taco brothers

Dating Castiel would inculde…

-Him appearing out of nowhere to hug your from behind

-Dean always making ambiguous jokes whenever the two of you are together

-You having to explain every single one of those jokes to Cas, making this even more awkward than it already is

-Dean and Sam actually really liking you and Cas being together though, since they feel like he is a lot more at ease when he’s around you

-You giving him cheesy nicknames

-Him not really understanding the concept of it and just calling you after things he likes (”taco”, “waffle”)

-Cas’ brothers always teasing you about your relationship whenever they cross your way

-Crowley calling you “Mrs. Ducky” and always hitting on you when Cas is around, just to get on his nerves

-Cas making sure you know how much he loves every single thing about you

-Sometimes he’d stay the whole night in bed with you, just watching you sleep peacefully in his arms

-You kind of making it your goal to make him blush as much as possible

-Annoying everyone around you because of all the fluff

mingyu the type to propose to u at taco bell by bringing you a bunch of the little hot sauce packets that say “will you marry me?”

To Flush Out a Star - part 2

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

WARNINGS YAY: dub con, lossa angst, sad thoughts, incest

RELATIONSHIPS: Edgeberry, Honeymustard, Swapcest, Fellcest

Have fun. ^^

As his fears were visually confirmed, Sans’ face dropped completely. No traces of his red glowing pupils or any hints of emotion. The only thing giving away his aching soul was his streaming tears.

The blueberry was atop his older brother, golden member buried in him to the hilt. Both of their heads snapped towards the opened door and the short dark skeleton standing beside it.

Papyrus’ eyesockets opened and widened. He tugged harshly at the bones pinning him to the wall and a look of distress flew across his face.

R-red!!” He screamed, rough voice cracking, knowing what would’ve been going through his lovers mind. “Red please listen to me!!

Meanwhile the taco-loving brother huffed angrily, oblivious to their relationship as they had kept it private. He was about to lecture his counterpart before said being disappeared from the room in the blink of an eye.

Having teleported outside the house, Red ran. He ran as if his brother had caught him sleeping on the job. He ran as if his lover was in a fire. His lover…

The sobbing mess of a skeleton tripped, landing half buried in the snow beneath him.

Raking his hands through the snow, Red clenched and grinded his teeth so hard he heard a few cracks. Ignoring the small blunt golden tooth that had fallen to the ground, he hauled himself up and wiped at the blood dripping from where his ‘menacing’ tooth was.

His face scrunched up and he willed his tears to fuck off.


He begged to no one and nothing.

He begged to his soul to stop aching.

He begged the air to stop him from being so weak.

He begged Papyrus to come save him. Tell him he was out of it.

Tell him he hadn’t just seen him fucking someone else.

You fucking got your hopes up again

All you’re fucking good for is a toy

A replacement

He argued with himself mentally as he paced through unfamiliar woods.

P-paps said he doesn’t see me as Blue anym-

Paps lied.

He loves me!




Paired with the recent flashback of the two fucking, he felt his soul crack as his mind persuaded him to think of the worst.


“And where the fuck have you been off to for the past four hours?” Boss spat the second his pathetic older brother stepped through the front door.

Were those tear stains?

He scoffed “You snivelling wreck. You disgust me.” Waiting for a response, the taller skeleton crossed his arms.

Receiving none, he ground his teeth and stormed over to his still brother, forcing his head up to clear the shadow convering his face.

Usually angry eyes widened as he took note of Sans’ expression. It was so… empty.

When red should’ve sat in the middle of each eyesocket, the colour instead dripped from his blank grin. Narrowing his eyes, he reached his thumb up to trace it over the gap where his golden tooth should’ve been.

White cheeks were damp with tears. Papyrus made the mistake of looking directly into his eyesockets.

He choked back a gasp as he got lost in the emotionless void that was his brothers eyes.

“Whelp.” The mighty captain of their royal guard addressed him. Still no answer.

The back of his hand met the side of the shorter brothers skull and even managed to knock him to the ground. He landed on his side.

A brow bone raised as Papyrus heard a dry chuckle leave his brothers mouth. “Sorry boss” his apology was empty. It held no fear nor guilt. It held nothing.

A kick landed in the smaller skeletons ribs. A cough. A fucking cough was all it gained.

Papyrus growled, desperate for some sort of reaction from the short monster. He gripped his soul with crimson magic and slammed him against the wall.

A gasp.

Slammed him back to the floor.

A groan. Making progress.

The younger brother scoffed and kicked Sans, rolling him onto his back. “You finally fucking gave up huh?” Once more he awaited a response. His soul pounded painfully as he once more didn’t receive one. “We’ll fucking see if you’ve something to say after this.”

Physically this time, Papyrus held his soul, his own magic seeping into it and forcing his braindead brother to create an entrance.

The slightest faded hint of pupils flickered in Red’s eyes.


He heard a zipper being undone, and something pressed against his entrance. Thick and warm.

“P-boss please d-” Pain. Blank eyes filled with tears again and Sans tilted his head back with a barely heard whimper. It would’ve been a scream had he had enough energy to give one.

His body shook as he was thrusted into harshly. He let himself look up into his brother’s eyes. His hands clenched when he saw the raw desperation in them. He turned his head to the side and waited for it to be over.

The red soul cracked again quietly.