So, ok, I think you might be tired with all of these commission things, but this one is kind of important ;;;

I am almost starting school again, but we spend most of our money paying it! That means we can’t afford enough to buy books, and what am I going to do in a school without books? Not much. Plus, it’s a private “prestige” one, so…Anyways! I just wanted to say that I’ll be taking US$1.00 Chibi commissions ;;;;! The example is up there.

Style 2:

External image

Style 3:

External image

Style 4:

External image




-Excessive Blood/Gore


-Hardcore Yaoi/Yuri


-Full Body or coloring (for now)


-Male/Female characters

-Animal ears and tails


-Shounen Ai/Shoujo Ai


-I will retain all copyright of the work and can use the artwork in portfolios and prints.(Except, if in this case, the character is your or someone else’s OC [but the art is still mine, so])

-You may post your commission on any other websites and DA as long as credit is given. 

-I must receive payment before you receive your commission.

-PayPal must be paid half up front and half after you receive you commission. 

Note me for payment questions


Please Note me with your commission request and when you’re done, send it to me at gret44@hotmail.com:

Your Name and e-mail (In case of):

Commission style: (head-shot lineart; bust sketch…)

How many characters: (1-2)

Background: (Y/N?)

References: (It’s really REALLY needed)

Specific information you want us to know and draw:

Anything else?:

If you want any more information, please ASK ME or MAIL ME at gret44@hotmail.com (Again).

Thank you very much!

 小夜子 歌ってみた ver.グレタ★

No harmonies yet! I LOVE THIS SONG. I was going to sing it in English but I couldn’t, maybe later, tomorrow? Well, I hope you like this Mari and Lecchi! Even if…it’s…a…kind of depressive song…? geez. Well, yeah ; v ;!! <333


Changed the file. The cover is now bilingual, hehe! English lyrics are by Ando ft. Rachie.