thank you to @sebastianstan-crazed for such nice feedback! If anyone else wants to be tagged for each part, feel free to message me or drop by my ask box. Love you all! Xoxo Thanks so much for such quick feedback and love! You’re so amazing and I’ve missed you all so much :)

Part one: http://thepatricktreestump.tumblr.com/post/152921350232/rainy-days-josh-dun-imagine-part-1
Part two: http://thepatricktreestump.tumblr.com/post/152976236092/rainy-days-josh-dun-imagine-part-2

After many, many, many rounds of playing Super Smash Brothers, Josh finally decided to drive you home. He had been staying at a hotel and hooked up the game system to the television, inviting you over and feeding you Oreos and Red Bull. The rain finally did let up, and he drove you home, both of you listening to your favorite bands. Although anyone might’ve thought spending time with a twenty some year old man would be awkward or creepy, it was actually the best experience of your entire life. He had your contact number in your phone, and he had texted you last night, asking if you were okay and saying sorry that he didn’t take you home right away, along with a really sweet goodnight text. And as much as you’d like all those past fantasies of your favorite band member falling for you and going on adorable coffee shop dates and cuddling late at night while watching TV shows, your mind kept arguing that this was still all too good to be true. Even if it was actually real, which you started to think maybe it was, Josh would never like you. Right? However, all the adorable texts and flashbacks about earlier today proved otherwise.

The next day at school felt like a million years long. You decided not to tell anyone about your experience with Josh yesterday, not even your parents, who you had lied to and said you stayed at school for a study club. You couldn’t even find the courage to tell Sarah about it. She would get jealous or not even care, or think you were insane or just making it up. And if you told anyone else, well, they probably wouldn’t even know who the hell Josh Dun was.  Plus, your doubt was constantly trying to convince you this wasn’t actually happening, so you pushed it all aside and tried to focus on whatever was happening in algebra today. That’s when you felt a buzz in your pocket. You sneakily took your phone out and glanced at the text. It was Josh.

J: Hey y/n. You out of school yet?
Y: Lmao no. I wish.
J: Dang. What are you doing?
Y: Being bored to death in algebra.
J: Oh fun.
Y: I hate this class.
J: How come?
Y: Aside from it being miserably boring, I suck at it, and I’m failing too.
J: I’m sorry. You should probably pay attention though if you’re failing and stop texting me.
Y: Whatever. I just want to leave class.
J: Really?
Y: Really.
J: Well just hang in there my fren. Go pay attention. Stop texting me.
Y: Lol okay.

You rolled your eyes and stifled a laugh, putting your phone back in your pocket. You could pay attention just once, right? For Josh. You looked up and tried to follow the lesson, but ten minutes in, your eyes quickly grew tired looking at the equations scrawled on the chalkboard, and you were just about to doze off to sleep when there was a loud ringing in your ears. You bolted up, looking around, only to find that the fire alarm had gone off. This was perfect!

Your entire class started filing out the door, you following them, the disgruntled teacher putting down the piece of chalk and ushering students out. You felt another buzz in your pocket, and you started to suspect that maybe this was Josh’s doing. When you got outside into the school parking lot, you sneaked a peek at your phone, eyes widening at the realization.

J: Did that work for you?
Y: Holy shit. Did you pull the fire alarm?
J: Maybe…?
Y: Joshua William Dun!
J: Shut up, silly. Meet me by door #8.
Y: You’re here?!?!
J: Of course I am. How else would I pull the fire alarm?
Y: Oh right.
J: Just meet me by the door. There’s only half an hour of school left. Nobody’s going to notice you’re gone. Don’t worry.
Y: Haha okay.

This was absolutely crazy. On top of just being able to spend time with Josh yesterday, now he was helping you escape from your algebra class? You couldn’t help but laugh as you snuck past the crowd and made your way around to door number eight, where you spotted Josh instantly. It wasn’t hard to find him, especially with his snapback hat, bright red hair, sparkling brown eyes, X Files tank top, and ripped jeans. He held up his car keys and flashed you a smile. “You’re crazy!” you cried, walking up to him. He giggled, reaching out and hugging you, which took you by surprise. As he released the embrace, you blinked twice, trying to process what just happened when he laughed again.

“Was that too crazy?” he raised an eyebrow.

