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Have you ever seen those cooking shows blatantly sponsored by Mccormick? They did watermelon sprinkled with taco seasoning. And also everything else with taco seasoning as well, it all looked awful.

i know whatcha talkin about and it DISGUTS ME.

you DON’T season a fucking watermelon with taco seasoning instead of pepper, white cuajada man needs to fucking learn about mixing flavors right, what the fuck.

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SEND A HEART GET A KISS | meme // @cyniceds

Send 💞 for a awkward kiss. 

don’t catch feels.

   don’t catch feels.

      don’t catch feels.

that had become poppy’s mantra over the course of her and ben’s unorthodox friendship. she, even though he could be – FOR LACK OF A BETTER WORD, a dick, actually enjoyed his company. ben? well he seemed to tolerate her. it’s not like she could make heads or tails of what he was thinking pretty much EVER and when she tried he seemed to pull away.

was she being paranoid? uh. MAYBE. but he was a hard egg to crack. the one thing she had going for her? poppy had a shit ton of patience and he was often on the receiving end of it. not that he ever asked for it or that poppy felt like he wanted it but it was something ben was granted REGARDLESS of want or need. 

    and no matter how manner times she uttered those ‘helpful’ words.

           no matter how many times she fought against herself.

               no matter of whether they were returned or not.

                    POPPY HAD CAUGHT FEELS.

she was cautious in her delivery of them. cautious not to let him see her true, TRUE colors. but she probably failed. and she probably failed hard. this often translated into something more awkward, causing poppy to lose sense of the confidence she had built up over the years. the girl stammered over her words, sometimes lost her footing when she was standing, and reacted to situations in ways that were puzzling to her.

like now, he was just standing in the kitchen popping chips or something into his mouth and poppy was just watching him from her spot in his living room. “hey, annie,” and who knew where the hell this impulse had come from but as he turned his attention to her poppy blew a friggin’ kiss at him. it was completely unprompted, poorly timed, and as soon as she delivered it the girl couldn’t help but blink a thousand times over. 



          “you don’t have to save that for later.”

poppy was probably just going to slink away forever now. because boy, oh boy, did she feel like a FOOL.  cue the shifting uncontrollably in her seat and shoving her hands between her legs. they were now weapons of betrayal.


For the Anon who asked for a story about a car crash.

