The sky dripped. My nose dripped. My throat is raw from coughing and I wish The Husb wouldn’t buy sandpaper tissues. *Sad sore face*. It could have been a gloomy day indeed but there’s always a brightener: For me I got a call to tell me that Saturday’s purchase is on a boat, Perth-bound, due mid-August. I was also able to reserve plates from the government issues in stock and my favourite three numbers were available.

You can’t choose the letters but at least they don’t spell anything stupid at the moment, like DIK or BUM. I have seen DIK but perhaps they skipped BUM because seriously, who would accept it? You’d have to go personalised or wait. I wouldn’t get personalised plates myself; they always seem lame to me (I think lesswhiningmorewinning’s commuting diary attests to that - my opinion - don’t get upset if you have them!)

clubathletica and I visited our favourite bike shop, the R&D Speed Shop in Claremont, where she made herself useful (wink wink say no more, stay tuned - but it’s a cute photo). We had soft jerked-chicken tacos for lunch at Asado, which were quite yummy.

I have organised someone to cover for me at the gym tomorrow - I am far too grotty to inflict myself on my clients. I just hope I am better by Thursday.

There was also a rainbow on our drive.