taco madness

quick recap of Lili’s & Mad’s insta live
  • Lili’s going back home to North Carolina to see her family tomorrow I think ‘cause it’s her last chance to visit them before filming for season 2
  • Madelaine is heading to Ottawa for a fan expo event next weekend(?)
  • Mads keeps complimenting Lili on how she looks so good even though she loves eating Denny’s and Taco Bell
  • Mads is going to Paris w/ Casey next year(?) for a fan convention
  • Mads can do a South African accent that she doesn’t wanna showcase (lol)
  • Her & Lili spent an entire night during filming last year walking around Vanvouver speaking in accents
  • Mads wants to take Lili out to a Mountain Dew factory for her bday and Lili said she’ll take Mads to a kale farm for hers
  • they said that Cami’s in Toronto visiting a friend
  • they almost exposed KJ’s phone # when they called him but he didn’t answer
  • Lili said that Cole went out partying
  • Lili & Mads aren’t gonna be roomies in Vancouver while they film season 2
  • Lili had a cockroach in her apartment last year
  • Mads left her keys in her Uber driver’s car so she had to Uber it back to her and pay him $50
  • The writer’s room (where the cast watches the show and where they do their live tweets) doesn’t have Mountain Dew
  • Lili’s middle school boyfriend is named Robbie
  • Katherine (girl from 13 Reasons Why) & Lili DM each other
  • Lili would describe Ross as a teddy-bear and Mads would describe him as a gentle giant
  • Mads is gonna start watching Skam ‘cause everyone keeps recommending it to her
  • Lili binge-watched Gossip Girl and she used to watch Reign
  • Both of them love Rick & Morty
  • Lili likes to order 3 soft tacos w/ no lettuce from Taco Bell
  • everyone from the main cast is a summer baby, except for Ashleigh whose bday is on January(?)

that’s all I remember

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no, your opinion doesnt count. youre just a dark version of jealous fucking taco. what's wrong huh? you dont have no booty and other black girls do? boo fucking hoo. taco is mad just because i said that suga's dick is probably in a chocolate pie right now, but i am just telling the truth. i know bangtan loves black girls, literally and figuratively. it is just reality whether you like it or not

“dick in chocolate pie”……..are these jay park lyrics

Fast food tacos make me so mad coz they’re so nasty and you could just go to an actual Mexican place and get some really delicious ones for not that much more money it’s like… why would you degrade yourself to Taco Bell

when i saw my demons i knew them well and welcomed them

PD-nim: okay suga, for this picture, i want you to say something very serious to jungkook

suga: hokay

*places hand on kookie’s shoulder*

suga: bruh

suga: you insfire me



100 to 0 real fast.

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I get the feeling Lili and Mads get along the most.

Yep, they were roomies and despite Lili being a Taco Bell addict and Mads being a devoted vegan, everything seemed to go quite well