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Flirting Fails

@thebaneofbane Asked: “Do you have any prompts where person A is trying to flirt with person B but ends up saying something really weird, something like “So I hear you like baseball. So do I. Baseball is cool. What was I saying?” and person B is either like “What is wrong with you” or goes along with it like “Yeah totally Baseball is awesome"”

Anonymous Asked: “Hello, I love your blog! could you write some funny prompts between someone who is drunk (and doesn’t normally drink) and another person?”

1. “Hey, your nose is pretty.”

“Thank you, I think.”

2. “I really like tacos. Like, a lot. But I like you more than tacos. Is that okay? Because tacos are really amazing, so if I like you more than tacos, that’s a lot. And-”

“I like you more than tacos, too. But I’m never letting you drink again.”

3. “Which is better? My face, or cookies?”

“I don’t actually know what to say to that.”

4. “You know something? I think you’re… Not awful. Like, really not awful. I want to go to baseball games with you.”

“Maybe when you’re sober.”

5. “Do you want to go out? … .To outer space and stuff?”

“Doesn’t everyone?”

6. “Coffee is really yummy. You like coffee, right? I don’t know that. Because I don’t sit and watch you drink coffee outside my window every day. But you like coffee, right?? Because I like coffee.”

“I’m literally starting to wonder if you’re a serial killer.”

7. “It’s cold. Cuddle my hand.”

“It’s 80 degrees out.”

“Cuddle. My. Hand.”

8. “Wanna kiss? The chocolate, I mean. Not kiss the chocolate, but ‘Kiss, the chocolate.’ Like, a chocolate kiss. Not-”

“This keeps getting worse.”

~Tacos… Cookies… Coffee… Chocolate… I think I might be a little hungry. Hope these help!!!~


From Invader Poonchy: Zim screaming (and pretty much crying) after thinking something horrible had happened to Gir.

Yep, I rest my case; Zim is capable of genuinely caring for others beside himself. He cares A LOT about Gir. He’s the closest thing he’s got to a companion. Have you seen the bug when he just wants to talk? He’s not a people person, but he’ll talk to strangers if he can’t keep his feelings to himself anymore.

When you’re alone, you have no one to share your thoughts with. You’re just stuck with yourself, pondering about what you did today, that ugly dress the neighbor lady wore, that thing some person did that spited you… No one’s gonna talk to you about what’s on the news, or ask you how your day’s been. And if you find one person remotely interested in what you have to say, you’ll probably end up blabbing too much because you rarely have the opportunity to talk at all. That’s Zim; when he tells a random boy what Dib did to him, when he talks to that guy on Foodcourtia, he just vomits out all the pent up frustrations of the day onto random strangers who could care less. It’s a one-sided, intimate conversation where one person’s confused while the other’s just rambling on about their personal problems.

And then the Tallest give him Gir, a little robot servant. Something that’s supposed to obey his every command and make his life easier. Turns out it’s got a bit more personality than other SIR units (a trashy one, but still), and it pretty much does the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. And what does he do? He keeps it anyway. He has casual conversations with it, watches TV with it, eats it’s waffles (even after he’s sick), spoils it with tacos and cookies… You could say he keeps Gir because it was given to him by the Tallest, but what about the genuinely concerned screaming you just heard? What about Zim promising the moon to Gir, or being worried about “poor Gir”, or feeling bad for making Gir cry and having an amazing amount of patience towards him?

In short, Zim see’s Gir as a companion, something he needs, but doesn’t completely get from Gir (it’s sadly a one sided relationship), thus why he still vents to strangers. He basically has only one friend/best friend, after that there’s nothing to take Gir’s place. Not even Minimoose could replace Gir. And while he still has his invader mien to hold up, he still cares for that little robot more than he let’s on.


No run today! It took everything in me to not run! I swear it is an addiction 😂😂
I did ride the bike for 50 minutes low resistance to just stretch out and bring the heart rate up a bit.

I started eating keto again today, I felt horrible the last couple days eating girls out cookies, pizza, tacos, and Cadbury eggs! 😂 I am definitely ready to feel better again! I had turkey meatballs, spinach and Alfredo for lunch, it looked awful so I didn’t take a picture! 😜

In non fitness news Holly and I have decided it is baby time! Fitness goals are getting ramped so I can be a fit dad!

Tonight I am going to relax and take it easy for the most part!

Hope y'all are having a great day!


uwu is the new XD

“IM TRANS i just dont experience dysphoria….” is the new “IM BI i just dont feel attraction towards the same sex….”