The tires screeched as the car slid off of the road and down the steep embankment. Penelope screams as she looses control of the car. You don’t. For some reason you feel an eerie calm about the whole thing. Even when you see the boulder coming toward you. You know it’s not going to end well. Your head cracks against the window as your side of the car hits the boulder and that’s the last thing you remember. The world fading to black.
You hear the beeps first, then the soft sniffling of what sounds like a woman.
“She’s gonna be okay.” A deep male voice says. “As long as she wakes up and she’s a fighter. She’ll wake up.” He sounds worried, but hopeful.
“I’m so so sorry Derek. I tried to stop.”
“I know you did Baby girl.” He says quietly. “Could you, just go for a little while?”
“Oh. Oh yea. Of course. Call me when she wakes up.”
“I will.” He says and the door clicks shut. He gives a long sigh. Your head is pounding and everything feels so heavy. Your arms, your eyelids, everything. “Come on baby. Please open your eyes.” You hear him plead softly in your ear. Apparently this man is important to you. You can’t place who he is and without being able to open your eyes you might not know for a while. It takes you a bit but you finally fight your eyes open, then glance to where you know the man is sitting.
“Baby.” He says with a sigh. “You’re awake. Oh thank god you’re awake.” He smiles and your heart pounds. Damn he’s attractive, no way you’ve scored someone as sexy as him. “How are you feeling?”
“The doctor said you might be. What are you confused about? Maybe I can help.”
“Who are you?” You ask as gently as you can, he obviously cares for you very much and you don’t want to hurt him.
“You-you don’t remember me?” He sounds so hurt.
“I’m trying.” You say closing your eyes so you don’t cry. The sorrow on his face could kill you.
“I’m Derek. We’ve been together for three years. We live together in a house that I restored, we have a dog named Mo.” He’s watching your face hoping for for some sign of recognition.
“What do I do for a living?”
“You’re a Professor. You’re way smarter than I’ll ever hope to be.”
“I think you’re out of my league in the looks department if that makes you feel better.” He laughs and you find you love the sound.
“That’s exactly what you said the first time I said that.”
“Well, at least my personality is the same. Could you maybe show me some pictures?”
“Of course.” He pulls his phone out of his pocket and pulls up some photos up. “These are from our last two vacations. We go camping, Mo loves it and you’re a master at making a fire.” He smiles going through the pictures with you.
“Will you kiss me?” You ask softly. He looks over at you in surprise. “I’m trying to remember. I’m willing to try just about anything.” He moves closer to you and watches your face until his lips press against yours. His mouth moves confidently and you get butterflies in your stomach but it doesn’t jog your memory. You’d definitely continue kissing him, at least until there’s a knock on the door. He pulls away and searches your face.
“No. I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t be sweet girl. We’ll get through this. Come in.” He says taking your hand.
“Hi. I’m Doctor Wolfe. How are you feeling?”
“I’m okay, I have a really bad headache and I can’t remember some things.”
“Do you know your name? Birthday? Age? Parents?” You do.
“So what don’t you remember?”
“Derek and our dog, uh, Mo?” You look over at him and Derek nods. “It seems like it’s just the last couple years?”
“That seems right to me.” Derek confirms.
“That’s normal. You hit your head extremely hard, I would have been surprised if you remembered everything. It should all come back within the next couple of days. You’ll be able to go home after we run a few more tests and even that might help.”
“Thank you Dr. Wolfe.” You say with a soft smile and Derek squeezes your hand.
Four hours later you walk into the home you share with Derek. Mo comes charging over and you crouch down.
“Hey Mo.” You say petting the chubby dog. You wander the house as if it’s the first time you’ve seen it. It’s a beautiful home, not too big for the two of you but a home you can grow into.
“Anything clicking?”
“I’m going to shower. It’s been a couple days since I’ve been home. You and Penelope got in that crash Friday.”
“It’s Tuesday now right?” He nods. “Do you want something to eat?”
“We were going to have tacos this weekend. If we don’t use the meat it’s going to go bad.”
“I can do tacos.” He kisses your temple in a familiar way and then heads upstairs. You start cooking and turn on the radio, Mo watching you from the floor. When Derek comes back down he slowly wraps his arms around your waist. You rest your head back against him and breathe in his freshly showered scent and it clicks. “Derek Morgan.”
“Hmm?” He hums.
“No Derek! I remember! You never told me your last name!”
“I didn’t?”
“No! Our first date was to an ice cream parlor! I got chocolate and you got cherry and we mixed the two.” You say turning toward him. Your face lit up with excitement.
“You remember!” He says grinning down at you. He kisses you soundly and you find that even remembering all the past kissing you’ve done doesn’t keep his mouth on yours from being any less thrilling.

December 12th

Pairing: Dean x Reader, brief Sam x Reader
Summary: On December 12th, 2005, the reader’s fianceé, Sam, is killed in a car crash.  Every year on the anniversary of his death, she visits his grave, where she’s slowly starting to fall for his older brother.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 5,690
Warnings: ANGST ANGST ANGST ANGST and some fluff
A/N: Ayyyyeeeee felt like being depressing so here you go
Gif credits: (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)


“What the hell?” Someone said, startling you out of your vision.  “What are you doing?” He sounded unbelievably angry.

Turning to look at the stranger, you frowned.  “I should be asking you that.  What are you creeping up on random people at night in a cemetery?”

The guy scoffed, obviously pissed.  “I’m visiting my brother’s grave and I don’t appreciate that you’re sitting on top of him.  So, move.”

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