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Glitch In The Matrix Stories #15

Similar To Groundhog Day

For those who haven’t seen Groundhog Day, the plot is this: a guy continually relives the same day over and over until he breaks the pattern by finding the love of his life

I work at a Dillard’s as a salesperson. A few months back I went to work on a Monday and the first customer I talked to was an old guy buying a new sports coat. I helped him out, he bought the coat, and that was that. I went to lunch, came back and then I saw the same guy. I figured there may have been a problem or something, whatever.

He talked to me like he had never seen me, said the exact same things as earlier that day and I was pretty freaked out. I looked at my watch: 10 AM. The exact time I had been with him before. I went, found the exact coat as before and he bought it. Then I went to lunch again.

I come back. It was 10 AM again. Same guy, same coat, same routine. I couldn’t keep going along with this, so I took him to someone else and I went on a break. I washed my face in the bathroom and when I came back out, it was evening. I checked my watch. 5 PM. I went home, tried to make sense of all that had happened but couldn’t. I still have no idea what that was.

Credits to: makeamericagayagain

Stepdad Said I Told Him About A Movie That I Haven’t Seen

There is this movie that I have been meaning to see- The Witch- that had come out a few months ago. It looks very scary and creepy, yet, I am not able to see a movie that is rated R (which is what this movie is rated) because I am too young and would not be able to get into the movie theater to see this. So I just let it go and decided that I am going to wait to see it when it comes on Demand/Netflix/DVD etc. 

Yet, my stepdad has a different story. He says that I have seen this movie, when I know I haven’t. He says that I went out with my friends to see the movie one night and then came back and told him all about it. But I never saw the movie, and I told him that I wouldn’t have been able to anyway because I’m “underage”. 

My stepdad said that I told him about how in the end they were all floating in the air around a fire. So I looked up the synopsis of the movie and spoilers it turns out that in the end that is exactly what happens. This actually scares him too, so much that he doesn’t like to talk about it. So… glitch in the system maybe? A mini/personal Mandela Effect? Parallel universes? I don’t know. 

Credits to: taco-bell-rey

Thought I Was Going To See Someone, And I Did

As I walked into a grocery store, I just randomly got this feeling that I was going to see this person I haven’t seen in about a year. And sure enough I see them. I have seen them there before, and I know it’s probably just a coincidence, but it sure felt weird.

The thing that gets me is that I wasn’t just thinking of this person, but I was totally expecting to see them there, even though I had no clue that they were going to be there.

Credits to: cutinsideman

A Beach Trip Turned Into An Alternate Reality

Over the Fourth of July, my S/O and I went on an adult-only trip to a beach town, not too far from our beach town. We were beach camping and everything in this community shuts down VERY early. We had gone with two other couples and decided to have a “date” night on our own. After we had left the restaurant, I was in desperate need of a cigarette and fresh out. 

We started driving up the coast from community to community checking for any open store. There is only one road that brings you on and off the island. We were slowly approaching the end of the road where we would connect to the next island, and that is when we saw flashing lights. We were in a little desperate need to turn around thinking it could be a road block and my S/O had a beer or two at dinner and could’ve put him in that gray area with a roadblock. 

As we approached the flashing lights we then realized it wasn’t a roadblock, but an accident. We were behind a line of cars that were slowly going through the accident and as we looked out the window (driver’s side) we could see a body on the road, leaking fluid. There were 4 cars pulled over, 2 on one side of the road and 2 on the other side. There was one police officer directing the traffic that was piling up while simultaneously asking the people standing on the side of the road (all of whom looked in shock) who the white SUV belonged to. 

I’m assuming this “accident” had just occurred, but I couldn’t figure out why no one was helping the person on the side of the road. My S/O said probably because they were already deceased and waiting for the arrival of the emergency vehicles. We drove up the road about a minute, no more than two, and decided to turn around because that was too far to go and we would head back to the campground. We decided to go to the the 24-hour store in the opposite direction from the restaurant we were at. 

We were back to the “site” within 2 minutes no more than 3 minutes (that’s a stretch even), and there was nothing there. No cars, no police, no body, no dead animal (that’s what I was thinking it could’ve possibly been), nothing. Now my logical part is telling me it was a dead animal and the police officer was really fast at moving it off the road and everyone just hurried up and got out of there. 

But it seems like a short time for all of that to happen considering all of the traffic, the questions the cop was asking, and the cars that were on the road. I am absolutely positive about the time span, and even though he had two drinks at dinner, I did not, and we both saw the exact same thing. 

Credits to: Ponderingwhatitis

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today I was at the mall and a group of teenagers were walking towards me. one of them said “are you tumblr user taco-bell-rey?” and I said “yeah…” and she screamed “Ah OMG you are so tumblr famous!” and then everyone in the mall crowded around me. People were asking for pictures and autographs. and hot guys were asking for my phone number. and then Obama drove by and gave me a check for $10,000,000. and then I grew wings and flew away. this was real no lies.