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(( Aaa hello! Made an animatic for the Grand Slams team, it surprised me because it only took me a whole day to make, some errors here and there but not gonna waste my time reuploading; deleted frames under the cut! ))

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He burned dinner. As ridiculous, as tiny, as insignificant as burnt tacos were in the grand scheme of things - that’s what sent John over the edge.

It was fucking Father’s Day. And here he was on the road with an eight year old and a four year old that should have been laughing and playing with friends. Instead he was hunting some impossible monster while he tried to keep his boys safe and happy. And he was failing. Father’s Day - and John would win the prize for worst father ever.

His sons found him on the back porch of the little house they were renting in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They found him crying, holding his face in his hands and sobbing in the way he told them not to do - be strong in the face of adversity, son. — John felt anything but strong.

His sons found him on that crappy, rickety back porch and they didn’t judge him. His eight year old with shining green eyes and his mother’s smile, wearing nothing but ripped up jeans walked right out and gave him a hug. His four year old in one of his brother’s t-shirts that hung to his knees followed right after. He didn’t hug John though. Instead, he held out his little hands. John looked up, blinking tears out of his eyes. When he saw what Sammy was holding they filled right back up again.

It was a little car made from beer bottle lids and paperclips. John couldn’t even bring himself to scold Dean for the knife he knew he’d used to cut holes in the lids. He just began to cry harder and pulled both his boys close.

“It’s okay, Dad. Your tacos are kinda gross anyway,” Dean said, and John laughed through his tears. “Sammy and I kinda wanted sandwiches. Can we help you make ‘em?”

John looked at his oldest, and then at his quiet youngest and he smiled. He felt like the worst father in the world - but he was going to keep trying. He had to. For his boys.

KnB Characters + Siri

So I tested out the names of the KnB characters on my phone’s voice command, and if you want to see how my phone butchered them, here you go. Uh… This was more entertaining than I  thought. 😶😶

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joshbcooley  asked:

Next week I'll be visiting Toronto with my brother and his wife and I was wondering if, aside from obvious tourist type things, there were any less than well known places you would suggest we visit. Any advice is appreciated, thanks

These are my top 7 places to eat in the city. I take all of my friends to these places. You must eat at one of these 7 places. But really, any restaurant in Toronto is a good one.

1- New Generation - cheap/fast/good sushi (Annex - Bloor/Bathurst)
2- One Hour Cafeteria - dumplings, bubble tea, beanbag seating (Chinatown - Spadina/College)
3- Ryoji - best ramen (Little Italy - College/Montrose)
4- Japas - Japanese tapas, kpop on TV (Koreatown - Bloor/Clinton)
5- Habits Gastropub - best mac and cheese, amazing whiskey selection, this is where I had my birthday party (Dufferin Grove - College/Dovercourt)
6- Grand Electric - tacos tacos tacos (Parkdale - Queen/Brock)
7- Lakeview - 24hr diner, the food isn’t great in my opinion, but it’s got a nice vibe if you want to hang out after-hours. Usually busy so be prepared. (Dundas/Ossington)

Aside from that, it depends on what you want to do and how mobile you are. I’m assuming you’ll be downtown? If you want to shop, start at Eaton Centre (Yonge/Dundas) and make your way west - you’ll find a ton of boutiques along Queen Street. This will eventually bring you to Trinity Bellwoods Park, which is where everyone likes to hang out. Chinatown is along Spadina and Dundas. Kensington Market (just outside Chinatown) is nice if you like more vintage/flea market shopping. And they have a secret bar. Check out the Harbourfront/Toronto Music Garden if you want to be near the water. The Annex is along Bloor from Spadina to Bathurst - lots of great restaurants and shops. Karaoke in Koreatown. Head to Ossington between Queen and Dundas at night, there’s a whole row of amazing restaurants and bars. I could go on…

Toronto is a very walkable city with tons to do everywhere, all the time, so as long as you stick to a main street (Yonge, Bloor, Queen, King) you’ll find tons of interesting stuff.

BlogTO has listings if you want a truly “local” experience