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Flirting Fails

@thebaneofbane Asked: “Do you have any prompts where person A is trying to flirt with person B but ends up saying something really weird, something like “So I hear you like baseball. So do I. Baseball is cool. What was I saying?” and person B is either like “What is wrong with you” or goes along with it like “Yeah totally Baseball is awesome"”

Anonymous Asked: “Hello, I love your blog! could you write some funny prompts between someone who is drunk (and doesn’t normally drink) and another person?”

1. “Hey, your nose is pretty.”

“Thank you, I think.”

2. “I really like tacos. Like, a lot. But I like you more than tacos. Is that okay? Because tacos are really amazing, so if I like you more than tacos, that’s a lot. And-”

“I like you more than tacos, too. But I’m never letting you drink again.”

3. “Which is better? My face, or cookies?”

“I don’t actually know what to say to that.”

4. “You know something? I think you’re… Not awful. Like, really not awful. I want to go to baseball games with you.”

“Maybe when you’re sober.”

5. “Do you want to go out? … .To outer space and stuff?”

“Doesn’t everyone?”

6. “Coffee is really yummy. You like coffee, right? I don’t know that. Because I don’t sit and watch you drink coffee outside my window every day. But you like coffee, right?? Because I like coffee.”

“I’m literally starting to wonder if you’re a serial killer.”

7. “It’s cold. Cuddle my hand.”

“It’s 80 degrees out.”

“Cuddle. My. Hand.”

8. “Wanna kiss? The chocolate, I mean. Not kiss the chocolate, but ‘Kiss, the chocolate.’ Like, a chocolate kiss. Not-”

“This keeps getting worse.”

~Tacos… Cookies… Coffee… Chocolate… I think I might be a little hungry. Hope these help!!!~


From Invader Poonchy: Zim screaming (and pretty much crying) after thinking something horrible had happened to Gir.

Yep, I rest my case; Zim is capable of genuinely caring for others beside himself. He cares A LOT about Gir. He’s the closest thing he’s got to a companion. Have you seen the bug when he just wants to talk? He’s not a people person, but he’ll talk to strangers if he can’t keep his feelings to himself anymore.

When you’re alone, you have no one to share your thoughts with. You’re just stuck with yourself, pondering about what you did today, that ugly dress the neighbor lady wore, that thing some person did that spited you… No one’s gonna talk to you about what’s on the news, or ask you how your day’s been. And if you find one person remotely interested in what you have to say, you’ll probably end up blabbing too much because you rarely have the opportunity to talk at all. That’s Zim; when he tells a random boy what Dib did to him, when he talks to that guy on Foodcourtia, he just vomits out all the pent up frustrations of the day onto random strangers who could care less. It’s a one-sided, intimate conversation where one person’s confused while the other’s just rambling on about their personal problems.

And then the Tallest give him Gir, a little robot servant. Something that’s supposed to obey his every command and make his life easier. Turns out it’s got a bit more personality than other SIR units (a trashy one, but still), and it pretty much does the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. And what does he do? He keeps it anyway. He has casual conversations with it, watches TV with it, eats it’s waffles (even after he’s sick), spoils it with tacos and cookies… You could say he keeps Gir because it was given to him by the Tallest, but what about the genuinely concerned screaming you just heard? What about Zim promising the moon to Gir, or being worried about “poor Gir”, or feeling bad for making Gir cry and having an amazing amount of patience towards him?

In short, Zim see’s Gir as a companion, something he needs, but doesn’t completely get from Gir (it’s sadly a one sided relationship), thus why he still vents to strangers. He basically has only one friend/best friend, after that there’s nothing to take Gir’s place. Not even Minimoose could replace Gir. And while he still has his invader mien to hold up, he still cares for that little robot more than he let’s on.


uwu is the new XD

“IM TRANS i just dont experience dysphoria….” is the new “IM BI i just dont feel attraction towards the same sex….”

“sweetie uwu yo u are a galaxy…stargender……. do n t ever let some1 misgneder u…. uwu.. uwu” is the new “ROFL XD THIS IS MAH NEW TACO COOKIE!!!! oh i eated it… :3″


No run today! It took everything in me to not run! I swear it is an addiction 😂😂
I did ride the bike for 50 minutes low resistance to just stretch out and bring the heart rate up a bit.

I started eating keto again today, I felt horrible the last couple days eating girls out cookies, pizza, tacos, and Cadbury eggs! 😂 I am definitely ready to feel better again! I had turkey meatballs, spinach and Alfredo for lunch, it looked awful so I didn’t take a picture! 😜

In non fitness news Holly and I have decided it is baby time! Fitness goals are getting ramped so I can be a fit dad!

