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Ouat Con San Francisco 2017 - Jen’s Panel
  • Colin had to leave and Jen just said Nooo don’t leave me! (x)
    • Colin has left the stage, just Jen’s panel now (x)
  • Jen: I think a magical power that would be incredible for all of us to have is the ability to heal people. (x)
  • A little girl just asked Jen what her favorite physical trait of Hook was. (She expertly avoided answering) (x)
  • The S5 Camelot ballgown is Jen’s favorite dress (x)
  • Funniest CS moments? @jenmorrisonlive says Old Hook cracked her up and also having to climb the beanstalk with one hand (x)
  • When Jen is bored she likes to see plays, Spend time with family/friends, and go for walks. (x)
  • If she could give Hook a magical power it would be to read Emma’s mind (x)
  • The scene where Henry eats the apple turnover in season 1 is Jen’s favorite Henry and Emma scene (x)
  • Tacos or pancakes?? Pancakes!! (x)
    • Pancakes or Tacos? Jen: since my parents eat tacos and Emma and Killian eat pancakes, I’m going to say pancakes. (x)
  • Emma, Hook, and Henry need to go somewhere luxurious (Hawaii) bc they’ve spent years battling darkness (x)
  • Jen would want to go Ireland and Scotland but work keeps getting in the way (x)
  • What live-action Disney princess would @jenmorrisonlive want 2 play? it was Belle, but she also is a big fan of Little Mermaid. (x)
    • If Disney came to Jen with a role for a live-action movie, she would say yes (x)
  • Jen was really happy with Emma and Milahs meeting (x)
  • Jen talking about watching Jared grow up and how it makes her feel like a surrogate parent (x)
  • Fave season 6 scene was Emma’s song as well as filming the #captainswan wedding (x)
  • Emma has grown to a place where she’s able to be strong and in love (x)
    • Part of Emma’s happy ending is that she IS strong and IS in love. (x)
  • If Jen wasn’t acting, she’d probably be an interior designer (x)
  • Jen tried to keep Emma’s hard and makeup down to a bare minimum (x)
    • Jen tries to keep keep hair and makeup to bare minimum if she can… sometimes her hair would take ~45 mins (x)
  • Jen got a ride to her how I met your mother audition in a giant construction car (x)
  • Beverly Elliot just came out and is singing “Like a Hero” and then said “Like Jennifer Morrison” (x)


I had a very vivid dream last night that I was buying food from a food truck, but instead of specializing in sandwiches or tacos it was pancakes??? Like really out there pancakes, i’m talking pumpkin pie, red velvet, etc. and I ordered this special sampler thing that had 3 different types in small portions, and they were like “That’all be $200″ and I was like D:….ok…. and paid $200 for fucking pancakes, @ psychology side of tumblr, what does this mean??? 

Jen & Colin’s OUATSF Afternoon Panel Live-tweet Recap

(–italics are just extra tibits explaining my tweets – let me know if you want to know anything else!!)

Colin’s Solo Panel:

[x] when did Hook fall in love with Emma? @colinodonoghue1 “When he first saw her.”  #captainswan #OUATSF 

[x@colinodonoghue1’s hardest person to film a serious scene with is #joshdallas  #captaincharming #odallas #ouatsf

[x@colinodonoghue1 doesn’t really have many projects going on currently outside of #OUAT

[x@colinodonoghue1 thinks Emma and Hook should go to Hawaii for their honeymoon #OUATSF

[x] Colin is in rare form today 😂😂😂 super cheeky! #OUATSF

[x] Colin’s CS baby names (while under pressure): killian jr. or emma jr.  #OUATSF @colinodonoghue1 
— I say while under pressure because he was like “that’s a lot of pressure to put on me!” lmao

[x] Crossover? Once Upon a Hannibal  @colinodonoghue1 #OUATSF

[x] If not for emma, @colinodonoghue1 ships #captaincharming #OUATSF 
– he was like don’t tell Josh!

