taco killer


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Finally a true excuse for me to draw this Gintama plot.
Plot from: Gintama comic lesson 65

But, yup, gotta answer Edgepuff to be my favorite Papcest. Here are Proves if ya don’t believe: ❤️❤️❤️
Like I may really have a thing on those tsundere asshole/cinnamon roll type of ships, also one of my first favorite Fontcest artist do drew Edgepuff as well (if you know who I am talking winkwonk), so it is kinda planted deep in my heart… and this is probably the fluffiest ship from my Fontcest fandom fleet lmaoooo.

English translation of the comic below:

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My new friend, Pachinko, and I, want to give a lotta love to all the people who have been supporting my work with reblogs. Big So-Cal Love to: the original plant, Taifunu, I Lost Myself in Reality, InspirationInAbstract, Savas Garden, and the always lovely, LuxLit. As Pachinko says, “That’s way cool of you.”

Pachinko and I are off to do some surfing, some chilling, and then we’re going to hit this little taco stand that makes killer quesadillas. Peace!