taco bell is amazing


Some cosplay valentines for all my sweetheart followers! 

 Happy Valentine’s Day!! 💖😘

(also happy birthday to my boy andy robinson aka garak aka the love of my life. they are both my valentines today)

i’m not joking when i say i feel personally hurt by taco bell knowing that they used to sell those amazing dr pepper freeze drinks and then replaced them with fucking starburst freeze drinks. STARBURST

oh, jupiter ascending. what a movie. what a goddamn delight. how do i even begin to describe this cinematic masterpiece

  • jupiter did not ascend
  • i did
  • i ascended
  • channing potato plays a tortured albino dog-man runt
  • with bad spock ears
  • and space rollerblades
  • jupiter jones spends 80% of the movie falling off of tall, exploding, or tall and exploding buildings and then being rescued by said angsty tatum dog man and his rollerblades
  • sean BEE
  • no you heard me right sean bean is literally a bee man named stinger
  • who is, by the way, a grumpy ex-space cop
  • guess who else is an ex space cop? THAT’S RIGHT potato tatum 
  • why, if he’s part dog wolf, did potato dog once have wings? i get sean bee, but dog man?? space cop academy must’ve been something else
  • visible spittle with every mommy’s boy shriek 
  • oh yeah space capitalism is really bad
  • bees don’t lie. you’re royalty because you’ve never been stung by a bee. BEES DONT LIE
  • very kinky between wolf channing and jupiter. awkward and kinky. actually quite glorious i was mesmerized by the shit they said
  • jupiter jones. wants to be called your majesty. and bitten.
  • potato channing dog tatum is clearly down for biting as well
  • “i love dogs. i’ve always loved dogs”
  • [SPOILER REDACTED] perfectly timed wedding intervention, yeah just like everyone’s favorite rom com trope. similar situation happens AGAIN 
  • the whole thing was so gosh darn pretty
  • panorama shots of glitter and dust and storms and planets and explosions and whooshy blue rollerblades and nebulas wowmygod
  • i have never seen more convincing winged lizard men in my life
  • unlike channing potato’s beard, which was not convincing
  • it appeared to be glued on
  • then frost-tipped
  • A+ for effort though, loved the eyeliner
  • i truly and fully and completely enjoyed this movie
  • it was an experience of a lifetime
  • if star wars is the perfect teenage boy sci fi fantasy, then jupiter ascending is the perfect teenage girl sci fi fantasy 
  • it is the ultimate wish fulfillment space fantasy and its not even trying to hide it
  • a m a z i n g
  • i’m not even sure if i only like it ironically anymore, i truly enjoyed myself that much. i fucking ascended. amazing
  • thank u. bless u, academy award winning eddie redmayne, i hope to one day meet you by chance and tell you how much i loved this movie
This type of seaweed tastes like bacon and is twice as healthy as kale

Researchers at Oregon State have patented a new strain of seaweed that tastes like bacon when it’s cooked.

The seaweed, a form of red marine algae, looks like translucent red lettuce. It also has twice the nutritional value of kale and grows very quickly. Did we mention it tastes like bacon?

Read more. 

Story of The Day

I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom (like a lady do). I promptly started looking through my tumblr (as an addict do). While looking to see if http://sabertooth-raccoon.tumblr.com/ had added anything to her index, I promptly realized that she had not ONLY liked a drawing I had made, but reblogged it and complimented it not one, but SEVEN times. 

She such a kind and loving person to compliment me on something I was scared to post. I’d also like to thank everyone who reblogged and liked it… you are all so lovely. 

To have your favorite artist (as well as complete strangers) like something you drew is probably the most beautiful feeling in the world. I hope your day was amazing, because you most certainly made mine. <3

Which of these chains is winning the PIZZA WARS?

In the chain pizza world, there are three dominating forces:  Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and Dominos.

Today I want to take a look at how these brands are performing in the social sphere (are people talking about them?  Is it positive?) and see if we can find any insights into which of their stocks might be the best bet for future growth.

Pizza Hut trying to learn from Taco Bell

This chain is owned by Yum! Brands, which also owns Taco Bell and KFC… both of which seem to be doing better than Pizza Hut, both in terms of sales and social attention:

– Data from TD Ameritrade social research tab

It looks like Pizza Hut is taking a page out of sister-brand Taco Bell’s book… when times are tough— invent a new twist on the old product!  They’ve added 10 new “flavored crusts” that are getting a little bit of play on social… but NOTHING like the amazing reaction that Taco Bell’s Dorito Locos Tacos got.

I wouldn’t  be surprised at all if we see Pizza Hut teaming up with a major Pepsi-owned brand (like Doritos, or any Frito-Lay product) in the future to try to give their pies and sales a tasty boost.

Papa John’s is always in a fight

Of the three chains, Papa John’s has the lowest social sentiment, at just 78% positive.  What’s interesting is that the negative commentary has almost nothing to do with the pizza!

You see, Papa tends to get himself into trouble with customers by taking up fights with the wrong people.

First, Papa John’s publicly opposed Obamacare, which made them an easy target for minor boycotts by the President’s political supporters, which seems to have had some impact:

But taking on the President apparently wasn’t enough for Papa— he needed a fight with one of the music industry’s biggest stars too:

Of course, a starry-eyed teen delivery driver being stupid and giving Iggy’s number to his brother could happen to any company with thousands of employees… but it’s how the company handled the social dust-up that turned it into a tsunami of negative attention:

That’s right.  They tried to turn a personal-data breach into a witty response.

Not smart.  And the backlash was big, reviving the negativity for Papa John’s and putting them back in front-and-center of all the wrong kinds of conversations.

We’ll keep an eye on this one… hopefully for Papa their social mentions go back to…you know… actually talking about the pizza.

The Dominos turnaround is real

Dominos gets mentioned the least in social… about 1/6th as many times as Papa Johns (though from what people are saying about Papa, that might not be a bad thing).

The good news?  Dominos has a 92% positive sentiment rating… easily the highest among the three pizza makers.

Most of this can be attributed to their fun commercials, where they make fun of their old selves and are transparent about how they’re trying to become better.  People respond to real, especially in social… and Dominos is certainly making it work.

The stock is telling the story as well, with a surge from $75/share just a few months ago to over $100 today.  Consumer behavior translating into stock performance… that’s what we’re all about!

And the winner is….

The customer.  With three legit competitors vying for your pizza dollar, we are sure to see even more innovations in pizza (yep– I just typed that) and continued price wars… meaning better pizza at lower prices.

The investor opportunity…

When you think like an investor, you’re looking for an edge over Wall St from your normal interactions with brands.  Keep your ears open, and look for shifts in consumer behavior towards or away from any of these three main players.

We will be looking for clues in social that one of these companies is taking significant share, or faltering, and will alert LikeFolio members immediately of the opportunity.

Now that’s delicious due-diligence.