New @afflictionclothing jacket +tacos & guac for #TomAraya #Slayer #Exodus tonight in NJ #TacoMetalParty @slayerbandofficial @melissammangin @artie777 @perezmanny (ThanX for making all the shells!) @wellzdrumz @santoscooks @paulbooth @paulbostaphofficial @garyholtofficial @sxmliquidmetal — Check out this cake, wow!!! \m/ \m/ (at The Wellmont Theater)

NYC speedwalking listening to NEW @halestormrocks on way to work puffin on my @gpen & look who I see!?! @officiallzzyhale & @thejoestorm two of my fav musicians looking all model-like next to the water tunnel in Rockefeller Plaza waiting for guitar store to open! I tripped out ran over and laid giant hugs on them both! They are in town doing press for their AMAZING new release #IntoTheWildLife out April 14th. Stay tune to @siriusxm @sxmoctane week of to hear tons of killer content from one of the BEST bands we play over the satellites!!! I love #Halestorm and I’m looking into booking them for the next #TacoMetalParty!!! Look out!!!! @officialarejayhale @jodowa (at Rockefeller Center)

That was one hell of a #TacoMetalParty w @crobotband & close friends last night! They played killer set in #ManCave starting around midnight & we all shared in the taco & guacamole madness! A nice inspirational tequila hangover today and I feel great about the whole hang! We all had a blast!!! I remember it was about 4am when we were talking about how heavy and muscular the word “loaf” is, and we started a new #Crobot side project called LOAF OF FILTH! We jammed this sick new acoustic song called “Crobot Is Not PROBOT” and I tore it up on vocals drawing inspiration from both Dani Filth & Meatloaf. It’s a smash hit! Hahaha!!! Massive THANX to Brandon, Jake, Paul & Bishop for starting their tour at my house! Catch ‘em for next 2 weeks on their own headlining tour, and then opening for @anthrax @volbeat starting at end of this month. Bishop, their guitarist, drew us this beautiful #CrobotTacoMetalParty keepsake on drive in from PA! We love it! Much love to my sexy taco assistant @melissammangin & all of our friends who partied super hard super late on a weeknight w the kids peacefully sleeping upstairs! @melanie_325 @cullensaidthis @artie777 @perezmanny @fitnataly @frankinjection @vincentrockwell @whatsintheb0x @joshmusto @grantrandom @wellzdrumz @jakecrobot @thanatoticdesire +++

#TacoMetalParty w @vinniepaul3 #Hellyeah last night at Casa Mangin! Honored to spoil my brothers w good times, food and spirits!!! See some of you tonight at the Hellyeah show w Godsmack in Montclair NJ! Big THANX to Vinnie, Bridog, Jake, Tom & Christian for hanging out w all of us!!! Making you guys smile w taco/guac goodness is all I wanted to do! Glad my family & friends got chance to hang w HellmuthafukkinYeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I get a “Goddamn?!?!”

Randy’s #1 SALSA (mine too!) made fresh by my friend! Order YOURS! csanchez227@hotmail.com Carina is ready to take your order!!! ————–| Randy sent me this pic as he and his lovely wife Cindy ate a Mexican meal topped w SALSA that my old school friend who grew up w me in Douglas Arizona made with love! I sent them a bottle to enjoy once LOG finished up their most recent overseas tour. This is the ONLY SALSA I use for ALL our #tacometalparty events! Get yours NOW!!!! Thanks Randy!!!! SALSA SALSA SALSA #BeLikeRandy @drandallblythe #LambOfGod #HotSalsaIsMetal #CarinasCocina #MexicanMadeMetal

Mexican feast, spirits & energy exchange w amazing friends @officiallzzyhale & @thejoestorm #halestorm w @melissammangin at f'yeah new spot El Paso up on 104th & Lexington (our 1st time & we will be back!)… Such a trip to hang w Lzzy & Joe same day Lzzy killed it performing at 830am on Good Morning America w her violin playing friend @LindseyStirling! We saw it before we drove to city and I got all emo watching her just GO!!! We’ve been long time Halestorm pushers & my entire family loves them! To see where they are going makes us proud as f! Here’s to them & THANKS for crashing our date night! Haha! See you November 28th at Melissa’s Bday party show @starlandballroom in #Slayerville NJ #tacometalparty c'mon!!!! @sxmoctane @afflictionclothing #lzzyhale #joehottinger @halestormrocks @scissorhappybylzzyhale (at El Paso Mexican Restaurant)