Tonight I am going to relax and take it easy for the most part!

Hope y'all are having a great day!

(Not) Sorry

Based on this. (@crazypantsjewels)

Somebody kill me.

Tony groaned into what was probably a pillow. His body hurt everywhere, shoulders stiff and back screaming in hellish pain. For a brief moment, it felt like those times in Afghanistan, where he had all but a nice and dusty floor to sleep on, but the warm leg twisted over his accompanied by soft snoring rushed the panic away before it could even peek out.

“Friday, remind me why I made the terrible decision of sleeping on this horrid couch,” he grumbled. His joints screeched at him as he sat up. I. Am. Old.

“Because you and Mr. Parker decided to play Mario Kart at 11:07 pm and fell asleep at 3:42 am, right before your character was thrown off Rainbow Bridge.”

Oh, right.

“Wait, what? He threw me off?” Tony glared at the kid sprawled out on the narrow end of the orange couch. “Little shit. I picked Yoshi and he got jealous.”

“I told you to choose the purple one.”

“What the everloving—”

Tony shifted his glare over the back of the couch. Loki’s returning stare was of amusement.

“Jesus, that’s it! I’m gonna buy you a bell,” Tony stated. He gently lifted Peter’s scrawny leg from his knee and stretched – ow pain, ow pain, said his muscles – before getting off the couch. His gaming remote tumbled to the floor. “And you wanted me to pick Waluigi. Waluigi. Friendship revoked.”

Loki huffed, stabbing at his half-frozen waffles. He was still trying to figure out how some things were supposed to be food and seemed pretty keen on getting to understand. Even if sometimes it made him beyond irritated. He did not understand toast, for example. Or tacos. Or cheesecake. Or cookies. Or pop-tarts, definitely not pop-tarts, which had made for entertaining debates with Thor.

Tony snorted at his bemused expression. “Just pour some milk and granola on a bowl before you give yourself an aneurysm.”

“Your ‘milk’ is fowl.”

“Oh great, another one who thinks milk is murder. You gonna tell me the Earth is flat, too?”

“What? Quit speaking nonsense, Man of Iron.”

“You already working on your anti-vaccination petitions?”

Tony felt more than saw Bruce opening the fridge behind him, probably to dig out the eggs and the milk in question. He always made pancakes for breakfast when he was around in the mornings. Speaking of which…

“Friday, give me hours.”

“8:50 in the morning, boss.”


Vision’s hand suddenly stretched out to grab Loki’s uneaten plate of (mashed) waffles and started to bring out pots and pans to help with breakfast. Water was already boiling on the stove and Tony could bet that was Bruce’s tea.

“I think what Loki means is that he doesn’t really like milk,” Bruce said.

“Sacrilege.” Loki’s eye-roll was so damn near perfect, Tony envied it. He turned to the living room. “Up and at it, Spidey. You’re late for school. Don’t want Aunt May on my ass again.”

There was a low, dragged out groan from the occupied couch, a flash of feet – one with the sock on and the other in a sneaker – and Peter was up. Tired and disoriented, but still up. Maskless, even. Took him a while, but he’d finally decided at least some of the Avengers should know who he was in case of emergency. And what better half of the Avengers than the ones that were legal?

Discounting Loki, but Loki… was Loki.

“I was under the idea that schools closed during weekends,” Vision mused, closing a cabinet.

Bruce smiled at him when Tony raised an eyebrow, that exasperated yet fond smile he had really missed. “Tony, it’s Saturday.”

“Oh. Is it?”

“Yes, boss.”

Damn, I am really off track.

“False alarm, kid. Go to your room, catch some Z’s. Or would you rather I drive you back home? I’m sure May will want to check up on you.”

Peter yawned in response and sat on his self-claimed bar stool. It was his favorite spot in the kitchen, for some reason. Did a lot of homework there, listening to Tony and Bruce’s heated science arguments. Tony supposed it was because of the vents’ entrance right over it. Easy access to a tall, dark place and whatnot. Freaking spiders and their spider-lings.

It also reminded him of someone who had a bad habit of sneaking around in vents and he didn’t know how to feel about that.

“Nah, I’m good, Mr. Stark. I wanna be awake for… you know.”

Tony watched him rub his eyes, and for a brief moment, was reminded of how young he was. “For what? Adventure Time reruns?”

All noise in the kitchen stopped at his words. Even Loki wasn’t unperturbed.

“Uh, no…?” Peter frowned at him. “Mr. Stark, you do know what day today is, right?”

