taco breath

Lucaya as best friends au

Maya walks down the stone path in Central Park, her wavy blonde high-ponytail swinging back and forth with every step.

She turns a corner and sees the fountain, her and Lucas’s meeting spot, and sees Lucas leaning up against it while typing something on his phone.

His back is turned to her, so she runs up behind him and flicks the back of his head, Lucas jumping slightly and turning around.

“Hey lone star.” Maya says, leaning towards Lucas as he puts his phone away into the back pocket of his cargo shorts, turning towards her.

“You scared me, prick.” Lucas laughs, shoving Maya slightly.

“Yeah, whatever. I’m forcing you to go to Starbucks with me, because it’s hotter than going to a sauna in hell out here, and I want my fucking iced coffee.” Maya says flatly, patting Lucas’s back and continuing to walk with him.

“Why didn’t you just get coffee before?” Lucas asks.

“Then I’d be late. And we both know you’d be more angsty if I did that.”

“Well, you already were late.” Lucas says, furrowing his brows.

“Jesus, get off my back, Friar. It was only like five minutes, I’m always five minutes late. You know that I’m like this.” Maya rolls her eyes.

“Yeah, and I’m always five minutes early. You know that I’m like this.” Lucas responds, an emphasis on “I’m”.

“We need to work on this system.” Maya says, the two laughing.

“Fine, we’ll get coffee. But then we go to forbidden planet.” Lucas smirks, and Maya groans.

“Seriously, huckleberry? A comic book store? Man, if all of those freshman girls who are in love with you knew that you’re actually a total nerd!” Maya says, throwing her head back laughing to the point that Lucas has to shove her as the crosswalk light turns green.

“Oh, would you shut up. There’s a new deadpool comic.” Lucas blushes, and Maya’s laughing dies down.

“Wait for real?” Maya asks, straight faced.

“See! You’re such an ass, Clutterbucket.” Lucas laughs, Maya rolling her eyes.

The two go to Starbucks, Maya shortly in less of a grumpy mood when she walks out with an iced coffee in her hand.

“You happy, princess?” Lucas says as they walk out, taking the turn towards forbidden planet.

“Very.” Maya smiles, sipping the straw to her drink.

“Betty and Veronica comics? What are you, 12?” Lucas asks, Maya flipping through an Archie comic.

“No, I’m sixteen. Just like Betty in this one, oh, would you look at that.” Maya says, her eyes glued to the comic as she fakes a slight gasp.

Lucas rolls his eyes and continues looking at his deadpool comic, until Maya breaks the silence.

“Oh shit, that’s what I was gonna confront you about! I’m mad at you, Lucas Friar.” Maya says out of the blue, Lucas looking up from his comic and furrowing his brows.


“You like someone, and you didn’t tell me. I walked by when you were telling Farkle at Topanga’s. I didn’t catch her name, but what the fuck, friar! I’m your best friend, you tell me these things. You’ve never not told me something like this.” Maya rants, and Lucas’s face goes totally red.

“Well yeah. I like someone. Big deal.” Lucas says, holding the deadpool comic as he walks slowly down the aisle, looking at the shelf.

“Yes, big deal! You never like people. Every girl in the freshman and sophomore, and hell, even some in the senior class want to either fuck you or marry you, or both. You’re immune to chicks. You never like them back! Except for the whole Riley thing, but that’s donezo.” Maya rambles, following Lucas.

“Well, this girl is different. She’s.. great.” He smiles.

“Ooh, tell me about this mystery woman. What’s she like?” Maya smirks, and Lucas rolls his eyes.

“She’s.. hilarious, tough, smart… really hot, too, but that’s not the point as much..” Lucas trails off, sort of spacing out as he looks through the shelves.

“What’s her name?”


“Aw, come on? Who could this girl even be? The only girls you hang out with are literally me and Riley, or should I say..” Maya holds up the Archie comic, “Betty and Veronica.” Maya smirks, Lucas scoffing.

“You’re way too mean to be Betty.” Lucas says flatly.

“And too poor to be Veronica.” Maya adds.

“True. But you sure are rich in personality!” Lucas says sarcastically.

“You know it.” Maya smirks.

Later that night, Maya sits on her bed with her sketchbook in her lap, twiddling her pencil.

Lucas lays by her feet with his hands behind his head, looking at the ceiling.

