taco or beer challenge


So! prochoice-or-gtfo tagged me for the #TacoOrBeerChallenge. I like tacos and I like helping people, so this works out. 

Since I had two tacos (I really like tacos), I donated to the National Network of Abortion Funds and also to Exhale, because post-abortion support is also important. I donated $15 to both, so $30 total.

I’m tagging everyone who reads this! (Reminder not to drink if you’re under the legal age!)


President of Lilith Fund, Lindsay, and her sidekick Angus, take the #TacoOrBeerChallenge. Learn more about our #M1LLION funding campaign and you can help ensure abortion access in Texas. 


angieup and Kim Mayers tagged me in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge but since I already donated when Jackie nominated me, I’m eating a taco for the #tacoorbeerchallenge  and donating to the National Network of Abortion Funds (http://fundabortionnow.org).

Not sure if I’m supposed to tag people to do the challenge next but just in case, I challenge tumblr friends megsokay, bookoisseur, mildlyamused, and hello-rossalyn.

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#TacoOrBeerChallenge wrap-up: you raised $30K for abortion funds!

Congratulations! You rose to the Taco Or Beer Challenge: you ate a taco (or a burrito, or a quesadilla) and/or drank a beer (or a root beer, or a margarita), and you donated to an abortion fund. In fact, you donated $29,836 to local, state, and international abortion funds around the world.

You. Are. Amazing. Can’t wait for ToBC 2015!

Click here to read the full wrap-up at RH Reality Check: http://rhrc.us/1u64Uvz

ICYMI… ryeisenberg challenged me today, but she didn’t make it clear if she was challenging me to do the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS research (visit alsa.org for more) or Andrea Grimes’s Taco & Beer Challenge for Abortion Fund support (visit fundabortionnow.org for more). They are two VERY DIFFERENT challenges.

So, I was, like, “Hmm…they’re both good causes I believe in, so I’ll do both. AT THE SAME TIME.”

Here is that video. I realize I forgot to tag people. So, I’m tagging three women whose humor, grace, kindness and ferocity inspire me:  sarabenincasa, Amelia McDonnell-Perry of thefrisky and Carol Hartsell of huffpostcomedy. They can do one, either or both. 

A Note From The Founders

Dear Concerned “Pro-Life” Folks,

A number of you have written into the #TacoOrBeerChallenge tumblr with the suggestion that the Challenge’s founder “abort” herself. This proposal has been further explored and expounded upon on Twitter by a particularly vocal and especially thoughtful group of erudite individuals.

The Taco Or Beer Challenge has taken your proposal under advisement, but the Taco Or Beer Challenge regrets to inform you that it will not be implemented at this time. Thank you so much for your helpful input and your powerful witness in the light of the glory of Jesus Christ.


The Taco Or Beer Challenge

I Want You to Eat a Taco, Drink a Beer, and Fund Abortion

Are you up for taking the Taco or Beer Challenge?

Y'all do know about this, right? tacoorbeerchallenge invites you to do exactly what it says on the tin. We picked up the taco supplies yesterday and we have beer (and mead) in the fridge. Photos to come, maybe even my recipe for super cheap, healthy, vegan “taco meat” that my kid loves.

So this is my Taco Or Beer Challenge video.

I’ve eaten my taco already and drank my beer. This video is crappy quality and ended up looking super stretched and weird on the computer (it looked normal on my phone.)

But I ate my Taco Bell taco, drank my Redd’s Apple Ale and bought two sheets of stickers from Pro Choice or No Voice’s Zazzle store, of which the proceeds will go to an abortion fund.