Amped & excited to finally meet one of my fav new bands on Earth #twelvefootninja @ the Observatory in Santa Ana CA part of #afflictionmetalnight this past Saturday w #periphery #bornofosiris & more! The Ninja dudes couldn’t have been cooler & so thankful they weren’t dicks and that they did in fact RULE live! Haha! I was nervous whole drive that morning from Vegas straight to venue in the OC b/c I have a lot of stock in the band here in states and was hoping not to be disappointed. I was absolutely impressed w ALL!Turns out we got along so well that the band is going to be staying a few extra days after Nov 20 NYC show in NJ at the Mangin’s house where they’ll be the guests of honor at @melissammangin’s b'day party!!! Holding off trip back home to Australia for a #tacometalparty fukyeah it’s ON! @rockmywalls @afflictionclothing

Day off today just made award winning (but not so spicy) guacamole for #MyaMaria’s 6th grade class for Mexican themed food party! Just delivered to school wearing my #ElCompadre H'Wood CA apron (thought the bloody #SLAYER one might be too much for teachers & some kids!?)… Hope they enjoy the guac! ….. Later tonight I’ll be making more @covinoandrich 5x award winning guac for @vinniepaul3 @chadnesss Jake, Tom & the rest of #Hellyeah for another #TacoMetalParty!!!!! C'mon getcha’ pull!!!!

#Repost @vinniepaul3 from last night #tacometalparty #Hellyeah @starlandballroom #josetacostand ————————Look who showed up to the jersey show tonight bringin us his custom homemade tacos !!! HELLYEAH!! The one and only @josemangin GONNA be a great show and a taco and booze fest after!! Cheers!! VP (at Starland Ballroom)

Boomerangin’ #jägermeister w our favorite Australian mates & roo-fukkers @twelvefootninja @ mi casa when they stayed w @melissammangin, the kids & I in November after they wrapped up their 1st North American tour w #periphery - want to remind you that we are airing the @sxmliquidmetal interview & #SXMTakeover Fri 3-5pE Sat 12-2pE Sun 9-11pE also available on @SiriusXM On Demand - these dudes won #liquidmetal’s “Best Artist Discovery 2013” & we are stoked to see them blowup here in the states this year!!! @afflictionclothing @slayerbandofficial #tacometalparty #slidermate

Mega-ThanX to tonight’s special guests #666Live Tom Araya @slayerbandofficial & @jimbreuer_official @sxmliquidmetal @siriusxm replay is on NOW (LISTEN!!!!) w one more replay tomorrow (Thursday morning) 6amET / 3amPT - another Liquid Metal exclusive! Thanks as well to my partner in metallic crime @whatsintheb0x -@afflictionclothing Vegas Hard Rock store visit w Tomas last October and Jim in our house for a #tacometalparty oooooooou yyyeeeeaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

#TacoMetalParty April 1st #ManCaveNJ w @crobotband performing in our basement!!! It’s the hottest ticket this side of the Mississippi! 😎 Also staring my @covinoandrich 4x award winning guacamole!!! 👍 This is NOT an April Fool’s Day joke, it’s for REAL and we’re super charged up about it too! Close friends hit me up if ya want in, guest list is limited!!! Thanks to my intern/friend @joshmusto #ShitKill for creating this cool ass flyer! @melissammangin #ChupacabraTacos #SkullOfGeronimoBong #CrobotTacoMetalParty #GuacAndRoll

#tacometalparty @afflictionclothing Seal Beach CA piñatas @kyngband concert kegs tacos & one memorable night! THANX to all who came out to celebrate! @nikval22 @kyngpepe @kyngeddie @kyngbasstone @rockmywalls @shannongunz @ericfoss73 @cchason @ponce73 @malibloc @peepshowclothing @jessicanicole99 @ivydmuerta @cursemackey @lucindazeee & so many more!!!