“What? No, no! That was perfect,” you chuckled. “That was amazing.”

“Come on, let’s go before I get us both in trouble,” he decided.

“Where are we going?” you inquired, following him past the crowd of students and to where he had parked his car in the parking lot. If a teacher caught you, you’d be dead. You quickly scanned the area, noticing that you were clear, and then slid into the shotgun seat.

“I was thinking we switch it up today, Chipotle maybe?” Josh asked, turning the keys in the ignition and rolling out into the street. This was actually insane. And you loved it.

“That’s awesome,” your eyes lit up. “Better than Taco Bell.”

“Don’t let Tyler hear you say that,” he joked. You picked up the aux chord and plugged in your phone, scrolling through your music until you found a good playlist, and then hit shuffle. Josh smiled at your choice, one of your favorite songs playing, and you both couldn’t help but start to sing along.

“You know this one?” you wondered.

“Of course I do,” Josh rolled his eyes. “It’s one of my favorite songs.”

“No way,” your eyes grew big. “It was my favorite song first.”

“Fine,” he sighed, trying to hide a smile. “It can be your favorite. Nothing selfish about that, right?”

“Shut up,” you teased.

“Hey! I’m buying you food,” he reminded with a giggle, starting to park the car.

“You know you’re absolutely crazy,” you narrowed your eyes. “You just helped me escape school so I can go eat burritos with you.”

“So what?” Josh shrugged. “That’s what best friends do.”

“I guess,” you laughed. You’ve only known him since yesterday and now you’ve already become best friends. As Josh opened the door and ushered you into Chipotle, you didn’t even try to hide your smile. Right now, Josh was making you the happiest person in the world. First picking you up in the rain, then Taco Bell and video games, and now helping you escape from school to go eat Chipotle. You loved every bit of it. And you couldn’t wait to see what other crazy stuff he had in store.

you know it wasnt until british cultural memes started popping up on tumblr that i realised i only found american-based posts half as funny

like yeah your story about taco bell is great but nothing has made me laugh harder than fucking cheeky Nandos

I want to see more jokes about the DFS sale and the Go Compare guys and Compare the Meerkat and shit like Bruce Forsythe being immortal

54 ~ Little Things

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of writing but with taking lots of AP classes and being my last year of high school I’ve just been so busy! It’s starting to calm down slightly so I’m taking advantage and I hope you guys like this! It might be rushed but I didn’t wanna keep you guys waiting anymore! So love you guys and thank you for sticking to me still even though I haven’t written for ages! Also big thank you to 1d1195 for inspiring me with her writing for this preference. Go follow her and read her stuff because it’s absolutely AMAZING! Thank you!!!!!

Ashton: It’s an early Saturday morning, and who wants to be up before noon on a Saturday I mean come on. The sun peaked through the curtains, giving the room a bright glow while both you and Ashton were in between awake and asleep. You more on the asleep side and him on the awake side. He just loved admiring your face whenever you looked so peaceful and innocent and pure while sleeping. Even though you lovingly call him a weirdo for staring at you while you sleep, he just can’t help himself. His fingertips lightly run up and down your arm letting the goosebumps rise on your skin. The tip of his nose will lightly trail from your shoulder, to the back of your neck, up your neck and lightly nudging your jaw like a puppy wanting attention. You could feel his dimpled smile and eyelashes fluttering on your cheek as he continued prodding you to wake up. Once your eyes open and look at him, his smile becomes even bigger making his dimple sink in his cheek letting out that beautiful giggle. “Good morning sweetheart.” You smile and run your hands through his now short hair pressing your lips softly to his cheek murmuring a sleepy ‘good morning’ too.

Luke: “Hey. Hey babe, what do you call cheese that’s not yours?” You rolled your eyes playfully looking up from your book fighting your smile. “What do you call it.” “Nacho cheese.” Luke lights up biting his lip ring smiling like an idiot. “Get it? Because it isn’t yours, so not yours, Nacho cheese!” You giggle nodding looking at him as he feel his heart flutter knowing that you actually listen and think his jokes are funny. Well, at least you act better than the boys when he tells a joke. Throughout the whole day he just continuously makes lame, cheesy jokes no matter what your doing. Whether it be about cheese, or dogs, or innocent innuendos that turn sexual. Luke just loves to see that smile spread across your face. When he’s the cause of your smile, it just warms his heart and shows how much he loves you. Plus in public when his arms are wrapped around your waist, pulling you into him, pressing his lips to your ear. Everyone assumes it’s sweet nothings but in reality. It’s another joke about tacos.