“Is it your birthday? Shit I thought I had that memorized already—”

“It’s the fourteenth,” Bruce enlightened. He kept cracking the eggs, but his tone was clipped.

Vision didn’t look much better. Today, the once fugitive team of former Avengers returns to the country, in order to sign the renewed Accords.”

Shit. Shit.

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Middle things I like

😘 Hugs and Kisses
🤗 Tickle attacks!
😴 Taking naps when I’m tired
👽 Spaaaaaaace!
🤖 Robots? Robots. I love robots.
🐶 Animals
👑 Being treated like a princess
🦄 Believing in the unseen
🎋 Japanese culture/merch
🐻 My plushies (stuffies)
🍝 Spaghetti
🍫 Dark or White chocolate
☕️ Hot Cocoa with extra marshmallows!
🐮 Chocolate milk
🌮 Taco Tuesdays
🍪 Freshly baked cookies
🎧 Listening to music helps me cope
📽 Hayao Miyazaki/Mamoru Hosoda movies
🎮 Video Games! I LOVE VIDEO GAMES!
📺 Cartoons/Lighthearted Anime
🏺 Old, Vintage, Antique stuff
🛍 Shopping dates!
🖌 Art/Drawing
📖 Reading
🌐 Internet
🎵 Singing when I’m alone/nobody can hear me

anonymous asked:

I try to eat vegan but I can't get past the taste. This is so much so that it makes me violently ill to my stomach. I ended up giving it up because no matter what recipe I tried the food just didn't taste good to me and I ended up starving myself and wasting money. In the end all I have managed to do is cut our dairy products.

What sort of recipes did you try - ones that use mock meats/cheese etc, or things that have a lot of gluten (seitan) or soy (tofu) or nuts, or anything that you wouldn’t normally eat a lot of? 

Here’s a few options that don’t include anything ‘special’ or different: mashed potatoes with peas, rice and beans, pasta with tomato sauce, salad, tacos, smoothies, potato salad, cookies, sandwich with fried zucchini and veggies, baked rice stuffed peppers, stir fry, lentils with steamed veggies, brownies and muffins, veggie shepherds pie, cheeseless pizza or with homemade cheese (cashews or tofu or whatever you can have), zucchini fritters, pancakes with jam/dark chocolate/maple syrup, spaghetti with lentil&rice “meatballs”,  mexican salad, homemade vegan burgers, carrot hotdogs, soups and stews…

Cutting out dairy products is a great accomplishment, for many people it’s one of the hardest things about going vegan, so you’re close, don’t give up yet. 


I saw The Legend of Tarzan for the 6th time today. (This time with my Mom.) She said she enjoyed it, that Alex was good and that his body was perfect. I still teared up at the Kala scene. My favorite parts are still every time Alex smiles. And the train scene. And any time they show Alex & Margot together. And just about everything else. There were only about 8 of us in the 3:00 3D show in Columbus, Ohio. *sigh* I hope people are filling the seats in other theatres.

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I Got tagged in a Thing!!! :D

Thank you so much @littlelinguaphile for tagging me!! I’m so honored!!

Rules: Always post the rules. Answer the questions given to you and write 10 questions of your own. Tag 10 people.

Do you eat breakfast every day? I try really hard to, but for the most part, yes

If you became an animal after you died, what would you become? Definitely a snake

Do you believe in ghosts? Yaaasss

What was your favorite toy when you were little? I actually don’t remember if I had a favorite toy growing up

Favorite guilty pleasure food/snack? Cookie Dough, taco bell, mint chocolate chip ice cream

Right or left handed? Right handed mostly, but technically ambidextrous

Favorite language to listen to music in? English, but also German

What’s one thing you really like about yourself? My gorgeous girlfriend

Favorite and least favorite color? Favs: Black, Green, Red, Pink, Purple

Least Favs: Yellow and Orange

Do you like watching any professional sports? (If so what team?) No, sports ball is kinda dumb IMO


If you can change anything at all in the world, at this current time, what would it be?

What is the coolest, most random trivial fact that you know, off of the top of your head?

If you could learn any new language, what would it be and why?

Do you enjoy soda or tea more?

Do you plan to go, or are you currently going to school, and if so, what is your intended major?

If you had only one day to live, how would you spend it?

If you could travel to any place in the world, where would it be?

What is your motto in life?

What was the last movie that you watch that you liked and what was the last movie you watched that you didn’t like?

Who is/was your role model?

I Tag (if you would want to do this)

@pidgemidge @wombooty @gaymer-trash @shingeki-no-whatthefuck

@zhenya-kotik @riverthunder @miraclemuffin

And really anyone else that would entertain doing this