[x] He most relates to Henry because of his belief in trying to make the world a better place. @colinodonoghue1  #OUATSF

[x] POTC, Cars, Star Tours and GOTG are great rides at Disneyland - @colinodonoghue1 #OUATSF 
(he wanted to go on Haunted Mansion but he didn’t have enough time, was only there half a day.)

[x] "If you’re gonna do something do it right, do it 100%“ - words to live by from @colinodonoghue1’s mum #OUATSF

[x - has a video!] Season 1 cursed!Hook would run the fish and chip shop  #OUATSF
–and honestly I need this in fic form please

Jen & Colin’s duo panel (colin introduced her as his second wifey/tv wife)

[x] CS kids? yes! @jenmorrisonlive also approves of @colinodonoghue1’s names for them  #OUATSF

[x] If they had a choice to play any character: @colinodonoghue1 "I wanna be James Bond” @jenmorrisonlive “I wanna be James Bond, why not?" 

[x - has a video of the full response!!] Who’s your best friend on set? @colinodonoghue1 @jenmorrisonlive #OUATSF #brotp

[x] Colin and Jen once went to Starbucks and Colin was in full pirate-garb and no one said a thing  #OUATSF

Jen’s solo panel 

[x] Funniest CS moments? @jenmorrisonlive says Old Hook cracked her up and also having to climb the beanstalk with one hand  #OUATSF

[x] Tacos or pancakes?? Pancakes!!  @jenmorrisonlive #OUATSF
– she said something like “well my parents eat tacos… so I’m gonna say pancakes!”

[x@jenmorrisonlive’s vacation for Emma, Hook & Henry? Hawaii as well!!  #OUATSF

[x] What live-action Disney princess would @jenmorrisonlive want 2 play? it was Belle, but she also is a big fan of Little Mermaid. #OUATSF
– Jen would’ve loved to played Belle because she loves to read. But she said if Disney asked her to play any princess she would do it!

[x] Fave season 6 scene was Emma’s song as well as filming the #captainswan wedding  @jenmorrisonlive #OUATSF

[x] "For the first time in her life she feels like she’s in a safe place, [Hook’s] always by their side” - @jenmorrisonlive on Emma’s HEA
– she also continued… “and her family is by her side, and she’s happy” 

[x] Jen tries to keep keep hair and makeup to bare minimum if she can… sometimes her hair would take ~45 mins #OUATSF
– she would read while they do her hair, her makeup would take about 15 mins, but she doesn’t really like a whole lot of fuss.

[x - the video is kind of the end of it@jenmorrisonlive’s audition story for HIMYM
– She said she had did a video of her throwing pingpong balls as eggs and using a megaphone for her part of Zoey (who’s like this crazy activist chick and my fave of Ted’s girlfriends tbh) but the producers wanted to see her in person. Because she’s known for dramatic roles but she does have comedy chops. But the day of, she didn’t have a car, so she had to have a contractor/foreman drive her to this audition in his crazy lifted truck… with an eggcrate full of pingpong balls and her megaphone. And instead of inside a room where they were originally gonna meet, they met in a trailer. In the panel, Jen stood up to demonstrate how she auditioned for the part of Zoey on HIMYM by throwing ping pong balls (which were supposed to be eggs) and had a megaphone – all in the producer’s trailer – so a tiny space! XD

— edited to add in tweets I missed in my replies, oops!

Final Battle Speculation Wishes

After the high of Sunday and the low of Monday, I decided to make the best of the last time that we might get to see Emma and Killian on our screen on a Sunday night.  So after watching the preview and seeing the press release as well as so many of the spoilers that we were able to see being filmed in March, I’ve come up with this wishlist.  

Based on all of the above I think that the finale is a mash-up of S1, S3 and S4 finale.  


Emma ends up in the mental hospital – separation of her from others like in S4 finale when she was in the tower.  Archie has no memory so he is treating her for delusions - call back to S1

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Devil May Cry Headcanons: Cooking

Sparda: Master Chef.

