I had an idea to meal prep tacos for my weekday dinners. At first I planned this for next week, but tacos sounded too good to wait. 🌮

Normally tacos aren’t very healthy for me; I tend to load them up with lots of calories and eat 4-5 in one sitting. But in attempt to make healthier tacos I prepped lots of veggies including homemade salsa and a southwest corn & black bean blend. Plus instead of the usual side of chips and salsa (one of my favorites!) I chopped up some veggies to eat on the side.

I’ve made enough so that my dinners for the rest of the week will be 2 tacos with veggies and greek yogurt dip on the side. It’s about 750 calories for the tortillas, meat, cheese, bean / corn, and greek yogurt. The rest of the veggies I didn’t feel warranted calorie counting; I plan to just eat as many as I need to feel full.

At work today....
  • Two kids came through my line today
  • Boy: *holds up krazy glue* look it's the kragle!
  • Me: you can by that, only if you promise not to glue people in place
  • Boy: *eyes widen* you know what a kragle is?
  • Me: of course. Every special knows what a kragle is.
  • Boy: then how do you know what it is?
  • Me: *bangs counter* darn! I gave away my position. I guess that means it's time for me to appoint a new special, or in this case, two new specials.
  • Both kids: *squeals*
  • Me: *holds up hand* but first, you must answer me one question.
  • Kids: *nods*
  • Me: what day of the week does president business plan to use the kragle? Hint: taco....what?
  • Kids: *same time* Tuesday!
  • Me: *claps* congratulations, you both are the new specials! *bows*
  • Kids: *cheers*
  • Their grandma: *smiles and winks at me* let's go specials.
  • Me: have a good night, my specialties! *bows again*
  • Kids: *bow back and run out of store*