Puffy Tacos

The best thing about tacos is that you can put whatever the hell you want in it.

There are so many different condiments, vegetables, and protein options…and then there’s the vessel. Hard shell? Soft shell? Flour? Corn? So many choices and decisions to make.

One of the vessels that I see fluctuate in the world of food trends is the puffy shell. Lightly fried, with occasional bubbles of airy and crunchy goodness. But, it can’t be too crispy. No, no, no. You still have discernible layers of tortilla skin so you can slowly peel away the exterior “skin” like a Kit Kat bar. (I’m probably the only weirdo who does this?) It’s still soft enough that you can fold it and eat it. It doesn’t crumble and force salsa to drip down your arms. It has more attitude than those other tacos. It’s a puffy taco, dammit.

This San Antonio specialty is the best way to revive or at least revitalize taco night. If you’ve never made these before, well, get on board! Today’s post is not a normal recipe post; it is a step-by-step guide on making puffy tacos. Just in time for Taco Tuesday because I know you’re thinking about tomorrow already…

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