taco bell quotes

welcome to the after party
where the girls are lost and the boys are pretty

where the hours are long and the night is old
where gods become men in the neon glow

leave your wings and halo before you come in
down here, we’re only interested in your sins
—  welcome to the after ( under ) party | l.x.

Shiro: So what do you guys wanna do today?

Keith and Lance at the same time: I dunno maybe go get Taco Bell. Jinx you owe me a coke. I don’t owe you shit! Fuck you!

  • Eren: You’re fucking Titan shifters?! We partied together, man. You bought us Taco Bell.
  • Reiner: Eren, honestly, that was a sincere gesture.
  • Eren: You made me this friendship bracelet.
  • Bertolt : Well, he’s not really your friend! He was pretending the whole time, cause it’s a fake bracelet.