“I can’t figure out what to fucking draw.” Maya says exasperatedly.

“You’ve told me. Twice. Just draw whatever pops in your head.” Lucas says, continuing to stare at the ceiling.

Maya closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

“A taco. I don’t want to draw a taco.” Maya groans.

“Whatever.” Lucas says.

Maya sighs and almost subconsciously starts to glide her pencil along the paper.

“Oh, you never told me who your mystery girl is.” Maya says flatly, focusing on her drawing which has become a light sketch of Lucas.

“Right. That was the goal.” Lucas nods.

“Lucas, you can tell me this shit. I swear I won’t tell Riley or anyone. I’m your best friend.” Maya sighs, glancing up from her drawing for a moment before looking back down and shading the subtle line under Lucas’s toned bicep, which is very visible as he lays with his hands behind his head.

“Not this time, Maya. It’s different. She’s different.” Lucas says, a frustrated tone growing in his voice.

“Okay! So tell me why she’s different? Tell me about her, gush about her, do the things that best friends do. Because right now I feel like you don’t think of me that way.” Maya says, looking up from her sketch.

Lucas sits up and scoots closer to Maya.

“Maya, of course you’re my best friend. Things are just complicated with this girl. I don’t even think it’ll work out.” Lucas shrugs.

“Why not? Isn’t the entirety of the school’s female population in love with you?” Maya chuckles.

“Not this girl. I just don’t think she thinks of me that way.” Lucas sighs.

“Just tell me her goddamn name, Friar.” Maya groans.

“Look, I just-”

“No, Lucas, tell me. You can talk to me, I’ll understand. No matter who it is. Just tell me her name.”


“No, don’t give me that Lucas. I want a name. You told Farkle, why can’t you just give me her fucking name!”


“Stop saying that, you fucktard. Tell me who she is.”

Lucas says nothing, looking into Maya’s eyes longingly for a moment.

And then it clicks.

The girl he likes is named Maya.

Maya’s eyes widen, and before she can say anything, Lucas leans forwards and kisses her softly.

She kisses back, feeling Lucas’s hand gently on the side of her face.

She puts both of her hands on either side of Lucas’s neck, breathing audibly through her nose as she leans into the kiss.

They break apart, Lucas looking into Maya’s eyes with plump lips and rosy cheeks from the kiss.

“It’s Maya. Her name is Maya. And she’s hilarious, and tough, and smart, and totally hot.” Lucas says with a smile.

Maya puts her hands on Lucas’s shoulders and pulls him into another kiss, both of them grinning against each other’s lips.

Fox Farts

(Cuddle time at Judy’s apartment, post dinner)

Judy: Oh my lord Nick…

Nick: What?

Judy: Go check your pants now, I think something just died in there.

Nick: Hey I warned you that Mexican gets to me.

Judy: *gags* again really?

Nick: Haha, if you think this is bad just wait till it fully hits me.

Judy: No wonder your pawsicle sales drop when you have Tony’s Tacos for lunch.

Nick: Breath deep Carrots, breath deep.

Judy: NICK!!!

davekat popstar au 3/3

davekat humanstuck AU where Dave is a popstar and Karkat is some rando who’s never heard of him. sfw, about 2300 words.

first parts are here and here

Ampora laughs at you. Straight up points a finger and chortles. Dave–Strider, whatever– doesn’t. If anything he looks chagrined.

Yeah, well, maybe he should be, you think savagely. Maybe if his music was better I would have heard it. As if you don’t relentlessly avoid anything considered ‘popular’. Popular shit is for the masses, and the masses are idiots. It’s been scientifically proven.  

You’re too busy hating yourself and the rest of the human race to catch what Dave says to get Ampora to leave, but he does. Dave slumps back against the railing, palming at his eyes and smearing his makeup further. “Dude, chill. It’s not a big deal.”

You will not chill, you will slop the hysteria inside you all over this goddamn balcony.

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  • white person: you're mexican?? wow so exotic
  • white person: can you speak spanish for me?? the only spanish i know is from dora lol!!
  • white person: do you like taco bell?
  • white person: *breathes* wow its so spicy
  • white person: i love mexican food and i want to go to mexico some day! its so pretty!!
  • white person: i hate immigrants, why can't they go back to their own country.
  • white person: *ignores the fact that the entire south of the usa is originally mexico's land and they stole it from us and we should have it back and we want it back*