“sweetie uwu yo u are a galaxy…stargender……. do n t ever let some1 misgneder u…. uwu.. uwu” is the new “ROFL XD THIS IS MAH NEW TACO COOKIE!!!! oh i eated it… :3″

Middle things I like

😘 Hugs and Kisses
🤗 Tickle attacks!
😴 Taking naps when I’m tired
👽 Spaaaaaaace!
🤖 Robots? Robots. I love robots.
🐶 Animals
👑 Being treated like a princess
🦄 Believing in the unseen
🎋 Japanese culture/merch
🐻 My plushies (stuffies)
🍝 Spaghetti
🍫 Dark or White chocolate
☕️ Hot Cocoa with extra marshmallows!
🐮 Chocolate milk
🌮 Taco Tuesdays
🍪 Freshly baked cookies
🎧 Listening to music helps me cope
📽 Hayao Miyazaki/Mamoru Hosoda movies
🎮 Video Games! I LOVE VIDEO GAMES!
📺 Cartoons/Lighthearted Anime
🏺 Old, Vintage, Antique stuff
🛍 Shopping dates!
🖌 Art/Drawing
📖 Reading
🌐 Internet
🎵 Singing when I’m alone/nobody can hear me

anonymous asked:

Hey 👋 love your birbs ,'! Going to gat a cockatiel soon or maybe a budgie just like yours ) any name suggestions? Something short yet unusual 😘thanks and kisses to the birds

Hmm, short but cute names… how about these, they were potential names when trying to think of something for Widget (which is why there are so many tech related ones in there lol!):

Fuse, Gadget, Pip, Chip, Taco, Boots, Digit, Codex, Cookie, Dot, Gizmo, Ping, Sprite, Typo, Vector, Voxel, Wicket, Zip.

Any suggestions from anyone else? Naming things is hard, I always end up going back to “techy” sounding names, haha!

I will do the thing, but I don’t like posting pictures online.

🎉   Hey, it’s me!   🎉

● Birthday: Winter sometime. :)
● Gender:
● Relationship status:
World’s greatest girlfriend.
● Favorite color(s):
Black, dark blue, dark purple
● Pets:
None, but my girlfriend has two cats named Darcy and Knightley and they are pretty cool.
● Wake up time:
About 7am
● Love or lust?:
Both is good.
● Favorite food(s):
I LOVE FOOD. If I MUST choose: Pizza, cake, cookies, tacos… etc.
● Met a celebrity?:
Do book signings count? I’ve met quite a few authors.
● Last song listened to:
A Stranger, A Perfect Circle
● First kiss:
Oh my god that was ages ago. It was awkward. I think I was 13? There was teeth clinking. D:
● Tall or short:
Kinda medium? 5′9″.

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They’re tacos filled with ice cream — what more can we say?

Angel Cruzado and Erica Land, who took over the Berkeley, CA, bakery Stateside Treats in 2015, want to keep bringing made-from-scratch, preservative-free treats like red velvet and salted caramel cupcakes, Nutella-filled cookies, and peanut butter-and-jelly macarons to their community. Now they’re ready to add a new, achingly delicious treat to their repertoire: the ice cream taco

Made with love and exquisite skill by the culinary school-trained Land, the taco is comprised of a fresh-baked waffle shell, ice cream filling, and chocolate dipping sauces — then flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen. Dig in!  

The Food Court

The food court consists of 7 restaurants; a Popeyes, a Panda Express, a Subway, a McDonalds, a Coney Island, a Taco Bell, and a cookie place.

Grif had worked at the subway for a year and a half with the nuisance that was Dick Simmons, who always talked about slaughter houses when someone wanted a sandwiches, guilt tripping the costumers into getting sandwiches that were nothing but lettuce, tomatoes and regret. Oh and mayo. But mostly regret.

A few months before they got a new recruit who was an idiot but he didn’t seem like a bitchy vegan like Simmons, so Grif makes Donut work while he sleeps in the storage closet. But he came out half an hour later to go pee and saw the worst sub in the world being hesitantly purchased by a twelve year old.

Grif fixed the kid a new one and questioned why he even worked with these two idiots.

Across the food court Church always asked himself the same question.

Tucker always gave discounts to any girls with a nice enough ass and often got in trouble for it but it defiantly didn’t stop him from doing it. (He even gives the hot Hawaiian girl who worked at Forever 21 free tacos all the god damn time.)

Caboose…was Caboose. He was banned from the restaurant because of that one time he gave a guy $20 more than he needed for change. He wasn’t allowed to cook because once he burned all the meat they had and dropped half a thing of tomatoes and forgot about them. Church slipped and had a sprained wrist.

And Church himself tried to cook everything as fast as he could without burning anything and was told multiple times that he looked mean. He didn’t give a fuck.

Smoke and Classic Rock // minxchester



Getting a random text from Dean requesting a lot of food wasn’t too unusual, but the sheer volume of food he was asking for did kind of surprise Frank. Still, he and Joe were more than willing to pick up some pizza and tacos, with chips and cookies and even a couple of cartons of ice cream, before returning to the bunker near nightfall.

Upon entering, Frank smelled something and his nose wrinkled on instinct, setting the pizza boxes down and putting the ice cream into the freezer. “Dude, do you smell that?” he asked, turning his head to watch his brother come in after him. “It smells like mold or something.”

Joe gave him an odd look. “It’s not mold, Frank.”

“It certainly smells like it.”

“…Frank, it’s weed.”

Well. That was a surprise. Frank blinked, startled. “Wait… Really? How do you know what weed smells like?”

“We used to be detectives, how do you not know what weed smells like?” Joe shot back, grabbing the bag of tacos and heading out of the kitchen. “Come on. I bet I know who lit it up.”