Michael: “Babe say hiii!!!” Michael was keeking again putting the camera on you, making you blush heavily, covering your face and shyly waving at him. Michael chuckles looking at his phone speaking to the camera. “She is literally the cutest human being in the world.” He was obsessed with your guys’ relationship. Ever 3-4 hours he’d wanna take a selfie with you or sometimes when he’s lucky, take a picture of your when you aren’t paying attention and post it to Instagram. He loved to show everyone how cute and adorable his love was. Michael being Michael just loves to spread his love for you everywhere. And even though some fans are a bit skeptical of you because Michael is their little kitten, they just adore your guys’ relationship so much. OTP right here. Most of the pictures of you two are either kissing, in matching Pokemon onesies, or making weird faces together.

Calum: After a long day of studying, you didn’t expect to be at a fast food joint cuddling next to Calum while munching on some fries. He claims that after he ate dinner, he was craving something else. You were sound asleep, finally getting warm and nestled in your pillow and blankets. Calum timidly walking in chewing his bottom lip kneeling beside you. “Babe….” *poke* “baaaaaabe…” *pokes* “Babbyyyyyy!” He whines out finally waking you up pouting and rubbing your eyes. “Calum is 4 in the morning what the hell do you want.” “Can we go pick up some take out pleeaassseeee? I’m too scared to go by myself and the other boys won’t come with.” Calum pouts and looks at you with those big chocolate puppy brown eyes making you sigh and get up, but then fall back on the bed as Calum tackles you in a hug attacking your face in kisses. “You are the best girlfriend in the WORLD.”


I know that this pile of rabid vole excrement will make more money than a lot of the amazing animated films this year, and that thought physically hurts me. It was just nonstop shitshow of terrible, shitty, unfunny jokes, poorly conceived plot, setting, and characterization, and mediocre animation.

Here’s a non-comprehensive list of things that Sausage Party tried to pass off as jokes. There are a lot of spoilers here, but fuck you, I’m not a paid reviewer. I can spoil whatever the fuck I want, just like you spoiled my fucking faith in the cinematic industry.

– An anthropomorphized douche raping a juice box to death. (The douche raping people and otherwise consuming their innards was a recurring theme throughout the movie, but it was sort of incomprehensible. Is this a play on rape? Vampirism? ‘Roiding? An almost interesting, but never quite, play on humans predating each other in an effort to mimic the callousness of gods? Am I so desperate to find meaning in an otherwise shitty movie that I’m just making things up at this point?)

– Nazi sauerkraut trying to exterminate the “juice” and trying to move the Jewish stereotype bagels to the grilled aisle. Later seen having sex with the juice during the interminable ending orgy. (There is a similar subplot about stereotypical Muslim food fighting and fucking stereotypical Jewish food.)

– Yeah, you know how lazy, untalented screenwriters end an animated film with a dance party when they’re too uninspired to write a real ending? This film just did that with a desperately unfunny orgy scene.

– A flamboyantly gay fruit section. A pair of (hot dog) buns with incomprehensible and unnecessary breasts and a taco (hardy har har) that also end up having sex during the orgy. (And of course, the male (???) food watches and jacks off.) A stereotypically black box of grits that does nothing but rant about crackers. A stereotypically Native American bottle of, oh my god, “FIRE WATER”. Extra points for the liquor label that said “Pocahotass”. Honestly, most of the unfunny jokes were just ethnic/gender/sexuality-based stereotypes with no punchline whatsoever. Lazy, lazy, lazy writing.

– The existence of weed. That’s basically as far as that joke ever went.

– Dirty words. Like seriously, I’d say a good half of what was supposed to make me laugh was an animated character saying “fuck”. That’s not even a joke, you dimwits, it’s just idiots trying to be edgy.

– OTT gore, both food and human, which I think was supposed to be funny? But it kind of felt like being back in 2002 and seeing preteens squee over the collected works of Jhonen Vasquez.

– Bad dick jokes. So many bad dick jokes. Like y'all know me. You know I love a good dick joke. These were not good dick jokes. These jokes were basically just the existence of things that looked like dicks.