With his vast knowledge and his age, I think he’ll be able to make any dish out of any edible ingredients. Also, he’ll make all his meals using fresh ingredients. No-fast food for him! Since he is a full devil, he doesn’t eat much, maybe once a month unless he’s exerts himself and he needs to replenish himself with sustenance.

Eva: The Baker.

Stovetop cooking isn’t really her forte, but because she has light fingers, baking home-baked meals and desserts has become a staple in her cooking arsenal.

Vergil: Easy meals.

He’s not much into cooking, only light meals like pasta, fettuccine, shrimp pesto, farfelle, etc, though he really enjoys seafood/Asian cuisine…maybe Italian for comfort food.  He needs to consume food once every two weeks.

Lady: High-Class Connoisseur.

Doesn’t cook. She pays for her meals whenever she feels like eating via restaurant or through high-class food websites. Lots of healthy veggies, high protein content, carbs counted, rarity…that type of thing. Now we know why she hounds Dante for money. Gotta keep her figure in check. But she does make an exception for anything BBQ. 

BBQ is Bae. BBQ is Life.

Trish: Breakfast Maker.

Trish doesn’t really delve in the world of food, because she is also a devil, so food isn’t a priority of hers. However, because she’s fascinated by what the world has to offer, sometimes she’ll make breakfast if she’s in the mood. Small things like crepes, parfaits, quiche, etc. Any other time, she’d rather get a couple slices of pizza and call it a day.

Nero: Experimentation.

Because of his upbringing in Fortuna, he wasn’t able to taste all the foods the world has to offer. Now, he’s branching out to find out what works for him one dish at a time. He’s getting pretty good at making tacos, spaghetti, fried chicken, pancakes, scrambled eggs, and the like. When he’s feeling lazy, microwavable foods work just as well.

Kyrie: If at first you don’t succeed…

With Credo and Nero patrolling Fortuna at all hours, she was often left to cook meals that she couldn’t get the grasp of. Most of the time, she’d eat in the large mess hall, but when she wanted to do something for them, she’d whip up an *attempt* of whatever dish she’d try to make.

Lucia: Coastal Cuisine

Lucia and Matier have a knack for preparing food that is grown around their home. Since Vie de Marli is a social community in my mind (probably should have added that in to DMC2 Capcom) coconuts and all its variations, bananas,  tuna, halibut, potatoes, carrots, chicken, pig, curry, pineapples, shrimp, natural spices brings out the most in their dishes.

Dark Dante: Easy Does It.

Blood. Dark Chocolate. Sometimes a mix of the two (Flesh preferred). Need I say more?


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(A/N): I had this idea in my head for several months, if not for over a year and I was time to write it down. Basically, there are no warnings, maybe one curse word but like that’s nothing. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x f!reader x daughter Violet 

Summary: Family life turned upside down when the animals warn Violet and her parents that something dark was coming to them.

Warning: fluff, drama

Words: 5000+


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After so many years, Bucky was free – free from the trigger words, nightmares, and the past that even when it was still there, he knew it wouldn’t hurt him anymore. Years of torture and suffering were gone and now he could focus only on the beautiful, almost too unrealistic present. The world became a better place even though the evilness was still waiting for its opportunity to ruin everything and everyone. Maybe Hydra was defeated but it didn’t mean it was broken and deleted from the map. They were still there but weak. Their greatest leaders were dead and whatever move they made, it was their last one.

The man took a deep breath and snored unintentionally. He was in his comfortable bed, sleeping after a mission. He came back late at night and was only able to change into something comfortable and sneak to his beautiful wife who was deeply asleep. The noise made someone laugh. It was a very soft and high-pitched sound that could belong to one person. “Daddy is funny when he snores,” a five-year-old girl commented. “It’s time to finally wake him up,” and she trapped his nose between two fingers. Bucky instantly opened his mouth and smiled. His eyes remained closed. “Daddy, I knew you were awake!” she almost screamed from the excitement.

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