tacoma, wa

There used to be a little shop in Tacoma, WA that let you mix your own perfume. They had dozens of jars of scents that you could combine droplets of to take home. I was fucking brilliant at it… I made a few jars as gifts for friends and just found one in my room. I can’t remember what went into it - possibly a base of magnolia or gardenia, but whatever it was is fucking heavenly. I usually dislike artificial flower smells, but this? This is some kind of nose sorcery. I keep going back to sniff it.

I think that shop closed down, but if anyone knows other places that let you do this for cheap, let me know?

Anthem Coffee and Tea Open Mic Night, “No Boundries” flyer in the process. Next Night, February 22nd. Awesome place to do homework, order the yummiest food and drink, and enjoy/showcase your skills! 

The point is to provide a comfortable environment that encourages people to showcase their art and get a feel for preforming before taking a bigger stage.