taco madness

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Have you ever seen those cooking shows blatantly sponsored by Mccormick? They did watermelon sprinkled with taco seasoning. And also everything else with taco seasoning as well, it all looked awful.

i know whatcha talkin about and it DISGUTS ME.

you DON’T season a fucking watermelon with taco seasoning instead of pepper, white cuajada man needs to fucking learn about mixing flavors right, what the fuck.

  • lance, sitting upside down on the couch: you know, sometimes i get really mad about taco bell. i mean, its not that i dont like them as a business or their food or anything. i just dont like their slogan. whenever i see it i read it as all spanish and in my brain i pronounce it as <i>livé más</i> but i realize that doesnt make sense so im all like 'what?! oh yeah. its <i>taco bell.'</i> and then im angry because ive just been fooled. do you know how many times ive been fooled by taco bell? its a lot. youd think i would learn but i just forget and im fooled. over and over. i just get so mad about it. why not make the slogan <i>vive más?</i> or just 'live more' yknow? why bother the confusion of cramming in two different languages into one slogan? they should make me the head of advertising because i got a lot of ideas. it would be the best marketing campaign youve ever seen <i>by far</i>. first order of business would be to fix their shitty slogan real fast. then i would change locos tacos to tacos locos, because theyre basically saying the english equivalent of 'tacos crazy'. anyways yeah im sick of being fooled.
  • keith, sitting next to him, reading a magazine with his legs crossed and not listening: mhm thats great babe

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no, your opinion doesnt count. youre just a dark version of jealous fucking taco. what's wrong huh? you dont have no booty and other black girls do? boo fucking hoo. taco is mad just because i said that suga's dick is probably in a chocolate pie right now, but i am just telling the truth. i know bangtan loves black girls, literally and figuratively. it is just reality whether you like it or not

“dick in chocolate pie”……..are these jay park lyrics

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THIS IS REALLY GOOD HHH. OKAY OKAY OKAY I NEED TO KNOW THIS: I know Taco isn't the fuse type and Paintbrush would probably fight Taco if they got anywhere near eachother, but w h a t would a fusion between them look like? I could imagine it being a super unstable fusion if it did happen due to Paintbrush getting mad at Taco + Taco not really wanting to fuse. I need to know because I love them both.

Oh well mod yinyang and I will figure something out and I will draw it! Even if it wouldn’t actually happen  -Mod balloon

PD-nim: okay suga, for this picture, i want you to say something very serious to jungkook

suga: hokay

*places hand on kookie’s shoulder*

suga: bruh

suga: you insfire me



100 to 0 real fast.

I really like the the idea that Furiosa and Max would just hang out, best friends. Like they go to Taco Bell

Furiosa: What do you want?
Max: *Grunt and slight point*
Furiosa: We want a dozen soft tacos.

The Music Game!

I was tagged by @celestialsean! Thanks for the tag!

Rules: Put your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs, then tag 10 mutuals!

  1. Born This Way - Lady Gaga

  2. We’re So Starving - Panic! At The Disco

  3. Don’t Stop Me Now - Queen

  4. Night Night - Cashmere Cat feat. Kehlani

  5. Back In The U.S.S.R. - The Beatles

  6. Portuguese Knife Fight - Cage The Elephant

  7. Heart of Mine - The Young Veins

  8. Knew Better / Forever Boy - Ariana Grande

  9. Lullabies - Yuna

  10. Hurricane - Panic! At The Disco

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I get the feeling Lili and Mads get along the most.

Yep, they were roomies and despite Lili being a Taco Bell addict and Mads being a devoted vegan, everything seemed to go quite well