– The simple, painfully unoriginal “Dixar”. Sick burn, you pathetically untalented motherfuckers. I can’t believe you got Alan Menken to work on this boring garbage. You’ve made me kind of hate Alan Menken, and I honestly thought that was impossible. I’m so offended by just that.

Like even if you set aside the offensiveness, which I understand to be the “appeal” of this discarded pig’s rectum, it’s just lazy fucking writing. It wasn’t funny. It was like a bunch of 13-year-old boys sitting around giggling at what they think adult humor is. Not one bit of it was clever. There was no concept of originality or comedic timing. It was just one-liner after one-liner in a long string of pablum that was haphazardly tied into a shitty excuse for a plot. The moral of the movie, if you can call it that, is that religion is dumb, don’t be racist, I guess, except when it’s funny, and do anything you want all the time. It was pretty heavy-handed, whatever the fuck it was. God, it was so tiresome. So fucking tiresome.

I feel like a small part of my soul, the part that ultimately believed in the good of humanity, died while I was watching that movie. No matter how long I live, no matter how hard I try, I will never get back the part of me that Sausage Party killed. I’ve watched so many bad movies over the course of my life, but I honestly think Sausage Party might be the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

I’m not sure who I pissed off enough to land on the invitee list to this hot mess, but if you hate anyone half as much as I hated this film, you should totally give them a ticket.


Ok so my dad is very anti-vegan/vegetarian and always talks to me about how I have nothing to eat and how meatless food is gross and jokes around calling me “PETA girl” and all that.

So today I came home with chipotle, my usual meal: sofritas tacos with seasoned tofu, black beans, and white rice. I offered my dad a bite and didn’t tell him what it was and he was like “wow what kind of chicken is this it’s so good” and I was like HA HAAAAAAAA IN YOUR FACE YOU JUST ADMITTED A VEGAN MEAL WAS DELICIOUS I WIN

Hello lovelies! How is everyone today? Ya’ll ready for more shenanigans? Put on those gas masks because the smell of bullshit can be pretty strong.

So some random thoughts: 

 Jen and Josh must have had an epically fantastic 4th of July weekend to warrant that massive smile Josh sported when asked about Atlanta. And Jen knew what was coming so she had Talley post that boarding pass to Atlanta to say - we’re good, peeps. 

A few words about Talley. Talley has been Jen’s assistant for three years but none of us knew about her because she’s been the soul of discretion. Talley worked in both MJ films but she never posted anything remotely connected to Jen. It’s only in the last year that she has started posting things related to Jen, and I’m sure Jen knows about it and gave permission to do so. 

Talley has been a loyal employee and Jen is a very private person. So for Jen to okay posting that boarding pass, that’s huge. There’s no reason to post that except to let us know Jen was in Atlanta.

So C got two articles for her trouble. I especially liked the DM one that mentions how she went braless and flaunted her “modest assets.”  Yikes. But look at those articles - they profile her and bring up PL - that’s for you Italy.  They even have pap pics of her alone. Why?  No one in the US knows who she is. They barely know her in Spain. Yet she gets the lead name in the JJ article?  I guess the Spanish opportunities have dried up. 

And she’s been free since May 1 and has done nothing. Nothing except been in her “friend’s” epically bad student art film where she dances with dead fish while wearing a pig’s mask - I’m not joking about that.

And Josh was enjoying his “off time” so when does she show up?  The first day he’s filming a new project. Why not enjoy some time together eating tacos before work comes up?  I guess she really needed to be seen on a Hollywood film set to show how in the Hollywood scene she is. 

Joshy - you’ve f-cked up badly. No one believes this. It looks so fake. Josh has never been papped at his mom’s house in the two years she’s lived there.  Whole Foods like Disneyland is where celebrities go to be seen. But did you notice how neither article mentioned he’s filming Future Man? It’s clear that’s what it is - Josh knows C coming around is an epic fail, so he is keeping the one legitimate project he has going for him out of those articles. 

This is very bad from a PR perspective. He’s alienated a good chunk of his HG fans and even his hard core fans recognize how contrived this looks. 

But that’s where we’re at. Let’s see what this week brings. 

what the fuck is up with celebrities getting tumblrs. What’s next, Harry Styles making one to post nonstop stupid jokes and get hundred thousands notes for nOTHING